creamy potato soup with rosemary*

This soup is for my friend Sarah in her Yellow House.  Stay Warm.

potato soup with rosemary


2 potatoes
1/2 c small dice onion
1 celery rib small dice
1 t finely minced fresh rosemary
2 c soymilk
2 c vegetable broth

cook 2 potatoes in microwave
while potatoes are cooking
saute onion and celery in small amount of olive oil until tender
add soymilk
when potatoes are done, remove skin and cut into small dice
add to soup mixture
bring to simmer and mash with potato masher right in pot
add vegetable broth to desired thickness

garnish with fresh cracked pepper

notes:  i love the flavor of fresh rosemary but not everyone does so be careful because it is strong.  if you want, you can add some more as garnish.

*no animals were harmed making this soup.


  1. Oh...this sounds sooo delicious. I love all your animal friendly recipes.

  2. This time tomorrow I will be with Ole Blighty again! Send me an email with your news. I am getting sad about going home xx

  3. sounds and looks so good! I love rosemary, in fact I every time I cook with it I save the tops of the stems and root them in my kitchen window. I'm trying to get enough big plants that I don't have to sneak over to my moms every week to clip from her very large rosemary bush.


  4. I haven't made potato soup in a long time. My Dad used to love it before he passed away. Since it will be i the 40's today it sounds like a lovely lunch. Thanks for inspiring me.

  5. I think I have everything to make this for lunch except the soy milk. I'll have to use real milk but it's from a free range cow whose udder was gently caressed. Is that okay?

    I love that you left the bowl at the edge of the table to get that green "horizon" in the photo to highlight the rosemary. Photographic genius!

  6. What a beautiful recipe and presentation. Very helpful for keeping warm. Classic comfort food.

  7. Actually, that's a lot of milk. I think I'd use more stock, less milk.

    Is Sarah still not feeling well that you're making her virtual soup?

  8. nita - thanks!

    ff - please email me pics of you and blights.

    julie - i love the flavor of rosemary too but larz isn't a fan.

    stella - super easy soup for lunch.

    steve - if you did the caressing, then i'm ok with it. you are right, i'm a photographic genius.

    carol - thanks and you can't more comforting than this soup.

    steve - you again? you can def use more stock, it will just be a bit thinner but that's ok too. this is a really thick soup. sarah emailed me saying it was snowing at her house so i thought she might need a little warmth, that's the kind of friend i am.

  9. You have the greatest blog--Top knotch. It's charming that you are so respectful towards all aspects of life. After reading your blog, I've been reminded of how incredibly wonderful eating vegan makes me feel, and while I initially shuttered at the thought of the 33 project, this weekend I counted the number of shirts, skirts, pants, etc. that are in my closet. I can now see that I do need to simplify--Especially with my hectic schedule. (Yikes) Thank you for the precious time you take to inspire with your beautiful blog; your blog is definitely worth reading. I highly recommend it! -Suzanne in Illinois

  10. Yum! My lady makes rosemary olive oil bread that would go great with this soup!

  11. This soup looks really good. One of my favourite soups is one that looks a bit like yours, but made with 'sweet potatoes'.

    Lieve groet & happy day!


  12. suzanne - thank you, what a beautiful comment on this sunday morning!

    jean - thank you it is.

    isobelle - thank you dearest. your 'lady' is one smart cookie!

    madelief - yum, i'm making my sweet potato soup for thanksgiving!

  13. Hi, me again. I just made this soup and could it be any easier? I was eating in about 6 minutes. My celery was still a little crunchy which I liked and I used new potatoes so I didn't even bother to peel them before I mashed them which also added a little more texture. This is great, simple, satisfying cold-weather food.

  14. Another perfect recipe and photograph - sigh! Love them. x

  15. What a sweet friend you are! I do need some warmth's freezing here with snow still on the ground. I'm SO cold!
    I waited to comment until after I made this soup, which I did this afternoon. I love it because I always have these ingredients and it was so quick and easy. I left my potatoes a little chunky and it was SO DELICIOUS!
    I love all your recipes...they've been a huge help in trying make new dinners.
    I guess Steve really liked the soup, huh?! :)

  16. Another easy recipe for me to try and I LOVE potato soup. I will be using the same kind of milk Steve used.

  17. steve - hi again. thanks for reporting back. as you mentioned in your email, so many additions can be made such as corn or different herbs. and 6 minutes? i'm impressed!

    sarah - yes, i am sweet! i always have these ingredients here too and it is so easy, so there is no excuse to not have a great dinner. yes, steve did like the soup.

    londen - as long as those udders are softly caressed then i'm ok w/it. you are going to love this recipe.

  18. hi again...I thought I would add that I had some leftover roasted broccoli from last night -I just added it to my leftover potato soup and it is the best thing I've ever eaten. really. I had to try it out before I put it back in the fridge for the night.
    talk to you soon. :)

  19. Love everything with potato! Looks delicious! :)

    XX Nicky

  20. Your skills with soupmaking and photography always impress me. It's spring into summer here, but I'll be making this soup. I'm always cooking time-of-the-year-inappropriate food (crockpot casserole in high summer etc). And I have some 'fresh' rosemary in the freezer.

  21. Janet,
    This looks divine! For more great Vegan and Vegetarian soup recipes, check out the book "Love Soup" by Anna Thomas. It is great! I made the asparagus potato vegan soup the other night. Delish!!!---sorry if you have mentioned this book before. I'm a little new to your blog : )

  22. Dear Janet, your soup is getting rave reviews. Glad it has rosemary! Love, Rosemary.

  23. My potato soup recipe comes from winging it. Reduce a can of chicken broth to half while cooking a potato. When finished in about 25 mins. drain and smoosh the potato against the side of a bowl with a fork which leaves different size pieces of potato. Put the smooshed potato in the chicken broth, add about 1/4 cup whipping cream and maybe a cup of half and half, and when it reaches eating temperature add a can of drained chopped clams. Don't boil the clams it makes them tough. I use a couple of shakes of white pepper and salt to taste. I hope if you try it you will like it.

    I love your blog and deeply respect the way you think about things.

  24. hi ann,

    your recipe sound super easy. i probably wouldn't make b/c i am a vegan but it looks like it could be adapted with vegetable broth and soymilk and omitting the clams. thank you so much for thinking of me and sharing your recipe. xo janet


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