apple cinnamon pancakes*

Another recipe, I know, I know! The weather is getting cold and when that happens I really like being in the kitchen.  Here is a great recipe that is easy and uses everyday ingredients.  I like to mix the batter up, take my morning walk, come back and put these on the griddle.  A cup of hot coffee goes well with them.

apple cinnamon pancakes

1/2 c all-purpose flour
1/2 c whole wheat flour
1 t baking powder
1 t baking soda
2 t cinnamon
1 c soymilk
1 T canola oil
1 medium peeled and grated tart apple
1/4 c walnuts

combine first 5 ingredients in bowl.  add soymilk and oil, mix and then fold in grated apple and walnuts.
let batter sit for at least 1/2 hour.  spoon onto hot oiled griddle.  flip when small bubbles appear on top.
drizzle with warm maple syrup.

*no animals were harmed making these pancakes


  1. I think I know what I'm making for breakfast this weekend!

  2. Janet, this is a crazy great picture!
    Can you believe I have never made pancakes before...I never even made them for my kids. I'm afraid of the griddle! :) Shall I try this on Sunday morning....I did try your last recipe and it was superb.

    Salvation Army is coming today, the whole front yard is again filled with giveaways. Some people have even stopped and taken things right from my yard!

    Talk to you soon ~

  3. Dear Janet, Apple and Cinnamon are, in my view a marriage made in heaven. your pancakes look and, I am sure, taste absolutely delicious. Food is, I believe, notoriously difficult to photograph well, but your images just look mouthwateringly brilliant!!

  4. I want a bite right now!! Such a fab photo my friend.

  5. Um .... yummy!

    BTW, Janet, do you have a great vegan gravy recipe? I found one online (I'm craving biscuits and gravy), but I'm not sure yet...

  6. Wow, I am definitely trying this recipe.

  7. Hi J
    I'm in Europe can you believe it? It is cold but so fun. I am online for about another week so email me all your news to -can't wait to hear about all the stuff we have got to catch up on! Met Our Blighty she was lovely x

  8. It's hard to believe that soy milk alone will set them without egg replacer. They look awesome but what has impaled your poor cakes?

  9. OK... You're killing me! That looks soooooooooo good! Can you come over & cook for me? Wouldn't that be fun!
    My son this morning only wanted pancakes... I didn't show him yours because I knew he would want yours!!! lol Yummy. Thanks for sharing...


  10. Pancakes are superior comfort food...and your post is like a warm hug...
    just what I needed this morning.

    Thank you!

  11. My husband is off work tomorrow for Veterans' Day and I was just thinking about what kind of cozy, yummy, fall-like breakfast I would make for him. I have all the ingredients and will whip this up tomorrow morning. Thanks Janet!

  12. Yum. Where have you been? Surely not over cooking and eating?

    xo jane

  13. Having just rolled out of bed, nothing sounds more delicious than your yummy apple cinnamon pancakes! We've been making a lot of buckwheat pancakes here - they're really earthy (dense) but maple syrup makes everything taste perfect.

  14. Oh yum! Thanks for the recipe and delicious and stylish looking photo.

  15. Oh, how I love pancakes. I'm usually partial to blueberry, but this is a nice choice for fall.

  16. beautiful! no kidding, just this morning I walked through the kitchen door and said to Ryan, "as soon as our kitchen works again, I am making pancakes!"

    and now i'll have your yummy recipe to try!

    how did you manage that photograph?

  17. Now I know what to do with our last home grown apple.
    Thank you!

    PS Lovely photo

  18. Thanks! They look really yum :)
    Do you think they'd taste ok with Oat milk instead of soy?

  19. karin - give them a try and please report back.

    sarah - never? wow. i'm envious of all the bags on your front lawn.

    edith and t - thank you and it was fun to photograph.

    julie - i do have a good gravy recipe and i'll post it soon w/my thanksgiving menu.

    vignette - please do and tell all.

    ff - i will.

    steve - it's called syrup. ever hear of it?

    alexandra - i'd love to come over and cook and you have a smart little boy!

    leslie - i usually do get a hug when i make them.

    adrienne - thanks and i hope he likes them.

    jane - stalking my 'boyfriend'

    trina - i think i could eat a rock if it had maple syrup on it.

    fiona and deborah - thank you both and i hope you give them a try.

    tera - thank you and larry poured while i shot.

    jo - thank you. i hope that last apple is tart.

    hannah - i think they will be fine with oat milk. i'm going to try them with hemp milk tomorrow.

  20. Can you eat pancakes for dinner Janet?

    If so... I will be doing just that with your wonderful recipe.



  21. This is the most seductive photo of pancakes I've ever seen Janet!

  22. Oh boy! We love pancakes here - husband REALLY loves them. I will pass this along to him.


  23. Dear Janet, (I know, I know, surprise!) Oh, I am making those. So, what was it like! Hugs, Joyce

  24. YUM...and what an amazing photo. What that in one shot?

  25. PS. That is an incredible photo, you can even see a few roses in the distance with the trees. Better than on any magazine cover, wow, Janet! What a great team! Hugs, Joyce

  26. Thank YOU! Not only do I look forward to making these delicious pancakes, I ESPECIALLY look forward to your coming-soon Thanksgiving menu! For the past few days I have been fussing over what and how to prepare for a vegan Thanksgiving dinner. Looking forward to your suggestions! Thank you again and again.
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  27. kelley - i think it is safe to eat them for dinner.

    anne marie - that's my job to seduce!

    claudia - does don do all the cooking? lucky.

    joyce - thanks, are you talking about jack?

    annie - 3!

    suzanne - i promise to post it soon. it is delicious.

  28. thank you, we are pancake lovers...always looking for a good, animal fat free, recipe...I made the croistini recipe the other night, perfect for the fall weather..

  29. I will certainly be making these this weekend. I will be dreaming about them until then. Thank you! ;)

  30. Such a great photograph and what a recipe - fantastic as ever. x

  31. Oh my gosh...these would be perfect with this cup of coffee I'm having right now!!

  32. connie lou - i'm so glad you liked the crostini!

    we love - i'm sure you are going to say "we love" them.

    teri - it was fun.

    sarah - thanks, as always.

    mydesignchic - i kind of wish i had a stack right now too.

  33. What? Pancakes don't come out of a box! Sounds and looks delicious. One day I'll trying making from scratch. I'm going to say it again, you need to write and photograph your own cookbook!!!


  34. I found your blog through Belinda from Wild Acre. I simply love it!!

    Lieve groet,


  35. That brown corduroy jacket was just for you - I knew you'd like it! i think about these things....

    : )

    Hope your weekend is GREAT. xo T.

  36. Janet,

    I made your pancakes this morning and am posting about it tomorrow. YUM!
    You need to write a cookbook....really, you do.


  37. julie - pancakes come in a box? thanks, you are too sweet.

    madelief - welcome and thank you so much.

    terri - thank you, you know me well!

    adrienne - thanks for reporting back. i hope it's not just me who loves these things. thanks a lot.

  38. Janet,

    You're seriously killing me with your food posts! They all look so yumy!!

  39. melissa - well then we're even b/c every time you put a picture up of your house it kills me!


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