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Hello lovelies.  Thank you so so much for all the beautiful thoughts, prayers and wishes you keep on sending us.  It amazes me just how kind you all are.  I'll ask you to keep up the good work:)  I've been having trouble concentrating on writing anything that is going on around here.  I have so many ideas in my head and I know when the time is right I can talk about them.  I have been making a lot of changes in my diet that I want to talk about and of course changing the house up from summer to fall is always fun for me.  Anyway, in the meantime, here are some links that have captured my attention in the last few days.

If wearing chinoserie clothing wasn't your thing, maybe the H&M William Morris collection will be. This one is in my shopping cart.  😊

Prepare yourselves for a gorgeous tour of An elegant Georgian Townhouse and how about its garden?!  gasp.

Larry has been craving waffles lately.  Problem is I didn't have a waffle maker until now.  I'm planning on making these this weekend.


  1. Oooh, definitely want to hear about your diet changes. I can't settle to vegan at the moment .... Eating for comfort.

  2. Good to know you're taking care of yourself. xo

  3. I too am interested in the changes. I'm still eating vegan and loving it. but I'm having trouble turning down things with sugar. I have some kind of little angel/devil on my shoulder whispering that life is too short to deny myself that hot fudge soy ice cream sundae!

    1. Tammy, me too! I love dark chocolate and Justin's Peanut Butter Cups and Bark Thins Pumpkin Seed Bark. Heaven. I can't keep that bark in the house.

  4. Always nice to see you pop up. I am more a pancake than a waffle person but we've used a couple of waffle recipes from the Urban Vegan cookbook that were really good. Also curious to hear about your diet changes.

  5. Love the denim shirt on you. And what a beautiful lipstick color you're wearing. Keeping good thoughts for you and Larry - always. Thanks for all you share. I'm saving the links to savor when I have more time - that house and garden are wonderful.

  6. I think I'll pull my waffle maker out this weekend. The weather is cooler and waffles sound good.
    Glad Larry is eating. Hope he's feeling well too.

  7. I'd love to hear about your diet changes, Janet; always interested in how you cook and eat (healthy inspiration). Your recipes over the years have been good for me.

    Can't recall when I've last had a waffle. Sounds delish!

  8. Good idea Larry had re the waffles! I hope you two have a lovely weekend. I'm also curious as to how you're changing your diet. I'm still vegan for the most part and I will never eat meat again but we still have some fish occasionally. Also when I host dinner parties I use that old restaurant trick of finishing things off with butter.
    Lovely to see you and thank you for the links I know they will be good ones. :) xxx Big Hug

  9. It sounds like a tasty weekend of waffle making at the gardeners cottage!! When I was young my grandmother made them for us slathered with butter and maple syrup.
    Will check out your links Janet and thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  10. Always wonderful to see a new post from you! The prayers & healing thoughts are always going your way. LOVED the links to the gorgeous townhome & garden! The garden is like something out of a dream. Wishing you a peaceful Fall weekend! Sent with Love, Kathy from Hunt. Beach

  11. Hi Janet, loved the home tour...drooling over that kitchen and the garden oh my! Can you imagine what the water bill would be if that home was in Southern Cal? But I guess if you could afford a house like that it wouldn't be an issue lol.

    Curious about your diet changes. I seriously need to lose about 8 lbs. and it's all around my middle. I was working out doing cardio 6 days a week and weights, etc. on a few of those days. I was at my daughter's babysitting a few weeks ago and rammed my toes into their coffee table. I have not been able to wear closed toed shoes so no cardio and it is starting to show. I was able to wear Uggs today (in October!) so I guess I am almost recovered.

    LOVING our cool weather, this is usually fire season for us! Our yard looks like crap from the drought, I am worried our hedges are dying, we might have to replace them. Many of our neighbors have let their grass die, some replaced their grass with plants and shrubs but those need water too!

  12. The home and gardens are gasp-worthy...stunning. I MUST begin perusing H&M... the prints are so romantic and colorful, and the prices are amazing : ) Off the mall, I am crazy for Orange Blossom too and down to my final spritz : )
    PS Waffles and pancakes are weekend perfection... xo Debbie (DA Squires--for some reason I have never been successful in registering to comment on your blog, not anonymous by choice : )

  13. I think I will stick to my buttermilk waffles from my 40 year old Betty Crocker cookbook. I bet Larry would really love those!

  14. Know the feeling, Janet, so many ideas and so little free time or head space to put them out there. Hope Larry enjoyed his waffles , sounds yummy. Hugs, x.


  16. I'm a sourdough baker and use the extra starter for waffles. It makes the weekend festive. Our coastal weather has been ping-ponging from 60-80. I'm really looking forward to more consistent cool weather and some good rains. Love, peace and waffles to you and Larry.

  17. I loved everything! The blouse and print! The house and all the beautiful interior. The waffles look good too. Love when you post and re reading past October November posts! Praying for Larry and for you as well. Take care.

  18. Hey Janet,
    I ordered the Everlane v neck cashmere- and it arrived here in deep Umbria- such a shock!!! We have serious delivery problems.But, I love this sweater--- took it out for a spin, to the dentist on Friday. woohoo.
    I hope you and Larry had a relaxing weekend. Hugs from Bella Italia, Robin

  19. My Mother inlaw used to serve waffles for dinner, the catch was everyone had to have a big bowl of borsht first. Sounds like a win win to me. I've made some changes to my diet lately as well. I am followong some of the suggestions made by the Medical Medium- Anthony Williams. Integrating more fruit smoothies into my routine, and taking out of most of the meat I was eating. Who can a delicious smoothie? All the best to you and your Larry.


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