One Day Only

I have been planning to write a review of the Everlane denim but have just been so busy but today they are on sale, something Everlane rarely, if ever does.  Click over here and today ONLY they are $50.  That's $18 off their original price.

I've read enough reviews on these jeans to make me cross-eyed so I was pretty convinced.  Bloggers have compared them to $200 jeans.  I've never spent that much on a pair of jeans so I can't speak to that but I will say I'm impressed with the high waist fit.  They aren't too skinny or too baggy.  All my denim is 2nd hand and most of it is pretty baggy, which is so comfortable but every now and then I need a decent looking pair of jeans and these are it. My exact pair is called the Cheeky Straight Leg Ankle.  I've read all the reviews and most say to size down one size.  I didn't trust that so I ordered both my regular size and one size down and of course the size down fit.😂

Sign up and use my link and I get a $25 credit!

Working on my diet changes post - coming soon!  xo


  1. Love the beautiful look! The t is cute too and ankle boots. Always refreshing. Look forward to each post.

  2. You Look great Janet!
    Those jeans are a great sillouette on you...the price is right and that Tee is cute too...I have not worn a graphic tee for many years and see so many women wearing them. I have an old vintage Beatles Revolver tee that I should try wearing (if it still fits!)
    I bought some new jeans, they are skinny legged and have oodles of spandex...kind of cheating really but my goodness they are comfy...were only $30 at Marshalls. I do love the NYDJ and have 3 pairs all over 3 years old and still good...just wanted a darker shade for fall and winter.

  3. I love my new cashmere sweater from Everlane- still cannot believe they shipped to Umbria, and hope you got your $25 credit. Want to order another one.
    I think of you and Larry all the time.
    XXo Robin

  4. lookin good in the neighborhood AJJ!
    cest la vie indeed! XO

  5. Being short-waisted and big-busted, if I ever wore high-waisted jeans like that, they'd be right under my boobs, lol. You are tall and thin and have a long torso, so these jeans look great on you.

  6. I've read enough reviews on these jeans to make me cross-eyed so I was pretty convinced.

    i:m sory but I have oculqr challenges which makes this an interesting post...

  7. Ah, those jeans are perfect on you. great color too.
    Bernadette xo

  8. I am always so impressed at how you can take the such simple elements, either in clothing or in your home, and put them together so that they are so absolutely right!


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