hello sunday

Ingredients for a perfect sunday...

1 or 2 lazy people
1 sofa
a generous helping of books,

What is your favorite sunday recipe?


  1. Enjoy a nice and happy sunday darling.......love Ria...

  2. I think spending my Sunday at your house would be just perfect!

    Today looks like a recipe for disaster, Marine Corp marathon a block away, so can't leave our hood. Painting to finish, bedroom to put back together...but yes! football!

    xo Jane

  3. I love this and I'm going to copy it! I hope you don't mind.
    Making pulled pork in crock pot today and skinny b---- cole slaw.
    Enjoy your day,

  4. These photos are making it difficult for me to leave the house this morning. Your living room looks so cozy and pretty. My favorite Sunday recipe at this time of year is chili. Enjoy your Sunday, Janet and I hope you have a great week.

  5. Looks like the perfect morning to me!

  6. I just love your posts -the photos just ooze restfulness and peace. I am going to try the soup too sounds wonderful :-)

  7. These recent posts show just what a talented photographer you are and such enchanting vignettes of everyday life.

  8. I thought I was looking at my own home for a moment there! How delicious is it to lay around with magazines, coffee and a loved one. It is a rare day when we aren't beholden to a schedule. Godere il giorno!

  9. Well you KNOW me. Football is a stick n ball game. Just subsitute NASCAR and I'm a happy camper. I realize it's not exactly PC to post but I am nothing if not honest. Leo is shopping for the ingredients to that soup recipe right now. Maybe I'll make it for the race today It's TALLADEGA BABY.
    Yeah it's me, your
    Desert Rat sis,:)

  10. How clean and beautiful. To say nothing of lovely china:).

  11. sure wish i could hang out with you today. feeling a tiny bit better. everything looks perfect and for anyone who hasn't made this soup, it's super easy to make and delicious.

    have a great day,


  12. That sounds like a great day. I have a busy day today, but I look forward to a Sunday like yours soon.

  13. ria - thank you darling.

    jane - hmmm, sounds like a pretty good day you have going too.

    karen sue - skinny bitch coleslaw is awesome. pulled pork, not so much. xo

    deborah - oh i love chili on sundays too. maybe next sunday!

    bonnie - thank you.

    kathy - thank you, i think the pics are deceiving though.

    leslie - thank you and i'm blushing.

    bodeci - thank you. i recently became a follower of your blog and need to get on the plan of yours.

    jeanne - enjoy the soup!

    lpc - thank you for noticing my china!

    margot - feel better and i can't wait to hang out and get into trouble.

    paige - thank you and slow down a little!

  14. The scene is delightful. This time year, I'd say comfort food, candles, blankets and snuggling would be my favorite way to spend a Sunday.

  15. Flowers in a mason jar. Perfect!

    Perfect Sunday around here is much like yours (sans the football.)

  16. Perfect relaxation recipe! Could move it to 4pm with drop-scones, pot of Earl Grey tea and an open fire crackling...

  17. Oh, Janet it looks so perfectly cozy and peaceful around there today - wish I were there hanging out with you! Days like that are my favorite - and I love a good soup on football day!
    Your pictures are beautiful!

    Getting ready for all the little monsters to start ringing my doorbell!

  18. Perfect Janet. This just sums up relaxed living. x

  19. A perfect Sunday, and gorgeous photos. I agree with the Hostess.

  20. My favorite Sunday meal is whatever I can make fast...tonight it was wild salmon, broccoli and couscous. (and a glass of Chardonnay) :)


  21. Janet, beautiful and so restful. You really have created a sanctuary.

    Soup sounds awesome, I just made a Tuscan bean soup, will have to try this one.
    Could you also post a vegan chilli recipe?

    Why don't I get your posts via e mail anymore?

  22. i have mastered the recipe of sunday laziness. it's my specialty:) xo

  23. Can I just say I love your son's flat? I'm in HK and am LOVING it. J-it's shocking-EVERYONE wears fur. Really. The shoppes are FULL OF IT. My fave Sunday would involve seeing Mr FF who usually works on Sunday more's the pity. Love me xxxxxxx

  24. I've made - and enjoyed - this soup many times, but never with the pumpkin. Next time I make it I'll have to try that. Sounds delicious! We had the un-official start of fall at our house, on Sunday - I made the first big pot of veggie chili. Otherwise, our Sunday was much like yours!
    p.s. Inspired by your post last week, I spent Saturday washing windows and baseboards, cleaning out my closet, and doing a very thorough house cleaning! My house smells beautiful now!

  25. carol - sounds perfect indeed. i thought your comment said candies at first and i thought now that really is perfection.

    adrienne - thank you. i think i love the sounds of football as much as wathcing it.

    belinda - you had to mention a crackling fire! oh i miss a crackling fire.

    sarah - i wish you were here too. oh, the damage!

    sarah (se) - it borders on slothful.

    fiona - thank you and the hostess is too sweet too.

    linda - a little wine makes everything better.

    sandra - yes i will post my fav chili recipe and maybe when i switched blog templates something happened. sorry about that.

    grace - please share your mastered recipe.

    ff - thank you re alex/meg. are you already missing mr ff? sweet.

  26. karin - thanks for reporting on the soup. the pumpkin does add another dimension to the flavor of the soup, it mellows it and of course adds a ton of vitamins. i'm glad your house is clean and smells good.

  27. Take away the football and your Sunday would be great. (Although I do love the BIG Sunday lunch at a pub with friends - no clearing up and too full to need any tea!)

  28. I do like your style and have shared your soup recipe on my own blog post today with a link back to your post. So I hope you receive lots of readers 'cause the soup idea is perfect for this time of year. Oh and I love your photos.

    Jan @ BellaCasa

  29. rosemary - i love going out on sundays too.

    jan - thank you for the link back and i think you will really like this soup. please let me know!

  30. After church in the morning, your recipe is basically the same as ours - with the addition of a nap (preferably in the warmth of sunshine coming through the window near the couch...).

  31. Hi Janet,

    You have captured my perfect Sunday. I am not much of a football fan, so I would substitute a classic movie. This is the best recipe for relaxation. Your photos are gorgeous!!!


  32. How did I miss this post? I love the pillow. Is it needlepoint? The blanket is beautiful too but looks like wool. I like to be able to throw things in the washer.

  33. rebecca - the sun sounds delicious.

    anne - i love a good old classic too but it's football season here so i go with it.

    steve - steve you are going to have to pay closer attention. yes, it's needlepoint and the blanket is a pendleton and it's wool and i wash it in cold water and line dry it.

  34. MMM perfect. Add a mug of hot cider, and you've got it for me!

  35. I had to try "this soup". I love it, and my oldest daughter has informed me that the recipe is a keeper! Plus, when my youngest daughter moves home next month, it's something that all three of us can eat, the vegan, the vegatarian, and myself! Dear old Dad wouldn't touch something healthy if his life depended on it... oh wait, it does... but anyway, that's okay, leaves more of this yummy soup for us! Thanks for sharing the recipe!
    Joy (HBS)

  36. ch - oh i love hot cider too.

    joy - good to know that you think it is a keeper. it is for us too. hope all is well w/you and your family.


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