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A couple of years ago while we were renovating a small cottage that was built in 1924, I was on the internet looking for information regarding 1920's cottages and came across this adorable place. It's called Chapman Cottage. I could not find much information about it but it appears that a decorator lives here. I think it is so charming.


  1. Great pictures Janet... I love seeing other people´s houses. Thanks for this.
    María Cecilia

  2. Luv the stone!! The yellow in the dining room looks just like the color we are painting right now. Hugs, Connie

  3. How charming! There are probably a lot of good small space living ideas there if we study the pics long enough. And lots of pretty details!

  4. oh my... holy deja-vu!! I remember the chapman cottage site... we visited it also when we were renovating our little 1930s rock cottage. I kept returning to her site hoping for updates... but never saw any... oh well.. I should talk!

    I am so attracted to smaller cozier spaces... maybe its my wait maybe its my growth as a person...yeah!


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