a weekend in november

On my morning walk today

This is one of my favorite homes on my morning walk.  The elderly couple that live here are just so charming.  We had light rain overnight and it was enough to place a layer of leaves on their front walk that was so pretty.

By the time I got back Larry had made us french toast for breakfast 

alfresco lunch

another home on my walk that i love.

Every year this little house gets covered in creeping fig and I think it is beautiful


It really was a lovely weekend.


  1. So much beauty. I love that you set such a pretty table for lunch with the hubs. You obviously take time to stop and smell the roses, or wet leaves in this case!


  2. Brilliant pics Janet.
    Thanks for sharing scenes of your neighbourhood. The big white house needs some TLC. Just think how great the transformation would look if you gave her a makeover!

  3. Love the first house. It's just like the one from Stepmom. Leaves and all. OMG, that table is to die for! I have that same white urn vase! Love the old house with the columns. There's a project. Great shoes. Were those on your list of 33 things?

  4. What a lovely 'hood you live in. I adore French toast and maple syrup. Actually you have inspired me - its nearly breakfast time so I think I will indulge! Gorgeous Autumnal brogues too Janet. x

  5. julie - thank you and everytime i see your avatar i want a cupcake!

    julie - the luncheon was on saturday and it was clear blue sunshine but saturday night it rained.

    anne marie - i know, i love it's decay but it def needs tlc and lots of $$$. larry says no.

    steve - i know it reminds me of stepmom too. that vase was in the basement when we bought the house and that house is a major project and yes my shoes were def on my list of 33.

  6. Loved seeing those houses. Look at you and your shoes...the perfect fall walking shoes. I should be out raking leaves in my own yard....but it is windy and it's hard to rake when it's windy. At least that is my excuse.

  7. It sounds lovely! I love looking at houses on my walks. Your pictures capture them beautifully!

  8. I want to bring the Lab and walk in your hood!

    Maybe next Sunday?

    xo Jane

  9. Those houses are beautiful. I love the slightly worn in look they have.

    We have recently renovated an older farmhouse though (older for Australia anyway) and some of the "surprises" weren't very budget friendly....

    Your blog is, as always, just beautiful.

  10. Lovely weekend. I got to spend mine at the beach!

  11. Your blog is a reminder of the beauty to be had in life. How lovely to have an alfresco lunch in November...Your table is so beautiful!
    One would think it to be had in Portofino or Tuscany or France only YOU remind us that it can happen anywhere...And more importantly, it can happen NOW. Thank you for that. You are the best of the best!
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  12. sooooo pretty! love the houses, love the tablesetting, but most of all I love that Larry knows how to make french toast! Dan wouldn't even know where to find the maple syrup:)!

    my heart melts for house number two- I'm a sucker for the "unloved"...


  13. sarah - thank you and i agree, my neighborhood is really pretty.

    nita - thank you and isn't wind natures rake?

    ach - thank you so much and i too love looking at houses on my walks.

    jane - i would love that!

    a farmers wife - thank you and the large house with the columns is in quite a bit of decay but to me it is still v beautiful.

    paige - i'm sure the beach was beautiful too.

    suzanne - thank you v much and you are right that we are v lucky to be able to eat outdoors in november. that's california for you.

    joan - thanks and larry, when pressed is quite capable in the kitchen. he knew i was going to be a while so he took matters into his own hands.

  14. Janet,
    What a lovely neighborhood! All the houses were beautiful, but the white one with the big pillars and worn paint job stole my heart!

  15. You have beautiful old homes with character to enjoy on your walk! They have stories to tell. I'd love to hear them.

  16. My dear Janet, your photographing skills are getting better and better everytime I come to visit you, is such a pleasure to watch your images of your morning walks and everything else... the neighbourhood is so pretty, great houses around!!!... and thank you for reminding me about the french toasts, they are so easy to make and I used to loved them!!!

  17. Lovely photos from your lovely walk!!!



  18. Beautiful images! French toast never looked so good.

  19. carol - thank you and i agree. there is just something about that place that i love too.

    cotehele - i bet you are right.

    maria cecila - thank you my dear friend. your photos are glorious.

    my gmas soul - thank you so much.

    kayce - thanks and i'll pass that compliment on to the chef.

  20. Have you been secretly taking some photography classes!!!! These photos are fabulous.
    This looks like the most perfect weekend ever. I wish I was a guest at that BEAUTIFUL table hidden in the garden...the candlesticks are to die for...your neighborhood is gorgeous and the french toast was ready for you...all sounds glorious.
    But seriously, if that white house goes on the market, we will be neighbors! :)

  21. Those homes are serious eye candy...as is the vignette of the al fresco table...and I tip my hat to Chef Larry!

  22. Janet that toast looks FAB! and nice walking scenery too. Boiling hot here xxxxx

  23. Oh my goodness, look at those gorgeous houses and as for your al fresco setting...stunning!


  24. Those houses are so gorgeous! Pretty nice view for your daily walk - and French Toast when you arrive back home. Sounds pretty marvelous to me.

    Love your shoes!


  25. These are great pictures!

    the other janet

  26. your shoes are too cute! i love them! are they new or recycled? (hinting to see if they are obtainable)

    gorgeous photos ... and i especially love the peek of your kitchen behind the syrup and earthy B.

  27. sarah - thanks but you know i went to the school of 'get lucky' photo shots. that white house is amazing and in desperate need of tlc and buckets of $$$.

    leslie - thanks and i'll tell larry.

    ff - thanks and it's hard to believe it's hot there.

    anna - thank you very much.

    claudia - thanks and it was quite a surprise!

    other janet - thanks.

    terra - thanks i did a post on the shoes a while back. but they did come from the salv. army and they are handmade by carlos garcia and they are amazing, thanks for noticing.

  28. Janet,

    Redlands has the most charming older homes...and what a great husband you have, making you breakfast!
    And a beautiful table setting for lunch outside...sounds like the perfect day to me!


  29. Baby sis, you do a marvelous job with your camera. Must run in the genes. ;)

    Is that a little white kitty I spy on the front porch of the house with the tall columns? :)

    Your Desert Rat sis,

  30. What a beautiful day in your neighborhood! I love walking around and looking at houses - in my own neighborhood or somebody else's! Karin

  31. Dear Janet,

    Can't believe that the weather in your part of the US is still so lovely. Lucky you!! We have snow here in Holland.

    I hope you and your husband had a lovely lunch. You set the table beautifully!

    Love your shoes :-)!

    Enjoy your new week!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  32. It does look like a lovely weekend. I know I always say this...but I'm saying it again...your photography is so beautiful. Your table for an alfresco lunch couldn't be prettier! And I love your shoes!

  33. Looks like the perfect ending to a beautiful holiday weekend!

  34. Love the house with the columns... amazing and it looks haunted! :) xx

  35. linda - thank you. and you are right about the charming homes here.

    jeanne - yes it is a white kitty cat.

    karin - thanks i love walking a looking too.

    nicky - thanks.

    madelief - thank you. our weather has been really great.

    annie - thank you, you are very sweet.

    emily - it was.

    jennifer - it might be!

  36. Dear Janet,

    jeanne is right, i think you're an amazing photographer, much better than you realize.

    i also love highland ave., it's one of my fav streets.

    and finally, the next time larry makes french toast, call me...so yummy.


  37. Literally, I just saved a big fat tear in my tear jar. If everyone lived like you and your hubs, the world would be a lovelier place. Appreciation comes back to those who are in fact aware and in touch. I can see you living in the home in need of some tlc.

  38. margot - thanks and will do.

    patricia - i say thank you with a tear in my eye. how sweet of you to say.

  39. what a lovely day this must have been!

  40. Beautiful homes on your morning walk...love that french toast was waiting on your return!!

  41. Beautiful!!!!!!!! I loved your blog. I live in Brasil.

  42. what a lovely walk and house. And ADORE your table for your al fresco lunch - beautiful!!

  43. Virginia Creeper. I have it in my yard and absolutely love it. It is a bit of seasonal change here in Orange County! Love your blog!


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