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Today there is another great giveaway going on in the blog world.  The gorgeous Kayce Hughes is giving away one of her women's dresses.  Have you read her blog or seen the clothes she creates?  Kayce used to work for Ralph Lauren and has amazing style.  Plus she is a mom to SEVEN, yes that's right, SEVEN kids, and I thought I was crazy.  I don't know how she does it all.  She and her husband have friday night date night and she posts her cute outfits too.  So go over and check out her blog and clothing designs and enter her contest.  Tell her I said hi.


  1. Dear Janet, This red dress is absolutely wonderful. Just the right combination of stylish design, vampish colour and femininity.In black, it could be mine, or so I wish.....

    How clever you are to always be at the forefront of contemporary, classic design.

  2. Dear Janet,

    Is this here on the photo, or just a model? If this lady has had seven children, she still looks fabulous! The dress is lovely. I will check Kayce's blog out.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  3. Hi Janet,

    I mean: is this her! Sorry for the typing error!

    xo Madelief

  4. Well, I must say, "Your blog rocks." :-) (I'm a high school English teacher who shouldn't be saying ROCKS, but if the hat fits, then wear it, no?) :-) As for the rissoles, the first 4 that I browned did fall apart, but I remedied the situation with more cracker crumbs, and it all worked out. A sweet recap on the dinner--(Please note that none of my guests were vegan. Not even close.) So while everyone shunned the Tofurky roast,(unchartered waters there for them) they LOVED everything else. My dad, who is a 77 year old farm boy, said after dinner, "Suzanne, may I take some of those rice cakes home with me?" Greatest thing ever. Everyone "oo'ed and ahh-ed" over your Sweet Potato Soup (even though I had a limited amount of pecans--'kind of overly toasted the first batch)--And the Mushroom Gravy...Well, my husband asked if I could make some more today... Ohhh..and the Apple Crisp? Well, they LOVED IT.(and since you said it was a forgiving recipe, I added some fresh cranberries to it too) :-) So. Yes. Your blog ROCKS. I think someday a book is definitely in your future.
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  5. P.S. Any future posts from me, please, must not be checked for grammatical errors just because I teach English. I do like to have time off from the old job now and then. :-) There are, however, TWO little nasty grammatics in my previous post... Arrgghhh...but who's counting?
    :-) -Suzanne in Illinois

  6. suzanne - thank you so much. i'm blushing quite a bit right now. i'd like to ask you a couple of questions if you get a moment, could you please email me? janetkorff@gmail.com


  7. Isn't she drop dead gorgeous! Can you imagine 7 kids...I could learn a few things from her.
    I love her clothing - I want the Evy top. It's on my Christmas list. :)

  8. Hi Janet,

    Having 7 kids, a business, and a blog. I can't even comprehend that...yikes! Makes me feel pretty lame...


  9. Email sent! -Suzanne in Illinois

  10. I want that leopard sofa thingy. Went to Anna Spiro's house for dinner. Janet. It it the most beautiful home EVER! and the GARDEN. Amazing. xxx


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