summer to fall

One of my favorite ways to extend my summer is to keep wearing summer dresses but with fall touches like this sweater.  Some other here here.  This is a 90s Ralph Lauren dress I picked up at a local vintage store here in Redlands called Rust Vintage Denim.  Marianne is the owner and her shop is in between my house and my market so my car has a tendency to stop there, I'll have to ask my mechanic why it keeps doing that? Her prices are insanely good (this dress was $20).  So if you find yourself in my lovely little town, def check her out.

This year is no different and I love the idea of a sweater because Fall is notorious for fickle weather.  Pair that with nice daytime temps and the fact that everyone is still blasting air conditioning and it's freezing inside.

Once winter hits the jeans come out and I rarely wear my dresses so this extends their life a little.  Problemo solved. x


  1. haha- must definitely ask mechanic why your car constantly steers you to favorite store!! Love your look. Lately I have been experimenting with putting thin T-shirts/blouses/turtlenecks under dresses, as well as sweaters over dresses just to mix things up a bit. As they say- variety is the spice of life. And you look spectacular!

  2. Janet, what you did in your last photo with topping your dress with a sweater over your shoulders is exactly what I do to extend the wear of some of my "summer" dresses into Fall! My business colleagues often compliment on my "preppy" style! So nice to see how beautifully you wear it too. It's a nice style for the office & definitely helps with cool air conditioning. Always a treat to see a post from you! Sending love & hugs, Katie

  3. Super cute! That dress looks something you could buy right now brand new - love it with the sweater!

  4. Cute outfit! I love the dress.

  5. Gorgeous dress and a good find! You're so lucky to have a good vintage shop near you. We are not so lucky here. :/

  6. You wear everything well, Janet. You sure know how to put things together. Love the vintage dress; I think my car would have the same problem as yours. Ha!


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