august in my garden

This past month has been brutal in terms of heat here in Redlands. I'm so surprised that the hydrangea and coleus have been able to hang in there. Even though it is so hot out, I still love being outside in the garden. I can't tell you how much this garden gives to me. It's where I recover from all that life throws my way.


  1. It's a beautiful garden Janet. It looks like a wonderfully cool place to be on a hot day. So green and happy with blossoms! Trina

  2. Janet, Your garden is lovely. If only we could grow flowers in Big Bear. A few will grow but not many. Connie

  3. Beautiful....just beautiful!


  4. Janet, your garden is so, so beautiful...I know you work a lot on it to get that fruit from your work.
    In August here, Chile, my garden is in winter time, though very beautiful too.
    Congratulations and keep working like you do, I need to see more pictures of your house and garden.
    María Cecilia.
    Please visit my few days opened blog with pictures of my house and garden, I know you will understand...


kindness is never out of style.

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