today we...


 started the day with these delicious soy lattes at our favorite coffee shop, augies.


chased these gorgeous clouds


and found ourselves


on a little hike


and we crossed a little creek

and found a little fall color.

how was your weekend?


  1. Not as good as yours...after 2 years of keeping my mouth shut and avoiding my next door neighbor I finally told him exactly what I thought of him. I don't know if I made things better or worse but I feel so much better now! :)


  2. oh I've always wanted to learn how to make pretty creamer designs in coffee.

    anyhow...this weekend I listened to a sermon and the speaker gave the Leonardo Da Vinci quotation which you have on your sidebar. Then I thought of you.

    have a great week,

  3. Dear Janet, Oh what a wonderful fall weekend, love the creek. So glad it has cooled off and even rain! I'll be back later, went on a hike too and I'm knackerd! Hugs, Joyce

  4. Fine it was warmmmm !! well 23 degrees......we sit outside walk with the dogs wonderful.....that lattes looks amazing.......happy new week Ria.....

  5. Looks great. We had a good weekend too. Went to the flea market, had fire in our fire pit on the patio and roasted marmallows. It felt like fall.

  6. Augie's is pretty fancy with the foam designs. That's not easy to do. Your hike looked awesome!

  7. Gorgeous foam art! I worked 3 years at Starbucks and never learned how. Lovely Fall colors. You must be in Northern California?

  8. looks like you had a wonderful weekend!!

    mine?...... oh, it was just "okay":):):):):):):)
    NOT, mine was freakin' fabulous, thanks for asking!!!!!

  9. Beautiful! Love the pictures...they are gorgeous.
    Wish I had such peaceful and lovely weekend...I have a terrible cold. Probably from the extreme temperatures changes between TX and NE.

  10. This was a beautiful weekend for clouds. I wished I had my camera with me when I was out and about. You got some great shots!

  11. Dear Janet, Simple pleasures are always the best in my book. Your weekend looks to have been lovely!

  12. I am in awe of the coffee art...and after sipping some it is still intact!
    Those white puffy clouds look so enchanting set against that blue blue day sounds divine.

  13. I didn't know coffee could look so pretty. I don't drink it but I would if it looked like that. I was a diet coke drinker up until today, I'm done! This might be hard...

    Your fall hike looks really pretty, we chased the same fluffy clouds this weekend.

  14. I feel refreshed from this post, like I went hiking and chased clouds myself.

    As for me, I worked in the shop on Saturday and was Martha Stewart on Sunday. I love pottering around the home, cleaning and washing and prettifying.

    It's Spring here in New Zealand and the weather is glorious.

  15. Nice pictures!

    We had those rain clouds overhead. I had sunshine in the backyard and sunshine in the front yard and rain pouring down hard on my roof!. No matter, it was a wonderful change in weather for us. I almost dug out the sweats.

    Wound up swimming last night. Who knew the water would hold it's heat???

    The Desert Rat sis.

  16. linda - been there before. sorry.

    mmw - ah, so sweet to think of me.

    joyce - it was a beatiful day for sure.

    ria - happy week to you too.

    julie - i so want to roast marshmallows.

  17. steve-o - you are so right about it not being easy!

    karina - turns out there is a reason you couldn't accomplish that at starbucks.

    joan - no fair.

    sarah - get well soon and go sit on your porch.

    anon - the clouds were amazing.

  18. edith - simple pleasures are my speciality. ask my husband.

    leslie - that's the title of my next post.

    londen - you can do. diet coke used to be my crack.

    fiona - i love wearing nothing but an apron and playing martha.

    anon - wicked weather.

  19. I dont knoooow nothing but an apron and Martha in the same sentence??? Ewwwwwww


  20. Starting the day with a soy latte decorated in such a beautiful way is great!!!
    A soy latte means it´s made with soy milk?... I believe...
    I haven´t hike for a long time now, it was so nice.
    Máximo (grandson) spent saturday with us and Sunday was a gardening day for me, lots of work these days.
    Hugs my dear Janet,
    maria cecilia

  21. A lovely day Janet for you and Mr GC - how wonderful are those gorgeous coffees and love the photographs of the sky. x

  22. Janet, I think I saw those same clouds, but from above (airplane view)! We spent the weekend traveling to Maryland for the bf's mother's birthday. A very, very nice weekend - western Maryland definitely had fall going on!

  23. Ahhh, Fall is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your lovely weekend. My weekend was "Parent Weekend" at my son's school and I traveled light and simple. Made my trip so much better. Thanks for sharing.

  24. anon - it was a lame attempt at being funny.

    maria cecilia - yes, that's what it means. kiss maximo for me.

    sarah - thank you.

    karin - i wondered what those clouds would look like from a plane.

    bodeci -thank you and i'm a light packer also.


kindness is never out of style.

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