my bathroom

Our bathroom is so small that a door really doesn't even fit, we use this toile curtain for privacy. I had to stand on the bathtub opposite just to get this picture. The before pics were, umm, let's just say you're better off not seeing them.


  1. Your bathroom is lovely! I LOVE that toile curtain - did you make it yourself? Very beautiful.

  2. Janet,
    Your bathroom is charming!
    We have a very similar Kohler sink and toilet in our guest bath, and I swear the faucet is the same! The sink and the faucet are the only things I kept from the previous owners update.
    I love toile! In our last guest bath I had black & white toile wallpaper, with a black and white ticking shower curtain. I had it for 15 years and never grew tired of it! Such a classic!

  3. Tricia,

    I did not make it. I found it in an antique store for $20.

  4. I love toilet! In our last guest bath I had black & white toilet wallpaper


  5. I love this bathroom - so classic. Love the floor and fixtures.
    xo Terri


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