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I first heard about these enameled house numbers from Steve at an Urban Cottage.  If you have not been to his blog, you really should go see how he is transforming his Greek Revival cottage.  It is gorgeous.  Then I saw that Deborah at Boxwood Terrace was actually having a giveaway featuring the house numbers.  I entered her contest but didn't win them.  Anyway, between the two of them I learned that the company, Ram Sign makes the most gorgeous enameled house numbers and house plaques that I've seen anywhere.  I need house numbers and I want a house plaque and coincidentally the company contacted me and asked if I'd like to have a giveaway too.  So I am!  All you have to do to enter is go to their website, take a look around and come back and tell me what style you like best.  I'll pick the winner next Wednesday.  So go check them out now, come back and leave a comment.

The day we bought this place.  You can see the green homemade house number thing that was made out of plumbing parts.

Same view, 3 years later.  I'd like an oval plaque that says The Gardeners Cottage
or house numbers to hang on the space between the front door and window.  Either one will be perfect.


  1. Wow, those are great. Despite my love of red, for my house I would have to choose Highlander.
    I can't wait to see yours on your vintage home.


  2. House numbers are IMPORTANT. A client's neighbor died when 911 could not find their home. Seconds count.

    If your house number is clear but several of your neighbors do not have clearly visible numbers, or street names have become obscured by foliage; YOU ARE AT RISK.

    Thanks for bringing up the topic.......

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  3. I agree, house numbers are so important in case of an emergence.

    These numbers are beautiful!


  4. This is the one I like!
    Oval Address Plaque

  5. I think the Metropolitan is gorgeous.

    P.S I'm sure I've told you before but in case I haven't - I love your house. It's exactly the type of house I would buy for myself. So much charm...

  6. Oh, how I have been dying to get one of these! My husband and three kids surprised me for my birthday with a homemade cottage-y gate, with a little arched top, that they built together from scratch. It just needs an address plaque! Like the Metropolitan Oval one!! :)

  7. I think that a sign with the gardener's cottage would be charming...maybe a Humble Bungalow one for here?
    Do you think they'd give us a deal?

    I do so hope that you enjoy the weekend Janet

    I understand that you will be dividing iris...are you wielding a knife?


  8. I think one that says Gardener's Cottage would be perfect. Love your red house. My favorite color. I think Highlander would be perfect.

  9. You have made such a wonderful change to your house! I love those enamel house numbers too.

  10. Janet - Aren't these great? I love them, but I already have house numbers that work for me, so am not entering the contest. Just wanted to say hello. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

  11. Oh, my goodness! I'd just been thinking about enamel letters this morning! I'd love to have one in Lighthouse, especially since we leave on Seapine Court. Thanks for thinking of us. LOVE your blog.

  12. your house is so lovely! the color is great.

    i'm keen on the highlander style.

    and i can see a plaque hanging exactly where you suggest. it will be so charming.

  13. How your house is 'signed' says a lot about your style preferences doesn't it? The enamel one is lovely. Ours is a rough pale grey granite plaque with the housename carved in it, with the letters painted a chalky white - I love it! Both examples are simple but interesting. x

  14. I have been looking for a house plaque for quite some time. I really like the enamel ones at Ram much more classic than the composite ones at most sites.



  15. I love the Highlander. It makes me want to jump up and down and shout "pick me"!!

  16. I love your little house! So darling! And yes, the numbers do jazz it up! Thank you for your comment on my post today, I always want to know where my pictures originated! XX!

  17. Janet -

    Those are gorgeous and such high quality - much more so than the one I bought from a well known catalogue years ago.

    I like them all, but the Engelhardt would be best suited for our home, as we have black accents. And I would go for a plaque or numbers.

    I'm going to post a link on my blog to this. It's quite a generous give away.


  18. WOW! I got online and wanted to say thank you for the great Thanksgiving menu--it was so very nice--I was extremely pleased--and I see that I may WIN a house plaque today!! They are really beautiful house plaques, too. My favorite is the Arrowhead! Thanks so much! Also, just wanted to say that the plaid tablecloth and white place settings for your Thanksgiving table was simply gorgeous. Hope your Thanksgiving Day was beautiful! Thanks once again!
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  19. Your house is so adorable and charming I almost can't stand it! I want one just like it! Thank you so much for your last comment on my blog post, it meant the world to me, and I am so grateful to have YOU as a cyber friend!

    Mary Grace

    PS Are you going to Eddie's Long Beach antique shopping trip?

  20. Hi Janet, I gather you survived Thanksgiving?

    Checked out the website and of course my favourite is the Engelhardt. Clean lines, black and white.
    So thats my choice if I'm lucky (and distance for shipping is no problem).

  21. Well, they are all gorgeous. But "Bliss House" would be happiest with Arrowhead--she likes to be a very coordinated lady and the green matches her trim quite nicely. She is very particular as she has been around for a long, long, long time. : ) She knows what she likes.

  22. I tried to take off this funky intercom speaker outside my front door but soon realized there was too much damage. A house number would be the perfect solution, I love them all ...the Engelhardt would go with my style.

  23. adrienne - thank you for helping spread the word.

    suzanne - thank you and i was so worried about you and the rissoles. i had a hard time getting mine to stick together yesterday. last year i had no problems with them at all. i hope yours came out ok.

  24. Hi Janet,

    I like the Engelhardt because our house has a Cape Cod type cottage look...I think you should get the plaque with "The Gardener's Cottage". Our neighbor gave their house a name and put up a plaque, it is so quaint looking!


  25. I want the blue metropolitan numbers! So pretty!

  26. I like the arrowhead square with black numbers! Thanks for posting about these. I love vintage enameled these are perfect....if I don't get chosen, at least I know where to get them!

  27. Good Morning, Very cool, I have a little french enameled number but would gladly switch it up. Highlander I think.

    I must really like these, I'm replying before I've even had coffee.

    xo Jane

  28. Hi Janet,
    I would love one of the porcelain enameled door signs with the words "stone cottage". I would hang it on the little one's playhouse dutch door, it would be so cute! One of these would be perfect for your cottage.


  29. Hi Janet,

    I love these house numbers...I think Englehardt is my favorite. I have 5 house numbers so I was happy to see they can do that.

    A sign between your door and window would be the perfect spot. It's the perfect house and I love the red. husband just said "why don't we take a break from Thanksgiving leftovers and have that mushroom crostini for lunch?" We just's one our favorites! Thanks!


  30. annie - thanks and i have to say the mushroom crostini is one of my favorites now too.

  31. What a fun blog that I am just discovering!

  32. Englehardt, hands down! Thanks for introducing such a handsome plaque to the blogland.

  33. I love the Highlander Oval Address Plaque. It would make a very nice "Merry Christmas" to me gift!


  34. I need the Metropolition Square, please, in blue, please! And by the way, I love your address sign with the plumbing parts, really!

  35. I love the Oval Arrowhead house number look! My husband and I are a young couple, and we are entering our first home purchase. We could not be more excited, and I love picking up tips from your blog. I cannot wait to get in there and starting ripping off ugly wallpaper and making it my own.

    You will also be pleased to know we just experienced our first all-vegan Thanksgiving. We had stuffed Field Roast (awesome meat substitute from Earth Fare), stuffing, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy- the works! It actually turned out fantastic, you would have been proud!

  36. I think the Highlander Arched would work with my house, but I would most likely get just a house number plaque. I love the little indoor door signs!

  37. I like the house numbers. Maybe Highlander, but I like several of them. They are great! Thanks.

  38. dear janet
    i love them all but i think the Metropolitan would look best on my house.

    by the way, i love your house. the color. just everything about it. it's beautiful

    thank you,


kindness is never out of style.

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