3 ingredient cookie

Worlds easiest cookie.

2 cups oats
1 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup maple syrup

In a saucepan combine...

Peanut butter with maple syrup.  Heat and stir til blended.

Add to oats and form into small cookies or even roll into balls, place on cookie sheet and freeze.



PS - thanks a million to all who gave input into my grainy photo situation.  I may have it figured out...fingers crossed.


  1. Those sound great - my teenagers are obsessed with prepackaged "bars" and I choose to not afford them. These look like a perfect substitute, with ingredients we always have around. Thanks for sharing! (I wonder what they'd taste like with some shredded coconut and/or some cocoa thrown in....?)

    1. yes, you can add lots of ingredients! i've added chocolate chips and they were so good i couldn't stop eating them! x

  2. Janet - you mean "Voila!" Made me laugh. I'm deffo going to make these this weekend.

    1. anna, omg i even googled it to make sure i had it right and well you can see where that got me. changing it now. you'll love these "cookies" x

  3. Hi Janet, I love your recipes. Just made these. My vegan teenaged daughter just got home from school and cannot stop eating them and is giving the double thumbs up. Thank you!


  4. oh goodie! glad she liked them. they are goood! x

  5. Re the grainy photo; I thought you were being 'fancy', lol. Thanks for the recipe.

    1. sue i was at my father in laws today and was on his computer which has a really big screen, not my little 11" screen. i clicked on my blog and omg, i was in shock not only are the photos huge but you can see every little wrinkle, dust on the floors, etc. i was laughing and crying at the same time! lol so i know screen size def makes a difference.

  6. This recipe sounds yummy. I'm visiting my grandkids soon, and it'll be fun to make these with them.

    I think you have figured our the grainy picture issue. This picture looks perfect. Cookies are in focus with a slightly blurry background.

    No one cares about dust and wrinkles, Janet. We all have them. I'm learning to live with them. Lol!

  7. I was so surprised when I saw this post because on my list of things to do was to find a recipe for something healthy as a very early morning snack with coffee. Sometimes I need a little something in my stomach before I'm really ready for breakfast, so these will work very well.

    I have a small screen as well, so everything always looks perfect to me! :)

    Anita ~ the cabin on the creek
    ...all is grace!

  8. My mom had a similar recipe when I was a kid, it had cocoa powder in it I think because they did have chocolate. Can't remember what the sweetener was. I just remember they were good!
    This is off topic, but have you ever checked out H&M's Home stuff? Did not ever notice before...really cool things for a good price. And a huge selection!

  9. made the cookies.
    ate the cookies.
    loved the cookies.
    thank you!


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