magical soup*

I'm a bit under the weather today and I have the cure.  I call it Magical Soup.  I've been making this soup for a very long time, long before I became a vegan.  When one of my kids ever caught a cold or flu this is what I fed them.  So I just made myself a batch.  I'll sip the whole batch myself all day long.  And I'll be feeling a lot better tomorrow.  The recipe is easy and forgiving.

Magical Soup

1/2 onion diced
1 carrot  diced
1 celery rib diced
3-4 cups chopped broccoli, spinach or any other vegetables you have on hand
6 c vegetable broth
1 teaspoon red pepper flakes

saute onion, carrot and celery until soft
add remaining ingredients, bring to simmer, when vegetables are soft
puree in batches and sip

*no animals were harmed making this soup


  1. Oh that sounds so nice! Feel better soon! Karin

  2. When I saw it was Magical Soup, I thought it might be made with the magical fruit.

    I've been looking forward to another soup recipe.

    Feel better.

  3. I'm sorry you are feeling poorly. That soup looks very nourishing and simple to make. I'm sure it will do the trick.

  4. Well, I sure hope you feel better and I think I will give this a whirl next time one of us is feeling under the weather!
    Have a great day and enjoy your magical soup!

  5. Janet,

    Magical soup sounds like just the tonic.
    Hope that you will rally soon...try some aromatherapy oil on your temples and keep warm.

    Hugs from the Hostess,
    here in snowy BC

  6. So sorry you're not feeling well! Hope someone's there to take care of you...magical soup sounds like the cure though. Get lots of rest!

  7. Nice. I'll have to whip some up for my son, who is also under the weather. Hope you feel much better tomorrow!

  8. Ooooh I LIKE the sound of magical soup. Feel better very soon. xx

  9. The soup looks comforting. Hope you feel better soon.

  10. Love your blog... found it through one of the minimalists. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. This soup sounds wonderful. I'm a soup girl though and could easily eat it every day. One of my tricks for healing a scratchy dry throat, or whenever I don't feel up to par, is to make a spritzer to drink. It's the ONLY time I drink soda. I mix orange juice and 7-up, equal amounts. That's it. It's got great fizz to feel oh so soothing to a dry throat. Cranberry juice is good too, and you can use a flavored sparkling water as well. Get well soon!


  11. Feel better, Janet. I am going to copy this recipe. Every home needs some magical soup now and then!


  12. Theres nothing else as good as nourishing homemade soup when feeling poorly.
    Rest up J

  13. So sorry you are under the weather.....that soup sounds just like what the doc ordered. (O:



  14. Bet I'll need this come Sunday when I'll get to relax. Let your guard down for one minute and a virus surfaces!

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving if we don't talk before then.

    remember stress-less.

    xo Jane

  15. Dear Janet, Feel better soonest. Hugs, Joyce

  16. Ahhh...I like your attitude--"And I'll be feeling a lot better tomorrow." As a cancer survivor, I have learned that my belief plays a vital role in sustaining good health every single minute of every precious day. You will feel better tomorrow, I am sure! And...(hopefully this will make you smile) There will be a family in Illinois having a "Gardener's Cottage" feast on Thanksgiving Day with much gratitude...And... "No animals will be harmed because of the meal." Thanks for your generosity and inspiration...Suzanne in Illinois

  17. Oh, sounds delish. And it even LOOKS magical! Thank you so much for your awesome comment about Julie's jewelry, much appreciated. She is such a lovely person! XX!

  18. Hi Janet - Feel better soon and have a great Thanksgiving.

  19. That sounds delicious, easy and comforting - the 3 ingredients I'm looking for in a soup when I'm feeling under the weather.
    Hope you are feeling better soon!!

  20. Hi Janet,
    Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly, hope the soup does its magic!
    Feel better soon and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  21. YIKES!! is that one TABLESPOON red pepper flakes??

  22. Dear Ms Janet, I am sorry to hear that you are sick. I hope the the magical soup does the trick and that you are fighting fit before all your rellies descend on you for Thanksgiving. I was thinking about you today as I was getting a dinnerparty together. My favourite bit is once the desserts are out of the way. However well one plans, it does feel as if one is running against the clock the whole day.

  23. Hope your soup does the trick and that you are all better by Thanksgiving!


  24. thank you to everyone! i'm starting to feel better already. and yes that is one big tablespoon of red pepper flakes in the soup. it numbs the throat and loosens any congestion. really it is soothing at the same time.

  25. yay, you posted the magical soup...this makes me happy. feel better my friend and i will see you tomorrow


  26. Get well soon Janet. Your soup sounds and looks delicious, and magical.

  27. Dear Janet, Your magical brew sounds very similar to a Chicken Broth created by my Hungarian cook whenever an illness seems to be on the horizon. It works I hope that you will soon be feeling more yourself.

    Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!!

  28. I hope you're back to 100% today. The soup sounds soothing. Do you have a recipe for Tom Yum? it's thai I think.

  29. I make a similar sort of soup and had a lovely bowl yesterday. In the winter, I try to have a cup of veggie soup to warm me up and keep me healthy too.


kindness is never out of style.

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