living room remix

I'm calling this a living room remix because nothing is new. Everything is the same just moved around a bit. The walls got a fresh coat of BM Simply White. The pictures below are what the room looked like when I started blogging.

^the room slowly evolved to this, above

Before you see what the room looks likes now, I'd like to credit two bloggers in helping this room change. The first is Joni at Cote De Texas She showed my kitchen when she did one of her "Readers Homes" post. I asked her for advice on the living/dining room and she most graciously agreed. She is the sweetest, most thorough person. She analyzed the room and gave me great, detailed advice. I was unable to make the purchases she suggested but I got the point she was making with continuity, balance and scale. I used what I had on hand and I couldn't be happier with the results. I feel the rooms now relate to the heart of the home which is the kitchen.

Secondly I'd like to credit Daryl at Vermont Cottage for challenging me to remove 100 items from my home. I didn't think it would be possible, but it was and it was easy. I think the space looks less crowded and I'm left with what I truly love instead of just items taking up space. Thanks Daryl.

Can you see how the rooms now relate. I feel so much better about them now. Below are a few details that now stand out.

^above, 120 year old floorboards

^wood grain

^pencil etchings

I hope you like the changes because I do!


  1. It looks great!! I think the rooms relates to each other a lot better now just like you say.

    Have a happy weekend:)

  2. I would love to see a picture of the 100 things you got rid of. Spread out in your frontyard.

    Incredible before/after.

    How has it changed how you live in your house?

    How has it changed YOU?

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  3. Janet - Thanks for leaving a comment for me. I love to get feedback. I think your living room looks really good. I absolutely love interior design and have a real passion for it. I would love to go back to school and become an interior designer. Until then I will continue to read great blogs like Cote de Texas. I wouldn't mind having her help too!

  4. I love the changes, Janet! Beautiful, serene, and oh-so-put-together. Just like you! (Those pencil etchings are fabulous, by the way.) You've totally inspired me. I wish I could take a week off work and clear some stuff out and paint my rooms white.


  5. It looks wonderful, Janet. Clean, warm and beautiful. I love your home - I am inspired to paint our walls, but not until Spring, when I can have the windows and doors open!


  6. Janet, It's beautiful! You've totally inspired me to paint our living room white (shhh, don't tell Mike)! And I love the less is more, the space is truly a work of art! And I LOVE the etchings xoxo And LOVE the portrait! It's really beautiful Janet, it's all very beautiful - it's so very you xoxo Trina

  7. The room was very nice before but now it's awesome! Very elegant.

  8. The changes are fantastic, you really have a "Home, sweet Home". I love white. Congratulations. Greetings, Ana

  9. Wow. Wow. Wow. If something that stunning can be achieved by removing 100 things and re-tweaking what's left then I'm ready to give it a go. That is beautiful.

  10. It is incredible... not a huge change but what a lift... is this removing 100 things the Botox of decorating?

    Those etchings are so great!


  11. Really pretty, Janet. Calm and quiet and each piece looks beautiful and special. I liked the "before" too with the mixed-up art over the sofa, but I can see how the new room better relates to the aesthetic of your kitchen and dining room. Great job... you're a good student!

  12. Janet, I love what you did with your living room. You should do a room recipe too. I love the drawings. I came over to tell you that "YOU "are one of the things, that makes "ME" go "ahhhhh". Thanks

  13. Hi Janet - I think your living room looks great! So calm and serene with the mirror and plates above the sofa. Your kitchen looks fantastic too (from what I can see above), but I missed it on Joni Webb's Readers Home feature--must go back and search for those photos.


  14. Just Amazing Janet! Love all the changes and the white is key to your success. I should try that "remove 100 things" idea too and then donate the entire lot to the Salvation Army.

    Absolutely love your kitchen floor...please share more pics!

    have a super weekend~*~kelley

  15. Hi Janet, I'm back visiting again...I just love what you've done with this room. You have an incredible eye, everything is absolutely beautiful. xoxoTrina

  16. It looks wonderful Janet! Love all your changes! So much more serene, I know you'll be pleased living in the space. So glad to see you changed out the red side table- this one is so much more to scale.
    Lovely job on the room!

  17. Hi Janet! What tremendous changes from the first photo! Just wonderful -- very charming and elegant -- and so fresh! Very well done indeed!

    Cheers! Jan(et) at Rosemary Cottage

  18. It look good when you started and now it has been fine tuned to WONDERFUL! Everything just looks so much more substantial and I do like the way the two rooms now relate to each other makeing the house feel more seamless and therefore more spacious. Beautiful job, Janet,


  19. Janet,this is really, really great, your living room looks so perfect now and what a great advice you had... I wonder what you did with all the stuff you took away, was it really a 100 items??
    Love the view of your kitchen from the living room.
    I have so many stuff at home, accumulated for years, that I don´t really know if I could get rid of them... perhaps someone could help me too!!!!
    Maria Cecilia

  20. Really spectacular! The balance of the room is indeed very good! I also like the clutter-freeness of the space. Decorating, in my opinion is enhanced by less not more, I've never been good at doing more.

    I came to visit you as we both won a beautiful little French inspired hand-made box from our friend Terri at Windlost. Sweet!

  21. Darling I stumbled upon your blog and am glad I did. You have a lovely blog and I must say your living room looks fantastic, beautifully done, good job luv. I am now one of your proud followers.

    Have a lovely week.

    Love & Hugs

  22. Your redo is great. Your home is so beautiful. I think I will try getting rid of 100 things from my home too.

  23. Hi dear Janet, regarding your question of how many roses I have, you know, after reading your comment I start counting my roses in my mind and came up to 83 different ones all around my house and in the hill and the road... I did not know the number, it was a good question and.... my god, I have a lot!!!!!
    Thank you
    Have a very happy weekend
    María Cecilia

  24. ummm...seriously... i'm seething and bright green with envy/jealousy right now!!
    just had a 45 minute conversation with "your son" (a.k.a.:'my husband') trying to verify if you guys are blood related...might need some DNA proof.
    your attention to detail is on another level!! personally, i love all 3, but incarnation #2 is still my fave...i like the stacks of books, the red side table, and the hodge-podge art & evokes a more personal effect to me. (do not, under any circumstances, take that as any hint of criticism:))
    trust me, i could trash 300 things and nobody would be the wiser...
    love u,

  25. love the paired down look. so serene and classic. Just beautiful.

  26. The changes were PURE perfection! I adore Joni and live right near her...would love o meet her one day. I am enjoying peeking around your cottage. It is very charming!


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