mushroom crostini*

While reading one of my favorite blogs of all time, I was compelled to steal this recipe and make this dish.  You do read Slim Paley don't you?  Her recipe is here.    I'm constantly inspired by her big, gorgeous photos that exemplify a well-lived life.  I enjoy trying to translate a lot of what i see there to my own life, in my own way. It isn't easy but that doesn't stop me from trying.   This recipe for instance - i veganized the hell out of it but it is still delicious.  I hope you will try either recipe as i'm sure it will become a staple for you.  I've already made it 3 times and like it better each time i eat it.  It's fresh, easy and delicious.  What more can you ask for out of a recipe?
Thanks Slim.

mushroom crostini

3-4 c organic mushrooms
salt, pepper and 2 t fresh thyme
2 thick slices of a whole wheat baguette
fresh arugula

2 T red wine vinegar
2 T vegenaise
1 T agave syrup
2 t fresh thyme

saute sliced mushrooms in a little olive oil, season w/salt, pepper and fresh thyme
toast baguette slices
arrange each plate with a toasted baguette slice
top each slice with a light smear of vegenaise and a handful of arugula
heap on the mushrooms
drizzle w/dressing

serves 2 for lunch or 1 for dinner

*no animals were harmed making this crostini


  1. As soon as I saw the title of your post I laughed out loud. That is what I made for dinner last night (with some corn chowder)! Not the same recipe, though. I made it from a recipe I saw on Epicurious (and it was already vegan!), but this recipe sounds really good, too! You are my kind of cook, girl!

  2. That sounds so amazing. Looks good too.Yum!

  3. Janet, you should be a food photographer! This recipe sounds SO good and since it's easy, it's on my list. I may even make this when I watch my cornhuskers play tomorrow!
    I think you should write a recipe book. :)

  4. I would love this served right now as my oatmeal and fruit just doesn't seem that delicious....after seeing this images.

  5. wow! agree with all of the above. gorgeous photos and looks incredibly yummy. when i have a kitchen again, i will definitely make this.

  6. karin - i'll go look at the epicurious recipe now. thanks.

    jean - it is. try it.

    sarah - you crack me up. i think i better stick to my day job.

    leslie - breakfast may be a little too early for me but i'll prob have it for lunch today. again.

    tera - you are going to LOVE this. i just know it.

  7. I am seriously drooling here. Please save some for me and I'll be right over. ;)
    Happy Friday my friend.

  8. YUM! Love it, wish I could have it for lunch!
    X Trina

  9. Looks like a nice change from the usual crostini...I love mushrooms and I'm always looking for a new appetizer recipe. :)


  10. That looks incredibly good. Thanks for sharing. I've never heard of that website. I'll check it out.

  11. Delicious looking, and so stylish too. Your chef training is showing in the presentation here. I plan to try this. Thank you.

  12. So delish! And if I can stay up on Monday night, I will totally be looking for you in the Conan audience! That is going to be SO awesome! XX!

  13. t - aww, get your stylish behind over here now.

    trina - have mike go out and find some chanterelles and have him make it.

    linda - try it, you won't be sorry.

    nita - you may like the recipe but you will LOVE slim's blog.

    fiona - thanks and i hope you do try it and let me know what you think.

    shari - you are SO right about everything!!!

  14. looks so delicious...I will be making this over the weekend. And I have to say it again...your photography is beautiful!

  15. Hi Janet - I saw the recipe on Slim's blog and it looks delicious, as does your version. I must give this a try.

  16. Oh HELLOOOO- paging Food & Wine photo department...

    That looks sooo good!
    Thank you so much Janet for the glowing mention of my blog, once again :)

    In answer to your question on my most recent post, I am sorry to say that I have not become a vegan/vegatarian (omg-see? I don't even know how to spell it) I'm just experiencing a very-veggy moment. It could have everything to do with the full length mirror beside my desk.

    Have a great weekend and many thanks again,

  17. um YUM, and Fantastic photos!!

  18. Worthy of a magazine... most defintely. Will check out Slim's blog asap! X Semi-Expat

  19. I'n in, Sunday night, with a soup. Yum.

    xo Jane

  20. It looks tasty and delicious! Not to mention healthy too! Enjoy a beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

  21. Looking at this has made me hungry.

  22. Janet I agree with Sarah, you should be a food photographer. Or better yet, why don't you write and photograph your own vegan cook book!!!


  23. Just came home with three pkg of mushroms! Thanks for the veganizing! Now the CHILLI. Please.
    I love Slim Paley's blog too.

  24. This looks so delicous and seasonal.

    I'd love to have you join my weekly meme, Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  25. Dear Janet, That just looks delectable, I shall have to make it! Last spring I found SP on your side bar, went over there, and I have been enjoying it ever since, also delectable! Thank you! Hugs, Joyce

  26. annie - i so hope you try it and thank you.

    deborah & melissa - try it, it is delish.

    slim - thank you slim, for so much.

    ali & kayce - thanks and i hope you try it.

    sarah - omg you haven't read her blog yet?!

    jane - thanks and please report back would you?

    kellie - it really has the easy, delish and healthy aspects of a great dish.

    jo - then my job is done!

    julie - thanks but i don't think so!

    sandra - thanks and i promise chili soon!

    tablescaper - thanks you very much.

    joyce - thanks and i agree, they are both delectable!

  27. You've inspired me to go ALL the way with vegan now. I've been close to it in the past, but always slightly deviated. Never tried the Veganaise nor the Earth Balance, but got it yesterday, made your Mushroom Crostini, and am in love! Thank you SO MUCH for your inspiration. Truly BEAUTIFUL!
    Best wishes, Suzanne in Illinois

  28. suzanne - thank you so much. your comment has inspired ME. i'm so glad you liked the crostini (thanks really go to slim, as i stole it from her)and thank you for reporting back on it. i'm all smiles.

  29. Janet, the mushroom crostini was delicious! We just finished lunch and we can't stop raving about it! I was going to email you a photo...until my daughter called me a stalker! Thanks for the recipe.


  30. annie - i'm so glad you made it and liked it. i love it too and you are not a stalker, yet!

  31. I want to eat that and I want to be Slim Paley. xo

  32. The plant you featured in your last post is a Pyracantha. This large scrub was popular in the 20's all the way up until the sixties. Somehow it's lost it's flavor with gardners. I grew up with it, I love it. In the past everywhere you went this time of year you would see it in flower arangements. So with that said thanks for the memories. By the way, did you get a new camera? Your pictures are somthing else!

  33. kev - thanks and i do remember the plant. my sis reminded me that we used to put them in our mud pies as kids. i'm in hollywood tonight and i keep looking for you but everyone here is so freaking hip i'd never be able to pick you out in a crowd! even the old folks wear messenger bags and no socks!

  34. wowowoowwwww.... I saw that at SP too! Gorgeous! And now... I need to try it... tonight!

    Thanks for sharing it!!!!



    Luciane at HOMEBUNCH.COM

  35. I have only just discovered your blog - it is gorgeous.

    In Australia we had an ad campaign a few years ago that went along the lines of

    "Mushrooms, Meat for vegetarians"

    They are one of my all time favorite foods and that recipe looks fantastic.

  36. My mouth is watering uncontrollably. Just yesterday I was scouring the web for some new vegetarian recipes to try ... adding this to my list! I'll let you know when I try it:) Looks AMAZING!

  37. thank you! now i know what i am making for dinner...perfect!

  38. Hi Janet
    I met Blighty!!! In London. It was a HOOT!!! We ate no red meat only fish. She was like a young Princess Diana-totally adorable. Hope all is well with you. Your garden looks lovely. Aren't salvias the best??? I'm waiting for \niece FF to get home from school, I thougth I'd cry when we dropped her off today. I miss her so much! xxx

  39. I am going to send this to my mum. I also loved your garden post below - so beautiful!

  40. WOW, that looks so delicious! I must try it...I love mushrooms :o)

  41. Oh my goodness; this looks delicious! T's been craving mushrooms lately, so this will be just the thing!

  42. luciane - oh i hope you do try it.

    farmers wife - yes, mushrooms are the vegetarians real meat.

    marygrace - thanks and i hope you do let me know. i've gotten a few emails telling me it's delish.

    connie lou - i hope you enjoy it.

    ff - i'm so jealous. i have much to tell you about!

    cricket - hi, and so nice to hear from you. hope all is well.

    deserae - thanks and i think you will love it.

    ach - thanks and i hope you try it and don't forget to report back.


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