chandeliers, etc.



Just a few random photos of the house after my cleaning blitz. 

I clean the chandeliers with vinegar and a soft cloth and just hang the wool blankets on the line to air out.
If anyone has any better methods, I'd love to hear about them.


  1. Janet your cottage is so beautiful...and clean!
    Is that an aerial photo of your town?
    I'm gathering decorating ideas from your abode (hope you don't mind) for my next home.
    I love the chandeliers. Soooo classy.
    Am patting myself on the back because yesterday I overhauled my wardrobe and have a pile for charity. Where does it all come from?

  2. anne marie - yes it is an aerial photo of our neighborhood that we found while on a walk last christmas morning. our cottage is smack dab in the middle of the photo. and thank you for everything else and i don't know where it all comes from!

  3. I have no chandeliers...admiring yours though...and your home is so well kept that it deserves to be in a magazine!

  4. Are you trying to throw me over the edge with that picture of all your pretty flannel blankets! You know I was trying to copy yours - now I have search high and low for more of them!!! :)
    You have gorgeous lighting - the only way I will have overhead lighting again is if it's a chandelier. Blogging has made me a chandelier snob ~
    Hope you have a relaxing evening now that your cottage is spotless. talk to you soon.

  5. I can almost smell the sunshine from here. What's the color in your black room? It's not as black as the black in the photo. It almost like like a gray-brown-black in the photos. I love your art wall. Are you standing on the bed to take that picture?

  6. leslie - thank you but i do not think it's magazine worthy, just blog worthy.

    sarah - all the blankets except the rl one on the bed are from garage sales and didn't cost more than $1 each.

    steve - the paint is rl mercer with 1% added black. it really does look black when you are in it but i comes across as more charcoal in the pics. we gave the bed to our grandaughter and put the ikea loveseat in its place. BUT i am squeezed into the laundry room to take the pics. the room is so small.

  7. Wow! It really does look clean in the photos! Now, come do my house! We've been cleaning windows and putting on storms all day. I LOVE clean windows!
    May I be so bold....? Yes?! Well, may I suggest painting your light switch cover that gorgeous wall color in the den(and any outlet plates)?! Also, if you paint your sconce electrical cord the wall color- it will make it totally go away (it's one of my biggest tricks!) And, I think that top plaid blanket would look lovely drapes on the opposite end of the sofa as the pillow (great pillow btw). There.... I went ahead, and said it!!!


  8. Absolutely gorgeous! I love your picture wall AND your subway tile. Amazing!
    Jen at The Gifted Giver

  9. joan - did you get the email i sent you? you are too funny. you are the detail angel/devil on my shoulder.

    jen - thank you so much!

  10. Everything looks very nice; love what you've done with the office. Now, get some rest.


  11. I can practically smell how clean it is :)

    Time to rest and cuddle under one of those cozy blankets.

  12. your house is so beautiful! I love the photo/picture arrangement in the bedroom. Your kitchen is the black table. The aerial photo is great...especially since your cottage is in the middle of it. Hope you are enjoying an evening at home tonight!

  13. 2 things: #1 it took a long time for this post to appear and i was chomping at the bit.
    #2 I'll give yoy 2.50 for one of those blankets.......?????

    xo jane

  14. Oh thanks alot for the guilt! So now I guess I better clean the chandelier. I for one lay a towel on the floor and spray away. Drip dry and then I use the towels to clean the windows. See what you started!

  15. sue - thanks and i am.

    meg - thank you and i am right now!

    annie - thank you and i appreciate your comments.

    jane - #1 i know, blogger and me had a few moments today. #2 no.

    kevin - i'm a mother to 3 boys, i'm good at guilt. i've heard about that method but never tried it. i will in the spring.

  16. Your house is so pretty! I adore the color on the walls and the crystal chandeliers, you totally made them sparkle! XX!

  17. Janet -

    I think you need to quit your day job, and become an interior designer. And I agree with Hostess of a Humble Bungalow - magazine worthy for sure.


  18. Dear Janet, Great to see part II today, your home just 'sings'. Love your gateleg table in the kitchen, there is just something about them. I think they have a feeling of history and charm. I have a gateleg end table and I have always been crazy about it. Sigh, your place looks so dreamy. Hugs, Joyce

  19. I love your home Janet. I think I would like to move in to your kitchen - I would be very happy there! X

  20. Hi J
    I love your home- so serene and soothing. Your kitchen is DIVINE! x

  21. What were you standing on to get that first shot? You're china/book cabinet?....

    Why haven't I noticed your brown walls before? So cool. You've inspired me to clean my chandeliers this weekend.

  22. Beautiful chandeliers! Love the one in your kitchen, really compliments your beautiful tiled flooring. I have used vinegar to clean, seems to work perfect for me ;)

  23. Hope you are now putting your feet up and feeling like a domestic goddess!x Thanks for comment on my blog, interesting thoughts.

  24. Love your cottage, it's too cute. We have an aerial photo of our street from the 60's that a neighbor took. (the house next door wasn't even finished yet) Except ours is only an 8" x 10". Was yours already that size or did you have it enlarged?


  25. Your house is so beautiful, Janet. I wish we could have chandeliers here, but our ceilings are so low that my 6'4" husband would be ducking constantly!


  26. I looked at the pictures about 100 times and I can't find anything I don't like! Fantastic home, fantastic pictures and great lighting! :-)

    Bravo, bravo, BRAVO!!! :-)

    Luciane at HOMEBUNCH.COM

  27. Do I recognoze that baby picture on the top right hand side in your first shot??? LOL

    Your Desert Rat sis

  28. shari - thank you, you are a little deer!

    melissa - thank you, your a dear too.

    joyce - thank you. i love that table. it's been in my family forever.

    sarah & ff - come on over. you 2 are always welcome.

    julie - i was standing on the bed and the walls are rl mercer which is a black/charcoal color.

    wholesale - thanks and vinegar is "it."

    belinda - thanks and they are up now.

    linda - thanks and yes this is how we found it sitting next to the trash at a forclosed home.

    claudia - thanks and i know what you mean. we have to be careful and we aren't even that tall.

    luciane - thank you. you are too sweet.

    pam - what is the season in south africa? and thank you for your lovely comment.

    jeanne - yep that's chip. arthur coleman took those do you remember?

  29. Yeah good ol Arthur. Ya either love him or hate him. He taught me how to paint with light. Way back in the day.


  30. Turn your house upside down, give it a good shake and voila!
    Looks like a lovely home....really love your chandies!

  31. I really NEED that stove...and the kitchen table...beautiful!! Love the gallery wall too.

  32. jeanne - i love the photos so i love arthur.

    patricia - that's kinda what i did really.

    londen - you can buy one!

    sandra - it is pretty clean, i must admit.

  33. I don´t have better methods, sorry... and don´t clean my chandeliers (joke)... just a wet cloth...every year... or every 3 years??

  34. Hi Janet,
    Your home is so beautiful! And you've completely inspired me to finally clean our chandelier! It's been on my to do list but wasn't sure what to use...vinegar is the best all-around cleaner.
    X Trina

  35. Your sofas are from Ikea? Do they stand up well to day-in and day-out wear and tear? There are only two (heavy-set) of us, but we live in a townhouse and so the living room IS the living room (and it's small!), so our furniture gets lots of use...I adore your kitchen. I adore your pantry. I adore your style. I adore your gardens. Everything is so calming, soothing, organized but not should write a book.


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