how i camp

This is a little story of how I like to camp.  First of all, I am the first one to admit that I'm not a big camper.  I really the love the peace and quiet and sleeping under the stars and all the other wonderful things associated with camping but the older I get the less tolerance I have for the hard ground and nearly non-existent toilet facilities.  My husband though is a lover of all things outdoors and because I am an incredibly good wife, I occasionally indulge his fantasy of having an incredibly good and outdoorsy wife.   He threw together a very impromptu overnight trip to Joshua Tree, a gorgeous national park not far from our home.  You may recognize the place from the album The Joshua Tree by U2, often cited as one of the greatest rock albums of all time. 
 So this is how I camp... 

 he sets up camp

while i listen to my ipod.

he prepares dinner - veggie burgers 

 while i wander the desert looking for the restrooms.

we watch the sunset and go to sleep (well, he does, for some reason i'm not all that tired)

he builds a morning fire

while i put Height in my Do*

he makes me a gourmet breakfast

while i wait for the sunrise

we explore

and find a place for him to climb while he wonders why he brought me

and i sit and write.

the end

*credit to faux fucshia


  1. Ahhhhhhh Joshua Tree It hurts my heart I can no longer climb. There is NO better morning than waking up to that crisp air.

    We had some wild times out there with ol' Larz ;) remember? Heh heh.

    Did you stay at White Tank? My personal favorite campground. Mannnn the good ol days.

    Your Desert Rat sis

  2. Looks pretty nice; you're a spoiled brat, lol!


  3. Someone's playing around with their format. It looks good. Very austere.

    I know an art dealer from NYC that is doing a joint venture with some architects building some of the most amazing pre-fab, almost-all-glass, ultra modern homes right outside Joshua Tree. Aren't there a lot of scorpions?

    I'm not a big camping fan but I do love the cooking outdoors on a fire part of it.

    Looks like a beautiful place!!

  4. This is cutest post!! I think you have a huge knack for this creative blog thing! You are absolutely adorable. :)

    That's how I camp too - If I have to go, I'm not working!

  5. Applause from here...the desert and forest seem like an oxymoron.

    Camping or living outdoors is such a simple way to breathe in the beauty that is around...
    you are a great outdoorsy wife!
    I'd give you a blog award for that if I had one.


  6. Dear Janet. No. I do not camp. Not even when I was in the Brownies. Not even when someone suggested a 'five star' camping site. No, I do not even think I should be persuaded to camp with such a perfect camping companion such as your long suffering husband. Too uncomfortable, too many creepy crawlies in unexpected places and nothing that resembles a proper lavatory. No, I do not camp!

  7. I guess i would go along if there was morning coffee,iced.

    When i started seeking GG i asked if camping was included because it's on my mental lesbian list.

    Tho' she said yes, we have yet to go.

    Who's the alpha dog now?

  8. Sounds perfect. If that's how camping is, I will come next time with you.

    I hate camping as I have a bad back.

    That looks like a spot where there might be rattlesnakes. Bad.

    We have bears here which are also bad.

    You are very brave.

    xo Terri

  9. Janet,

    I am not a camper, there is too much prep involved and the unpacking too time consuming. And I am with you on the non existent toilet facilities, I refuse to even use a port-a-potty anywhere. It's not like I haven't gone camping, I just didn't have any great experiences doing it. It's hotels all the way baby!


  10. I've never camped as an adult, but you photos make it look tempting.
    Joshua Tree is beautiful, isn't it.

  11. anon - you should have come, as you can see i didn't do much climbing and lars did all the work.

    sue - i know i am but he is too.

    steve - thanks re the blog. and i would love to know more about these houses. i can't imagine a glass house there, it seems too bright. but it sounds beautiful. never seen a scorpion but lots of rattlesnakes.

    leslie - thanks and my husband would get a kick out of that award.

  12. sarah - thanks and i agree re the along for the ride attitude.

    edith - i hear you sister!

    jane - we see lesbians camping all the time. they are always great fun. and always well-prepared.

    terri - we have been camping in this location since we were 17 yrs old and have seen lots of rattlesnakes and the conditions are not good for a bad back. too bad.

    linda - this seems to be the general consensus w/most women. that's what makes me an incredibly good wife!

    belle de ville - it is beautiful, have you been?

  13. Dear Ms Janet, When I was a child, I lived in the then best hotel in the world in Thailand. It has spoiled me for life with a love of luxury, lovely bedlinen, fluffy towels, a perfect cocktail with a view and a well appointed bathroom. However, like your husband, Mr LiC loves to camp. Sigh. Once, one gets over the lack of facilities, has a glass of wine and lets one's husband put up the tent all by himself there are lovely compensations - a perfect sunset, a grumpy goanna or a mob of kangaroos just outside your tent...

  14. wow camping i haven't done that in such a long time. Might be time to dust off the hiking boots....

  15. Sunrise - ugh! But it all looks so pretty and your camping looks super organised. I am scarred for life by camping hols in France/Spain with my mother where we forgot mallet to bang in tent pegs but as it was the 70s we used my clogs instead.. xx

  16. I love Joshua Tree. Beautiful scenery, fresh air - but camping? Call me a princess if you like but the only tent I'll consider is if it's en-suite with somewhere to plug in my hair irons.

  17. Every summer, when I was a child, we went camping. We didn't have much money, so that was the most affordable thing to do. After the initial thrill of arrival, I was bored out of my mind. I just sat in a chair and read every book I could find. Couldn't wait until we drove into 'Town'. Funny thing: I then worked as a camp counselor for 2 summers when I was in college. Beautiful camp in Northern Michigan. I learned how to lash and build a lean-to, taught canoeing, had a ball.

    BUT, you could not get me to camp at this point. Been there, done that. Although, Joshua Tree might entice me just a little.


  18. Janet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just laughed out loud when I read "Then I put Height in my 'Do" HA!!!

    I luff it that you do this even when camping. Maintaining Hair Standards is what seperates us from the animals.

    If I could go camping in such a lovely spot with larry actioning all the admin I'd probably like it, although electricty is one of my favourite inventions, and I'd miss it.

    You look so pretty and young xxxxxx

  19. I love the idea of camping but have usually ended up regretting the reality mid rainstorm/mosquito rampage/nighttime wee!!! Also love the idea of hardcore exercise and not washing my hair every day. Just don't love the reality.

    You make a sojourn under canvas look calm and stylish but I still think you are super brave if there are rattlesnakes and bears!!

  20. linda - once you get past the inconveniences it is gorgeous and peaceful and def has its own joys.

    leah - dust them off and report back.

    blighty - another important reason to maintain fashion when in the wild. clogs!

    princess (i mean louise) - there is prob a way to have hair irons in the wild but when things get bad i just tie a bandana over the whole mess.

    claudia - i always worry a bit about boredom but it never happens to me in the wild. i'm more apt to get bored at home. weird.

    ff - Maintaining Hair Standards is what separates us from the animals is now my fav quote.

    belinda - it's the wee in the middle of the night that kills me. but i have camped thru rainstorms and it has been a gas. nature is the entertainment in the wild.

    rebecca - thank you so much.

  21. Janet I just LOVE this new format and approve heartily.
    Your Larry and my husband would be good camping buddies.
    Camping is an activity I enjoyed/endured when the kids were young.
    My husband, I'm sure, probably wished I'd stayed home because I would spend the entire time rearranging the campsite to achieve pleasing aesthetics.

  22. Not a camper either. Can't stand feeling unshowered-without-access-to-a-shower.
    Fortunately, Mister doesn't camp either.
    Your pictures are beautiful and both of you are very photogenic!

  23. Way back yonder, when I was a cute, young thing I went out with a guy who invited me to go camping. I had to explain to the poor chap that my idea of "camping" was staying at a Holiday Inn instead of The Four Seasons. Needless to say we didn't date much after that! Your photos are lovely, though I'm much too much a creature of comfort to camp. I think you a very good wifey and that your "do" has great height!


    p.s. love the new bloggy format!

  24. p.s.s. how exactly do you enjoy the "peace and quiet" of camping while wearing an ipod????!!!!

  25. anne marie - i totally get that. did you notice i match the tent?

    carol - thanks and it's good you found a good match.

    joan - i love all your dating stories. and my do did have good height in the wilderness. while i'm never far from my ipod i do unplug on occasion.

  26. Love your photography Janet. I've never seen landscape like it - those rocks! Your post is so funny too. I could never look as put-together as you camping.

  27. Dear Janet, you are too kind. Regarding how we met I believe I found you first through a garden blog and then you found me. I think? What is interesting to me is the evolution of both yours and mine of tone and subject matter. This camping post is stunning, witty, and telling. Keep it up!

  28. Does your husband has a brother ?? jajaja!! You are a very spoiled one, dear Janet, and I like this so much!!!

  29. Living in an old drafty house with lots of bugs in a rural town in the middle of nowhere is as close to camping as this girl gets!!! LOL...What a gorgoues campsite you had too...breathtakingly beautiful!!!!!

  30. Hi Janet,
    Oh yes, the outdoorsy Hubby...I have one of those. He says 'tent' and I say how about a 'cute little cottage with lots of outdoorsy outings all day.' It's good to rough it every now and again - especially when you have a Hubby such as yours who cooks, sets up camp and builds a fire! And LOVE the cool cooler - so retro and stylish.
    X Trina

  31. So beautiful. I would totally camp there.
    I camped in the Grand Canyon this year :)
    In order to pay complete tribute to F.F. doesn't one have to "Action" their "Do"?!

    PS. Like the new format!

  32.'s so beautiful !! When you said you were going to Joshua Tree I immediately thought of U2. Pleased to know they are connected. It is an amazing looking place but I am glad you were still doing your "do" (as in FF style)on your camping trip. love S-E xx

  33. fiona - thank you and if anyone can be stylish camping, it would be you.

    kev - you are hot! and i think you are right re how we met and how our blogs are evolving.

    maria cecilia - yes, a few but all taken!

    des - yeah, i understand completeley.

    trina - i agree, it is good to rough and appreciate that bed so much when you get home.

    slim - i want to camp in the grand canyon too. don't mules do all the carrying? and you are right i should have actioned it.

    sarah - thanks and it is so beautiful.

  34. Just emerged from the weekend to find this post. Camping is what Other People do for fun, and rocks are to be admired from afar, not slept on. Nonetheless you have managed to make quite the most of the trip, and set an example for all of us who must sometimes cater to the whims of the Mr.

    Love the new theme/format! So readable!

  35. Love this Post!


  36. Oh! Joshua Tree! Was just there recently and loved the peacefulness of it. We didn't camp though, and just a little climbing. I used to love camping. Not so much any more. But I still consider myself an "outdoorsy" sort of girl! Haha! Loved your hair comment!

  37. Love the U2 album. Love the national park. Lucky you for your camping adventure.

  38. That's the kind of camping I could do. I'm afraid that once I give in to Matt and Drew's request to go camping there will be none of that peace and quiet for us. And, I'll be telling the story from your husband's point of view only much more stressed.

  39. Dear Janet, you've got a good man there, and some very natty camping equipment - your firebox is as impressive as your man. It is lovely to go camping with you via the blog, but without having to sleep the hard ground!

  40. Dear Janet, Thank you for taking us with you. Dinner looks delicious. The pictures are beautiful, love those rocks and the color! How beautiful and varied this planet is, something for everyone. You look so cute and are a very great sport. Hugs, Joyce

  41. Beautiful camp site! I like to camp like you by letting the husband set up and cook. Its been years since we've done it, looking forward to taking the little one in the spring. Your blog world looks different, I like it.

  42. Janet I could probably camp like you do!!

    I have a new Giveaway from Metis Linens, do come and enter!!

    Art by Karena

  43. meg - we have air matresses that help w/the hard ground but it's not like a bed for sure.

    dumbo - sweet of you to say.

    karin - actioning one's do is very important in the wild.

    melinda - thanks and also thanks for the pumpkin pie smoothie.

    julie - oh there is no way i could or would be able to set up all that goes into this. he has it down to a science.

    rosemary - thank you and my husband larry sends his thanks all the way to england to you.

    joyce - thank you and that simple dinner tastes so excellent in the wild.

    londen - your little one is gonna love it prob more than you though.

    karena - thanks i'll go check it out now, i could use some new sheets.

  44. You do it right, Janet! The only item I may have missed is the wine packed in via "boda bag". My husband and I love to back pack and live large like you guys. Fun and absolutely gorgeous!

  45. This post is adorable. Love it! I think you're onto something with your camping style. And I'm totally with you on wanting to have your hair "fixed" while camping. It makes the whole thing much more enjoyable knowing you still look cute;)

  46. bodeci - thanks, i never thought of it as living large but i'll take that as a compliment.

    marygrace - thank you too. just b/c i'm camping doesn't mean i can't maintain my standards of beauty!

  47. I forgot to mention that I wouldn't mind being "Linda in Chile" as a child, in my next life.

  48. I like to think about camping...thanks for the help. I loved it

  49. slim - me too, me too.

    jackie - hi and that's funny, you're welcome.


kindness is never out of style.

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