coffee as art

Because, i too was intrigued by the designs that regularly appear on my lattes, I drug myself down to augie's this morning and asked Brian exactly how he makes my lattes look so beautiful.  Guess what, it's not easy.  It has taken him 2 years as a barista to learn this free flow art work.  He says the secret is in getting the milk glossy.  Who knew?  I love when passion mashes with food.  The results are so outstanding.  Check this out...


Just to show off - he made this sweet tulip thing too.

I originally thought he drug a toothpick through the foam to form the designs.  I had no idea that it's in the way he pours the foam.  Pretty nifty.
Coffee as Art


  1. There are some really fun and talented people out there! I love that he's learned to do this and doesn't just pour your coffee and call it good.
    Now he's on your blog and famous! :)

  2. I was thinking the same thing, because that is usually how you get a marbled look on a dessert. It truly is art!


  3. Dude. That's cool. I love it when someone gets joy from their job and we get a little inspiration to boot!

  4. I'm amazed. What an artist he is!


  5. I had a friend that had a coffee shop and she went to a course in Seattle to learn how to do it. She failed.

  6. sarah - yes world famous.

    lpc - yeah, it was pretty amazing watching him.

    linda - that's what i thought.

    joan - tres chic.

    ellen - dude, it is totally cool!

    claudia - yes, he is an arteest.

    paige - almost but not quite as they are delicious too.

    steve - making me laugh this morning.

  7. I love this,,,,,,,anything can be made to be a thing of beauty!!



  8. I always thought it was a toothpick or such too, how clever.

  9. Such a cool post Janet. I'm so glad you had the chutzpah to go over to Brian with your camera. Hope the lens didn't fog up!

  10. Never knew...I thought it was a toothpick too.

  11. I still don't get how to do it, but I like it. Uh, huh. Uh, huh. Singing on your blog.

    xo Jane

  12. My son has worked as a barista after doing a short course.
    He appreciates good coffee and will not abide bad beans.
    And he is pretty efficient with swirly patterns too. Takes a lot of practice.

  13. Hi Janet,
    Don't you just love it when the food you love not only tastes good but looks so darn pretty?
    It adds a whole extra delicious flavor.
    X Trina

  14. I was impressed that the design stayed as you drank. I saw a competition on the food network for this years ago. Amazing!


  15. Dear Janet, What a great guy to make it so beautiful for the enjoyment of his customers. That is going 'Above and Beyond', and it so wonderful to see. Hugs, Joyce

  16. Dear Janet, When I was in Canberra, the cafe in the bottom of the building in which I worked had the ACT barrister of the year - it was such a pleasure walking up to my office, taking the lid off and having a perfect coffee. In Chile, it is often more miss than hit. I do love a pretty design on top - I always admire craftsmanship. Did you ask how he gets the milk glossy? Lovely post, thank you.

  17. my grama soul - you are so, so right.

    kayce - well said.

    living near the sea - i guess i wasnt' the only one that thought that.

    fiona - brian loves talking coffee!

    londen - no toothpick!

    jane - focus!

    anne marie - so you can really appreciate this.

    trina - i love the presentation of food.

    julie - me too.

    joyce - he has pride in his craft for sure.

    linda - i just knew someone would ask this! to get the gloss he has to rotate the cup while it is in the frother. it's a perfect timing thing. btw, welcome.

  18. so now I'll have to take the next two years practicing this technique - using this blog post as a guide.
    Thanks so much for following up.

  19. Being a barista for 3 years(wow, I quit 2 months ago today)I definitely appreciate this blog entry - as much as I appreciate a soy latte. Mmm, the foam is so good!

  20. mmw - instead of learning it i think i'll stick to just drinking them.

    karrina - are you missing the foam yet?

  21. ... yes, coffe as art!!! The first time I saw this beautiful art was in New Zeland on 2006 and I too asked the boys and girls who made this everywhere how to do it, and it was not easy!!!

  22. Dear Janet, Well, we all learn something new each day. I thought that the technique involved pouring the milk over some kind of stencil- now I know that it is all in the pouring. Java Art!


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