Organizing my Fall closet

This is probably one of my favorite times of year for organizing.  I do it each Spring and Fall.  Time to donate or give away to friends things I didn't wear and assess what did work.  I keep notes about what got worn and what didn't. 

Also, I just love Fall dressing.  It's such a mixed weather situation here in Southern California.  One of my favorite combos is wearing jeans, a tee and my mules.  Another is a vintage dress with one of my cashmere sweaters over it or around my waist or shoulders.  I stop wearing sandals pretty much and wear the mules til it's just too cold. 

I'm still in love with my custom closet.  If you missed any of those posts you can read here and here.

Every day when I open the doors I'm still surprised by how pretty and efficient it is.  If I had a coat closet somewhere else in the house, all my clothes would fit right here.

But since I don't have a separate coat closet, my coats hang in the closet year round and I use the armoire for all my blouses and any short jackets.  Everlane just notified me yesterday that they are sending me 3 new items to review.  I'm so excited about that!
Do you love organizing your closet?  Share any tips in the comments please! x


  1. I have closet envy. That's gorgeous.

  2. I dread the process each season, but I am so happy with myself when I am done! I need to keep a list of my clothing. I was shopping recently and nearly bought the exact same fall jacket that I purchased last year (currently in storage)....I'm old, what can I say?

  3. I do enjoy organizing my closet. I recently donated a bag of clothes but need to go through again. Your closet is so pretty and efficient. Guess it has to be since it's the only closet in your house! How do you manage?

  4. We had a closet and drawers custom made for our bedroom this you, I am over the moon about the space...and we also do not have a coat closet! My coats hang in my side of the closet too! My husband uses a coat tree in the front hall.

    Everlane is very clever to be sending you stuff to review...You suit their line of clothing.
    Can't wait to see what they send to you.

    Enjoy your fall wardrobe.

  5. I love to organize my closet. I live in a condo built in the 1930's. So, my master closet is small. It is about 5 feet I think. I usually have to split my wardrobe into Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. I am so ready to switch over my closet this weekend. It has been 90+ degrees here in North Carolina. However, this weekend we finally start to see some Fall temps. Currently I have the original closet configuration, which is not very efficient, but I have had to live with it. Hopefully within the next 6 months, I will be able to get a closet redesign. Container Store here I come. It probably would be more efficient if I wasn't such a clotheshorse. I have not been able to embrace the capsule wardrobe lifestyle. LOL.

  6. Your closet looks wonderful, Janet! I guess because I am still a "working woman," I have lots of different clothes: for work, casual-wear, gardening, etc. I am almost embarrassed to say that I use three large closets but do change out my wardrobe for the seasons so some is "for storage." I feel good though that I just donated 3 very large bags of clothes to a charity! I can't think of a more perfect person for Everlane to gift with items to review! I am sure you will "look fetching" in all of them! I loved the comment from another reader that she so enjoyed my use of those words! My sweet Grandma stayed with relatives in England on her way to the U.S. from Poland in the early 1900's & she always told me how "fetching" I looked as a little girl & I loved that! Hugs to you, dear Janet! Katie from Huntington Beach

  7. I do not love organizing my closet - I think that is because it's just too small (plus I share it with my husband)and while I don't have a lot of clothes there just doesn't seem to be the space to have everything well organized. Maybe I'm organizationally challenged when it comes to this closet I live with! I would, however, love to actually have an organized closet! I would like to go through my husband's stuff and organize (and purge) that part, but that wouldn't go over well!

  8. Janet, I dream of being as organized as you. I wish I had gone thru all my things every month to thin them out. My husband says I have things hanging in my closet that aren't even on hangers just packed tight. LOL. I guess I own too many pieces of clothing. Blessings to you sweet girl, xoxo, Susie

  9. There is something about fall that makes one want to nest & organize. Last year I moved two chest of drawers into my small walk-in closet...I love drawers for storage. Anything that folds easily is kept in the drawers & I only keep shirts, vests & a few sweaters on hangers. That was the beginning of revamping my closet, but I still have more work to do. I am a diy person, so I sort of design as I go...making things fit my own needs. It won't have the beautiful finished look yours has, but it will work for me.

    I don't have many closets either, or a coat closet, but I do have a basement where I can store things like wood sweaters in bins. I had a cupboard built for a nook beside my front door that holds things I use on a regular basis, but it isn't deep enough for traditional hangers. I did install 4 hooks that hold hangers front to back, which works for the few things I use regularly. Smaller items like winter vests are kept in my bedroom closet.

    Here in northeastern PA our temp yesterday was 88 & sunny, but today was 55 & rainy. The change of seasons is always a challenge & one must keep a variety of clothing handy.

    I love your closet feels calm & tasteful just like you. I am anxious to see what Everlane sends to you.

    Anita ~ the cabin on the creek
    ...all is grace!

  10. Organizing my closet (and other people's closets) is one of my favourite activities I just love it. I typically switch spring and summer stuff out this time of year to a storage closet on my third floor, I have done that but I'm moving so not only is everything chaotic I'm thinking about how to organize my new closet. It has more hanging space but I won't have an extra storage closet, so everything will hang together. The ceilings are 11' tall so I'll have very high hanging space to use for out of season. I'm super excited about it. I'm also going to use an armoire with shelves for accessories and folded items, getting that in order will be super fun too.
    Your closet looks so classic California, I just love the colours and the hangers you use, it's so you. Thanks for sharing. xox

  11. I love your closet! I discovered last Spring when we moved that the bulk of my wardrobe is Fall clothing. Now that it has arrived I think it is definitely time to take a new look at everything in my own closet. Thank you for the inspiration!

  12. I love your closet. Mine.....not so much :(

  13. I've had a custom closet for about 4 years now and I truly think it changed "everything" about how I think about clothing! I'm not sure why but like you everytime I walk in my closet (not very big but walk in) gives me so much pleasure- If I ever move it will be the one thing that would make me cry to leave - :-)....Thank you Janet for your wonderful posting and Everlane is lucky to have you - you look amazing in everything they send you.
    I went to San Francisco recently and stood in line for a dressing room - the employees were amazing and so helpful. I love their clothes!!

  14. Hi Janet, every time I see your closet I want one! If we were not thinking of remodeling down the road I would totally do it but would hate to have one installed and then have to redo it. We have one decent sized closet but the other two are very small. (our house was built in 1948) Tony's work clothes are in one of them and his dressier clothing in an armoire.
    My neighbor had a Cabi clothing party last weekend. Have you heard of them? I would say most of the clothes are geared toward working women but I did manage to find a couple pieces. A little pricey but the quality seems to be good.
    How awesome that Everlane is sending you more pieces!! Every time I wear my H&M blouses I get compliments! :)


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