an apple orchard

Yesterday, in between rain showers, we snuck up to Oak Glen, a local area that is known for it's beautiful apple orchards.  The air was chilly and misty and full of the scent of freshly baked apple pies.  We bought several varieties of apples for cooking and baking and i'll be sharing these recipes with you in the coming weeks. 


  1. A perfect story of the apple orchard day without a word...done exactly right! The pictures, especially the first one, are outstanding. You are getting more and more creative, my friend. I loved these.

  2. Fabulous jacket!! Great post!

  3. love your photography! Perfect attire for apple picking.

  4. That first image is worthy of framing...
    we used to have an apple tree in our garden but it was very old and threatened to fall so it was chopped down...
    I do miss the apples it offered...
    your trip to the orchard and your attire inspire me...
    more lovliness
    and I keep going back to see that image of the faded rose pillow and plaid throw from your former post...
    how about making some art cards...I'd buy them!


  5. Your pictures are so beautiful & those apples look so good! I've been drooling over apple pie lately. Hmmm I wonder if it's the weather {lol}? Can't wait to see what you’re going to create! I know it's going to be yummy! ;)


    * By the way I love your new blog header. Crisp & clean. Perfect!

  6. This looks like a lovely outing. Can't wait for the recipes!

  7. You're a modern-day Eve in herringbone tweed tempting us with your apple. I love the last photo where you caught the edge of the umbella in the upper corner of the shot.

  8. Dear Janet, What a delicious looking apple. Crisp and perfect just as your outfit looks for a country visit.

  9. You're the poster girl for American apple pie! Very cute.


  10. So many of those apples look as though they have gone to waste - nobody making juice? What a shame.
    (Seriously good jacket, Janet!)

  11. sarah - thanks so much my friend.

    sanda - i love it too.

    annie - thank you and i'm gonna pop over to your blog in just a minute.

    leslie - thank you and i'm so sad about your apple tree, i wish i had one of my own.

    alexandra - crisp, clean just like an apple. thanks.

    karin - thanks and i'm making soup today w/apples.

    steve - wittiest comment of the year!

    edith - thank you edith, it was a lovely country outing.

    julie - i never thought i'd ever be a poster girl for apples but i'll take it.

    rosemary - i think they do make cider and such out of them.

  12. Wonderful photos. Now I want to cook an apple tart!

  13. Beautiful pics Janet.
    Makes me kinda sad though to see all those apples rotting on the ground. Is it a private rather than commercial orchard?
    Is there anything better than apple pie?

  14. Very Eve like. Did you drive away or were you cast out?

    xo jane

  15. You are perfectly dressed (as usual) for a fall day, Janet! Very impressive for a trip to the orchard. I would have copped out and thrown on a fleece. The photos are amazing too. Looking forward to your recipes.

  16. Just a few weeks ago a client gave me an apple off her tree and I threw it in my car, days later while driving back from Santa Barbara and starving I found the apple and ate it. Nirvana! it's been years since I had apple off a tree. Wow! PS. just a note, the hairdo is looking pretty good, young lady!

  17. Dear Ms Janet, What a lovely post. I was inexorably drawn in by the first photo! The colours plus your very stylish jacket really tell me that it is Autumn where you are. Cooked apple and cinnamon is one of the world's most beautiful scents!

  18. Dear J
    My parents live amongst apple and pear orchards and I love apple trees. It's too hot and humid where I live to grow them more's the pity. I'm trying to figure out what to pack and take on my trip and it is quite quite hard. Light packing, as you know is NOT my forte. I'll email you on Monday xxx PS Loving the Height you've actioned din your 'Do- you look so pretty. Do you use hairspray?????

  19. belle de ville - thanks and i think you should.

    anne marie - they are privately owned commercial farms. no there is nothing better.

    jane - good question.

    deborah - thank you very much. i will be posting soon.

    kevin - there is a big difference, and thanks about the 'do.

    linda - i kinda like that first photo too. credit goes to larry on that.

    ff - lucky parents. i do not use hairspray.

  20. Seeing you in your last post is something great and I love the way you dress!!
    Also love your pictures, they have something totally new and much better now, and the simplicity of your blog is something am longing to do at mine.

  21. cute, cute, cute! did you get new jeans? those don't look like mom jeans;)!!

    happy weekend!

  22. Dear Janet, Beautiful picture story,and it is all the real thing, not staged. I's so great to see the real thing, just delightful. Hugs, Joyce

  23. maria cecilia - thank you so much, you are too sweet.

    joan - no, got rid of the mom jeans!

    joyce - thank you so much, as always you are too sweet.

  24. Janet these photographs are fabulous. Really feel as if I am in the orchard too - do you have a really fancy-pants(!!) camera? You look so gorgeous too. Looking forward to the apple recipes very much.X

  25. Can't wait for another drool-worthy recipe!

  26. So pretty! Love these, they are the absolute epitome of fall! You love Jack White, too? Yup, I'm with ya! Glad you caught my reference, I think it went over most of the design bloggers' heads! XX!

  27. sarah - no fancy pants camera here. i wish.

    melissa - one is coming

    shari - haha, love is putting it lightly!

  28. Your pictures are always so pretty, but these are especially great! And your outfit is adorable. I love your style!

  29. If there was a magazine called Janet, I would buy it. I adore these photos!


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