a vegan thanksgiving*

This is the soup I will be serving on Thanksgiving Day.  It is so good and so easy!  The rest of my menu is below the soup recipe.

Sweet Potato Soup w/Buttered Pecans

1 c chopped onion
2 cloves garlic minced
3 large sweet potatoes
1 large russet potato
1 c dry white wine
6 c vegetable broth
1 bay leaf
1 - 1 1/2 c water
1 c pecans

In a large soup pot, saute onion and garlic until soft.  Add peeled and chopped sweet potatoes and russet potato.  Add vegetable broth, water, wine and bay leaf.  Bring to simmer until vegetables are all soft.  Remove bay leaf and puree in batches in blender.
Garnish with buttered pecans

Buttered Pecans

2 T earth balance margarine
3/4 c pecans
salt and pepper

saute pecans in melted earth balance until lightly browned and crunchy.
sprinkle on top of soup for garnish

This soup has amazing flavor and is a snap to make.  It makes quite a bit so it's perfect for a large gathering.  Make it a day or two before and the flavors intensify.

*no animals were harmed making this soup

Thanksgiving Menu
Sweet Potato Soup with Buttered Pecans

Wild Rice Rissoles with Mushroom Gravy

Garden Lettuces with Dried Cranberries and Apple Vinaigrette

Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Green Beans

Cranberry Orange Relish

Homemade Bread

Apple Crumble

This is basically the same menu we had last year and we loved it.  Everything is delicious and has a real autumn flavor to it.  If you do nothing else, make the soup, it is incredible.  The whole menu is easy.  I prep the rissoles the day before so they have a chance to set before i brown them.  The recipe i use  from vegetarian times uses eggs but i use a little egg substitute and they are delicious.  I will post my mushroom gravy recipe in a day or so.  I hope this menu gives you some good ideas and if you have any questions, just ask. 

*no animals were harmed making any of these dishes.


  1. Janet, the soup look so delicious...even at 6:45 am! This menu is perfect -- I would never miss the turkey. Annie

  2. This is perfect fall menu and is going to be gorgeous set outside.
    Can you imagine how lovely your table is going to be with all the fall colors of the food sitting amongst your gardens.

  3. It's so beautiful, Janet!

    I love your blog.. it's so "clean & inspiring!"

    If you have some time, please go take a look at my new post today. Thank you!

    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  4. All I can say is YUMMY!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe with us Janet.

  5. This soup looks fabulous, Janet. I want to make it this weekend--can't wait until Thanksgiving.

  6. I'll be making the soup. It is foggy here, wish i had a bowl of it in my hands right now!xx

  7. Looks like another winner to me! Couldn't you nuke the 'taters and make it in 10 minutes like the other soup?

  8. Dear Ms Janet, I am glad that you put the knife away.

    This soup looks like just the thing to get another veggie into my growing girls. I particularly like the pecan garnish. I think that pecans are the bomb! I am also going to give the wild rice rissoles a go. I hope that you are having a glorious Autumn day in your part of the world. Cheers Lindaxx

  9. All all can say is yum! My husband doesn't like sweet potatoes (what a drag) but maybe in this soup because he does love pecans!


  10. annie - i promise you will not miss the turkey.

    sarah - take the soup to your in-laws. it is so easy.

    lucianne - thank you and i looked and loved it!

    marie - it is yummmy.

    deborah - if you do make it let me know what you think. tell me if the ritz should serve it.

    belinda - i just know you will love it.

    steve - i don't think nuking the potatoes would work in this b/c the sweet potatoes really need to absorb the broth and wine. maybe it would work but it makes a ton and seems easier to do in the pot. i would cut it in half and try it. report back if you do.

    linda - who said i put the knife away? i'm so happy you are going to try it. i know you will love it and the pecans are what really make it. i am going to have a wonderful day today. cheers to you too.

  11. linda - try it b/c the wine def affects the taste of the sweet potatoes and the pecans collide with it in a wonderful way.

  12. Gosh, this all sounds so delicious, I am really inspired to make the soup.

  13. Delicious Janet!

    I'd love to come over!
    I'd promise to serve and clean up...you may not know this about me but I love doing dishes...in fact I am often found in the kitchen at potlucks hands in the sink...I find it very Zen!

    ....and mashed potatoes...yum!

    Happy Thanksgiving...al fresco style.

  14. so... you are having the menu already set for the family?? this is so good... I would love to have dinner with you!!!

    Did I ever tell you that we don´t celebrate thanksgiving here in Chile??

  15. A completely healthy and satisfying meal! I've always liked the sides better than the turkey anyway. I will be trying this soup for sure!

  16. Forgot to ask, what will you put in the rissoles to make them vegan. Ener-G egg replacement vs. real eggs? Thanks Janet!

  17. blighty - please do make the soup. you'll thank me later.

    leslie - yes, please come over. not to do the dishes but to discuss grandchildren!

    maria cecilia - yes the menu is set and i'm either moving to chile or australia next year!

    emily - yes, it is a lot of food for one meal but you don't feel overstuffed. i use ener g replacement. one year i just used water and they came out fine too.

  18. yumm, I am definitely trying this one! I love creamy shade veggie based soups. Thank you!

  19. Ahhh...Soooo happy to get this menu! I will be making every single one of your dishes! THANK YOU FOR SHARING! Even though I've never had a Tofurkey, I noticed that you said you like them, so I ordered one from a local health food store before you posted your menu. I will still prepare it along with the rice patties that sound incredibly delicious. I look forward to making the mushroom gravy too! Is there any special way that you prepare your green beans and mashed potatoes? I really appreciate that you've shared your menu--So generous. So thoughtful. I like how one of your readers said that your blog is "clean and inspiring." Such a nice compliment. And soooooo true! Thank you once again. -Suzanne in Illinois

  20. Every morsel will be delicious I'm sure.
    Do hope J you can enjoy Thanksgiving after we all vent our frustrations about the holiday season!
    I found every comment most theraputic :)

  21. Grandchildren would keep us rapt for a long time Janet...
    and don't forget pictures :)

  22. Janet,
    The soup looks delicious!
    The menu - what a wonderful holiday meal!

  23. Reporting back.

    I made a lazy version and split the recipe in about 1/3. I used 1/2 of a yellow onion, 1 clove garlic, 1 large sweet potato, 1/3 of a russet potato, 1/2 bay leaf, 2 cups veg. stock. The second I walked in the door from work, I washed the 2 potatoes in the micro for about 9 minuutes While nuking the potatoes, I cut up and sauteed the onion and garlic, 1/2 bay, salt and pepper.

    Once the 'taters came out I cut them open, scooped all of the sweet potato into a medium saucepan and then about 1/3 of the russet and mashed them in the pan. I then added the onion and garlic, etc., into the mash and added about two cups of stock.

    Didn't have any white wine. I think it tastes great as is. It's a little more savory than I expected but I'd rather it be savory than sweet. I think it could use the wine to add a little bit of acid but it's fine and you can't beat the 15 minutes ready time. I don't have a blender so I'll use my immersion blender to smooth it out. I'll let it sit in the fridge overnight and I'll have it tomorrow for dinner.

    Just need to make the pecans.

  24. connie lou - thank you and you won't be disappointed.

    suzanne - thank you and i make the mashed potatoes the traditional way just substitute soymilk and earth balance. i will prob oven roast the green beans. you will be pleasantly surprised with the tofurkey roast.

    anne marie - i hope so too. i know i feel better already.

    leslie - i'm emailing you.

    carol - thank you and it is.

    steve - thanks and pick up a little white wine to add to it. you'll be happy you did. also, what brand immersion blender do you use. i've burned up 2 and have given up on them.

  25. Sounds delish. I will be there. Um...what is your address? xo Terri

  26. Your Thanksgiving meal sounds absolutely delicious and festive to me! And I love your attitude ... I think we could all benefit from toning down the fanciness and focussing on the family and friends:)

  27. terri - please come.

    marygrace - thank you and i hope you are right.

  28. I think I'll try this one before thanksgiving. It looks so good and perfect for a cool fall night

  29. Ohhh...went on to find your pumpkin soup recipe and what do I receive instead? Yummy! Love it and your vegan traditional Thanksgiving feast! Grazie!

  30. The sweet potato soup is absolutely beautiful. I am not familiar with the rissole so I clicked on the link. I sounds divine.

  31. Looks like another winner soup Janet... and I love your Thanksgiving menu too - very 'Seasons of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness' -ish!! x

  32. The menu is delightful. I'm always looking for something new to serve at my Vegan table on Thanksgiving. I haven't found just the right combo of dishes yet. Thank you for the lovely suggestions.

    Rissole? YUM.


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