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I just love garden rooms. Our old house had a really cute little garden room/shed. I loved it because it was like having my own little space just for me. All the overflow junk that was too good to give away but not quite right for the house anymore had a place to go. Everything I put in that little room looked great because it was unexpected. We are in the process of building a little room/shed again. Since we don't have a garage this is going to be great because now all the garden tools will be in one place, and the tiny basement will be able to breathe again.

This is a garden room, not a shed. This would be so much fun to have!

This is so pretty. I'm not sure my tools are going to look this good.

This to me is more of a garden shed. So simple. So sweet. Just right.


  1. I have a cute garden shed but it's only big enough for my tools... not for me! Lucky you to have a fun little place to putter.

  2. Oh, designing a garden shed sounds like fun! I always wanted to find old windows and french doors to put in one!
    In our first house in Portland there was a fabulous "glass" greenhouse (not to mention the Victory garden which was deeded to our house!) and I always had big plans- think crystal chandelier hanging in the center;), but we only lived there for two years and we were so busy redoing the house that I didn't get to the greenhouse.... still haunts me!;)

  3. I've always loved the garden shed concept...just no place for one here! :(

  4. I love that first photo of a shed and remember seeing it in Country Home magazine, maybe? Please show us photos of your shed when it's finished!

  5. How fun to design and build your own garden shed! All of those photos are very inspiring. They're like magical little getaway spaces. Can't wait to see yours.

  6. We have an old summer kitchen "house" on our property that is falling apart, BUT this inspires me to fix it up and save it to transform it into something beautiful like this!



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