november garden

i adore ferns

i love artichokes too

hydrangeas.  who doesn't love them?

lambs ear

so soft

i don't know the name of this salvia


this hydrangea never bloomed



i do not remember the name of this


and i'm too lazy to look it up

it's giant


and makes nice arrangements



the meditation garden


i love my garden and i love blogging. yesterday a very, very special blog friend did me a very, very special favor.  i will be forever indebted to this beautiful woman. 

thank you my dear, sweet friend



  1. Beautiful! Everything is fading fast here.

  2. The bush with the red berries is Pyracantha and yes they do get big. Great pics as always. :)


  3. I love the meditation garden...well truth be told I love it all!

    You have created an oasis of loveliness Janet.

  4. page - thank you and everything is fading here too.

    linda - i knew that! now everyone knows i'm dumb and lazy!

    leslie - it was all here when we got moved in 3 years ago. we are just bringing it back to life.

  5. So beautiful Janet. The Pyracantha reminds me so much of Bittersweet, something that grew like crazy in Maine. We used to clip it and make wreaths, and/or place it throughout the house - my favorite being the mantle.
    Your porch is so inviting...

  6. Oooh your garden is just divine! Nice pictures too my friend.

  7. I'm jealous of your Lamb's Ears - I love them but they don't do very well here with the heat and humidity. doesn't stop me from trying every single spring! Love the photos, thanks for sharing.

  8. Thank you for a lovely walk through your garden. We are having a rainy day here. My variegated hydrangea has very few and small lace cap flowers.

  9. Oh I'll say it all right.... all is heavenly. Wish I were there as always.

    xo Jane

  10. Beautiful images. I'm a hydrangea fan. Your tartan cushion cover and rug look so cosy and stylish. I'm coveting that wire ball thing that you grow ivy around also.

  11. Your beautiful porch looks so "Ralph Lauren".

  12. And the pyrecantha is one big bird martini:).

  13. trina - thanks re the porch since you have the mother of all porches.

    t - thank you too.

    karin - lambs ear grows like a weed around here but i love it just the same.

    bonnie - i do believe this has a lace-cap flower too.

    jane - wish you were too.

    fiona - thanks and that isn't a rug. it's painted floorboards.

    betty - really? i love you.

    lpc - you got that right!

  14. Janet, the variegated hydrangea never blooms much. It is basically grown for the foliage.

    Your garden is fabulous! Is this the first time your have posted photos?

    Now you have to tell us what your friend did that was very very special.

  15. Oops, forgot to say you porch is glorious!! Love the RED!

  16. Hello!
    Touring your garden has definately made me feel better! I can't believe everything still looks so beautiful and is still blooming...except for the mums and sedum, I've cut everything back already. I just hate when everything is half dead looking. What I wouldn't do for a nap in the meditation garden!
    For as much as I love your charming front porch, I've never noticed the flooring...which makes me love it even more! btw, I found a blanket at an estate sale on Sunday. thought of you. Enjoy your fall garden and I agree, I never thought I would meet such beautiful friends through blogging.

  17. That first photo is AMAZING!! Also love the painted carpet on your porch. I might have to steal that idea.

  18. Hi..what a beautiful autumn pictures !! i like them....happy evening love Ria....

  19. I'm living vicariously through you. We had two hard frosts in a row and now all my potted impatiens have bit the dust. The only thing still blooming is my rose bush, bless its heart!


  20. your angel is so serene and lovely. your garden is just beautiful, and i loved the sneak peeks of your red wheelbarrow. wish my porch were as inviting as yours. thank you for sharing!

  21. Beautiful! I love how green and beautiful everything is, it's all dying back here. We did something right because the front garden still looks pretty good, I'm surprised.
    Your porch says Welcome with a capital W, I love it.

  22. Oh, I forgot to say the wheelbarrow photo is great too!

  23. sandra - thank you and heavens no, just click on my garden under my labels.

    sarah - thank you and i hope you do feel better. the friends i've made through blogging have been amazing to say the least. you included!

    steve - thanks re the photos and steal away.

    ria - thanks dear!

    claudia - i have only a few roses that are blooming right now which is weird b/c our weather is super mild.

    tera - thank you so much.

    londen - and i say thank you with a capital T.

    steve - it's true what they say, you are a sweetheart!

  24. How BEAUTIFUL. I just found The Gardener's Cottage and have enjoyed every single post. Your blog is the best of the best of exactly what it states: simplicity, gardening, vegan cooking, and BEAUTY. What a treat. Keep up the good work--YOU are an inspiration!!!!!

  25. Hello! I'm new to your lovely blog.
    Your porch looks like the perfect place to curl up with a cup of tea.
    Best wishes from London.

  26. Love the precious angel amongst the ferns and heart your front porch. So peaceful.
    I like learning from blogs. Always believed the Pyracantha berry was poisonous but upon investigation Wiki informs me this is not true.
    Your humble post triggered an investigation on my part so thanks Janet.

  27. I love this post. Love your garden. Love your photos. LOVE your porch! Is that too much love? Seriously...

  28. I need you to tell me The secret, my dear Janet, I have met you for more than a year now, you were my first blogging friend and through all this time I have been watching how you have been evolving into what I see now in your blog, such beauty, such simplicity filled with enchantment, such this and that.... I need you to tell me your Secret my dear.... please....
    and yes, that´s the entrance to my home and you are welcome in always!!!!!!!

  29. the meditation garden is my absolute favorite, so relaxing and peaceful. if you ever wonder where i'm at, you might just try looking outside (just don't tell my family where i am)

    love you,


  30. Dear Janet, Just beautiful. Hugs, Joyce

  31. And I also meant to say that wire or iron settee is so perfect there, nothing could be more perfect. Hugs, Joyce

  32. Beautiful Garden. It looks like this is one of the prettiest times of the year there. That meditation garden is like al little paradise. Would love to take a walk through it one day.

  33. anon - thank you and wow what a beautiful compliment.

    jo from london - thank you, welcome and i love to curl up out there.

    anne marie - thank you so much for doing what i should have done! and i have always thought they were poinsonous too. thanks for the info.

    vignette design - i don't think there can ever be too much love. thank you.

    maria cecilia - you are right, we have been together a long time now. and i adore you. you know that. i promise to tell you.

    margot - ha ha your family will know exactly where you are. but nice try.

    joyce - thank you. can you believe i got that iron settee from walmart about 8 yrs ago? and it is really well made. thank you.

    sarah b - thank you so much.

    julie - we are having amazing weather at the moment and b/c of the mild summer we had everything in the garden looks good still. usually it is not looking this good at all. yes, come and visit.

  34. You may have been too young to remember but we used to make mud pies with those berries in our play house, back on 218th street. Do you remember???

    your Desert Rat sis

  35. Janet,

    I toured your garden first thing this morning and now again I had to take another look. So beautiful as well as your photography. How wonderful to take a walk through your garden and then make that stunning arrangement for your beautiful porch. I love the wire settee too! Cannot believe that's Walmart! All so inspiring...


  36. jeanne - i do. i was making pies as a little girl!

    annie - thank you and it is crazy that it came from walmart. it was green and i spray painted it black.

  37. Dear Janet, Wow! I can not believe you got that iron settee at Wal-mart! What a find! It is one of my very favorite pieces of yours, it looks like a million dollars, I want one! Hugs Joyce

  38. ps, I love it black, one of a kind and very Jane Austen romantic to me, sigh, Colonel Brandon. H, J

  39. Such a beautiful garden Janet. I love it. And a gorgeous Autumn arrangement in your home. Isn't the blogging world wonderful? It never ceases to amaze me. x

  40. Your pictures are stunning. Glad others told you the name of the pyracantha. If you like garden flowers and photos please visit my garden. check out photo gallery 1

  41. Beautiful images, as always, Janet, all carefully watched over by your dear little angel. And your front porch - with sunshine! What style!

  42. joyce - so sweet of you to say. jane austen huh? wow.

    sarah - the blogging world is full of amazing people. i love it.

    my sister - thanks and i'll pop over and check it out.

    rosemary - thank you dear.

  43. Janet, I meant the rug tucked around your seat cushions, but I love the painted floor too! I agree with another commenter - very Ralph Lauren.

  44. fiona - oh i get it now. it's a blanket, do you call those rugs in new zealand? thanks re the rl comment, those just make my day.

  45. Great Post, Great Blog!

    Love the photo with the wheelbarrow in it.

  46. Thank you for sharing the grace that is your garden.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  47. everything is so beautiful and I love your front porch!

  48. i just adore your antire blog!! everything looks so full of life and color. Looks so peaceful wish i was there!


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