fall cleaning checklist

living room scene this morning

I like to do a thorough cleaning of my house in the fall because I love to deep clean with the windows open.  Also, if something needs to line dry it can still be done before it gets too cold.  Also, the holidays are right around the corner so I like having the big stuff done so I can concentrate on more pleasant things.  Not sure what those are, but I'm working on it.

my fall cleaning checklist

wash  all slipcovers
dust all baseboards
wash the windows
clean out the pantry
wipe down all open shelves
clean out under the kitchen sink
polish chandeliers
clean out medicine cabinet
get out warm blankets
clean out my clothes closet

You can see they are a little wrinkly but they smooth out after a day or two.

I also like to sort out my clothes closet. 

I removed everything and took the hanging poles outside and painted them black.  Then I went through each article of clothing and asked myself if I'd want to run into my ex-husband while wearing it, thank you Francine.  If the answer was no, then I put it in a bag to be taken to the local charity shop. 

So now everything is back in, dust free and tidy for fall and winter.  I'll do the same again in the spring.

pantry sorted

So today I accomplished the slipcovers, baseboards, closet, aired out all the warm blankets from the basement and wiped down the open shelving and the pantry. Insane I know.  Tomorrow will be cleaning under the kitchen sink, medicine cabinet, windows and chandeliers.  Then I will collapse until spring.  Does anyone else out there do this?  Someone please say yes.

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  1. It looks like we are both purgers! I am up to the same thing, Janet. Love it.

  2. I wish I was as motivated! Love the way you purge your closet:)

  3. Hmm. No. But I wish someone would do it for me:).

  4. That is wonderful! And doesn't it feel great??
    Your pantry is beautiful.
    And yes, I do this too. It's therapeutic.

  5. I feel cleansed just looking at this. I'm working through my wardrobe at the moment, so I laughed about the ex husband comment. I'd have to change it to arch enemy since I have no ex husband. x

  6. Thanks for giving me inspiration to get my act together. I've been lethargic of late which does not sit well with Capricorn sensibilities.
    Personally my first starting point is the wardrobe (closet). Spring is the best time over here to get organised cause summer is revoltingly hot and saps all energy.
    Janet your closet is small!

  7. Well, I would like to , let me say that...
    but I have a two year old at home with me,...so, I guess I wont be...even though it is spring here and I should be...
    I have all the windows open though, does that count towards something..?
    Your home looks beautiful, clean, tidy, uncluttered...x

  8. Yes, I do. I spent about 6 hours deep cleaning today. Still have a bit more, but I want to get it ready for holidays. I also need to wash some windows, but don't think that will happen tomorrow.

    I am still purging things and wondering where it all comes from !!

  9. bodeci - great minds think alike.

    bonnie - i have to pounce when the mood strikes, which is rare.

    lpc - me too but i've been waiting for a maid to show up for about 20 yrs now.

    carol - i do find it therapeutic too. thanks.

    brismod - funny, but i do have an ex so it works for me.

    anne marie - i'm a capricorn too. and you got that right, it is tiny.

    suzanne - yes opening the windows does count and doubly w/a 2 yr old.

  10. I do the deep cleaning too, twice a year. You have a beautiful home and wonderful style.

  11. Yes, I deep clean spring and fall. We've been doing some remodeling so I have to wait for that to be finished. Your home looks so clean and clutter free....beautiful!

  12. Well this made me feel incredibly lazy! I love those kind of days though - I always feel so good when everything is fresh and clean.

    have fun doing it all again tomorrow :)

    still love your home ~

  13. Pleeeze come here and help me!!!!

    xo jane

  14. I love to deep clean, but the mood doesn't strike all that often. I am trying something new this month. Spending 15 minutes every day tidying up. It's working so far. Also, if I come across something I know is a good will item, into a bag it goes. No second thoughts.

  15. Oh to be able to get all that done in one day. My 4 year old friend keeps the pace a bit slower...a lot slower. I forgot about your pantry, beautiful!

  16. Your house is gorgeous. I just love it. If I lived in such a charming house in such a charming area I think I might just be happy with less stuff too. :)

    Good job on the cleanup. Doesn't it feel soooo good to get rid of dust and clutter and old energy?!

    YAY! xo Terri

  17. Janet...I do these things but in fits and starts.
    I tackle them at a slow pace...I do find that chaos while actioning cleaning frightens me.
    I agree that all the contents of a space need to be removed, the interior cleaned and then return only fresh usable clean items.

    I hope that you are reclining on a divan sipping something lovely...you have earned it.

    Your pantry is something that I have always lusted after.....

  18. I don't do this exactly, but I do periodically empty out a room and clean it. It's been months since my last big clean-out and the clutter is already driving me crazy.

    I love the ex-in-the-grocery-store tip. I don't have an ex-husband, but I can think of a few people to substitute....

  19. you weren't kidding when you said you were cleaning. you are amazing. your mission for Thursday is to drive the few blocks to my house and well..dig in!



  20. Ha ha, I just realized you didn't mention a grocery store in your post. I think I was subconsciously remembering an encounter I myself had in a grocery store a few weeks ago. And no, I wasn't happy with what I was wearing. (I really do need to declutter my wardrobe!) :P

  21. Dear Janet, This exactly what I have been doing. I try to play 'beat the clock' until daylight savings ends because after that I don't feel like doing it as much for some reason. I love the black poles in the closet, a really neat touch, a little magic. Seems like only you would have thought of it. Hugs, Joyce

  22. connie - it is amazing how it all appears out of nowhere.

    amy - good to know i'm not alone and thanks.

    sky - thank you and those are my favorite times to deep clean too.

    sarah - thanks i'll think about you lazing around while i'm at it.

    jane - get that lab to help. he can type.

    pine tree home - i like the idea of bagging it right away. i always think something will come in handy so i don't. but i should.

    londen - your 4 yr old friend is awesome.

    terri - thank you but it's not that charming. really.

    leslie - i find the chaos soothing somehow.

    mrs m - what about the word frenemy? i kinda like that.

    julie - i'd love to but you won't like it.

    joyce - i never thought about daylight savings but you are right. i turn into a slug.

  23. The ex-husband question is genius. Almost worth having a first marriage for. Almost.

  24. Dear Janet, This is a timely reminder. Mrs N who 'comes and does' really must be given better direction as I cannot count the years which have gone by without my wardrobe being emptied, the top shelves of the pantry being investigated or the chandeliers being polished. A gale is blowing today so I am not sure that the open window is a good idea, but.....the wardrobe beckons.....

  25. all this cleanning and decluttering warms my heart x

  26. You go for it Janet..!! And I am madly, deeply in LOVE with your pantry. X

  27. Does it count if I think about doing all that? Believe me, it's all on my list plus washing the windows. The days just kind of slip by me though. If I can do one shelf I feel accomplished.

  28. Deep cleaning in spring and fall is what I do now, but when I was a single mom and business owner, I'd only have time to do it after Christmas. I'd take down the curtains and slipcovers with the decorations, and wash walls and floors and windows and baseboards and shelves, and clean out closets before putting in the clothes received as gifts. It had to do. Now I can do it more leisurely and it's less work because it's done more often (and I don't decorate as much for the holidays, either).

  29. I also do a big cleaning in the fall and a littler cleaning in the Spring as I change from one season to the next. I love having everything clean all at once (even if it doesn't last long!). I wash everything washable in each room, wash down the walls and ceilings, clean carpets, wash windows and screens, sort thru the clutter, and then put everything back.
    This year took me longer because I am painting my Master Bedroom. I have the walls all painted, but all that trim is kicking my butt (we installed all new trim when we renovated and I still have to paint a lot of it).
    Thanks for letting me (and us) that we aren't the only ones to do all this work!

  30. Yes, I do it, too. Although it's sometimes hard to get motivated sometimes, I feel so good when it's over! I think I have about the same closet space as you, only I have a smaller door on it, so it's harder to see inside of it. One good thing about a closet that small? It forces me to keep purging! Good luck on today's to-do list!

  31. You're such a good girl Janet! I love the ex-husband analogy, maybe that will help me get rid of more junk in my closet that I really shouldn't be keeping.
    PS- Your pantry is FABULOUS!!
    Happy day~

  32. Janet, this is my first time here and I will coming back.
    Great post! By the way, if I give my address would come help me out??? LOL
    Having 2 small children makes me clean and organize things all the time. It never ends! LOL

    By the way, I just started a new blog, if you have some time, please, go take a look, ok? Thank you!

    Luciane at HOMEBUNCH.COM

  33. What do you consider too cold to line dry? If I didn't have a blog, I might have the time to clean my house. Having construction going in has been a good excuse to let everything go but at some point (before Thanksgiving) I'm going to have to clean. Using the cats as dust mops only goes so far.

  34. Yes, maam, I do the same thing. I'm still doing it. It seems like I've been doing it for several weeks now!


  35. beautiful pantry! and I like your living room too!

    found you through a friend who reads your blog. now I'm subscribing too!

  36. I'm feeling guilty...so need to do some big Fall cleaning!

  37. I'm feeling guilty too!!!! Guess I had better get busy!!!

    O.K. I have a question that is off topic here...is your crown moulding in your living room painted with semi-gloss? I'm trying to convince my husband on this.


    P.S. Love your pantry!

  38. I adore your pantry! I love that the shelves are narrow. Everything is neat and orderly and you know exactly what you have. I am so motivated to get busy cleaning and organizing. When we moved from the east coast I thought I had purged everything, but after seeing this...off to my closet!

  39. fiona - yes it is genius. and it works.

    edith - i long for a mrs n. who comes and does.

    ff - glad i could oblige.

    sarah - i'll give it a kiss from you.

    julie - i believe it does count.

    meg - i agree. i do kind of like the manic cleaning though.

    cari - wow, you kick my butt.

    karin - the small closet is my biggest motivator.

    t - try that line on your next questionable piece. it works wonders.

    luciane - welcome and i will go take a look asap.

  40. steve - not sure. we've had some beautiful days here in the high 70's. my slipcovers dried in an hour in that temp.

    claudia - take it easy w/that back.

    sunny - thank you and welcome.

    my design chic - please don't feel guilty.

    linda - i think it is painted in semi gloss.

    annie - i thought i had purged too before moving here but i think it is a constant thing in a small house.

  41. Yes, I do but but not with so much dedication. I have no time.
    Fantastic template on your blog.

    Kisse, Ana

  42. Seriously envious of your beautiful pantry!! And the calm order of your housekeeping. Does 4 kids at home excuse me or make it all the more vital?! Project 333 has helped with the closet.xx

  43. ana - kisses and thank you.

    rosemary - no, no!

    belinda - thank you. yes, you get a permanent pass w/4 kids. i barely handled 3. 333 has been amazing for me. i should share.

  44. On a serious note Janet, and sorry for a second comment, did you manage this level of order and clear thinking when your kids were young at home, or did the mental space open up as they took less of your time,(if not, of course, your heart)?? Would love to know and if you were so thought-through and well-organised then, as now..how, give me some brief pointers please! Bxx

  45. oh yes, I do it, same with chandeliers....
    I desperately need someone to help me with my walking closet... I just can´t walk in anymore!!!!! where is my favorite white bra or my sandals??
    Oh, and I would gldly live in your kitchen, so we can switch, you come to my daughters bathroom and I go to your kitchen, I´ll put a matress in the old tub, I think you´d be very comfortable!!!

  46. Yes I also 'spring clean' in the Autumn as I live in the countryside & my windows are open all Summer the house collects alot of dust,flies & my beams collect dust webs constantly.
    Do you put your slip covers back on slightly damp as I do?
    Love your beautiful cottage have just found your blog today so hope to follow it.
    Tomorrow I am sorting my wardrobes & dressing room out always enjoy that.Ida


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