hollywood home

two weeks ago chip, melissa and little stella moved into this...

they have graciously allowed me to post pictures of this beautiful home even though they are far from settled. consider these the before pictures. the house was built in 1938 and is nestled in the hollywood hills. it has incredible views from all rooms.

deck off the master bedroom


living room

click on picture to see the incredible woodwork

charming vintage sink in powder room

breakfast nook

they have promised me more pictures once they start decorating. do you recognize the landmark at the end of their street...

i should mention, chip is my son, melissa is my daughter-in-law and stella is the light of our lives.
thanks guys.


  1. Beautiful house. They will luv living in the Hollywood Hills. It is a lovely area. Thanks for sharing. Connie

  2. Looks like a life-size dollhouse! What fun to decorate... not to mention driving home to the Hollywood sign every day.

  3. Janet, I have awarded you the One Lovely Blog
    Award. Go to my blog to claim it. copy&paste it to your blog. Connie

  4. Wow....
    Now this is a place memories are made!

  5. I bet your daughter-in-law feels very lucky & special to have a husband (your son) that spoils her rotten and puts her in her dream home...not to mention all the special memories that will be made there with little Stella:)

  6. very cool house, it is going to be great! As for your question... a hidden vesibule need not match the rest of the house...that being said, I would match it anyway...lol

  7. Janet- it's a lovely, wonderful house! I would say that stucco houses are my absolute favorite! You must be so proud, and I am so happy for them! Can't wait to see the next set of photos!

    My niece has a baby "Stella" who will be 1 tomorrow! Stella was my father's mother's name.

  8. Beautiful House on Hollywood Hills....

    Dream House

  9. I just love getting everyone thoughts about rooms that are just a bit off. I do not like the room much, but it does have some great qualities , I can see those, it just has too many things I don't get, to let it go by without a good lashing...lol Thanks for playing.

  10. Hi Janet, I saw your sweet comment on a blog and want to welcome you to the Blogging world. I believe you will truly enjoy it.

    If you have any roosters, come over and join the Rooster Party. It would be a great way to meet new friends.


  11. lovely post... great blog! have a nice week... pam

  12. What a location! Great home, I can't wait to see the pictures when it done.

  13. What a fantastic house. Thanks for telling me to come look at it.


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