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Yesterday Belinda at Wild Acre, wrote her post about Project 333.  I first heard about it from Meg at Minimalist Woman.  I was initially intrigued because the number 3 is my favorite number and I love projects.   Essentially Project 333 is about learning to love your clothes and to declutter and uncomplicate your wardrobe.  So basically, you pick 33 articles of clothing and accessories (excluding workout wear and underwear) and wear these same 33 items for 3 months beginning October 1st and ending December 31st.  It wasn't too hard for me to pick 33 pieces of clothing but admittedly I don't have a very exciting life.  So here we are in the middle of November and I haven't even worn all the 33 pieces yet.  God, I am boring!  The outfit above is what i basically live in. I'm with Alex and we are on our way to the new Conan O'Brien show that taped on monday.  You can't see them but I have on my red cowboy boots to honor Conan's musical guest and my boyfriend, Jack White.  But you can see that with a change of jacket or shirt or the addition of a pencil skirt it is quite versatile.  I'm not sure why I didn't post this at the beginning of October?  I think I had just done my fall wardrobe post so I didn't want to bore you with more of my clothing choices.  But now that some time has passed I am pretty fascinated by the results.  I am completely content with a really small wardrobe.  It is so cool knowing that everything hanging in my closet is something I love and it fits me and my life. It has really helped define my personal style.  I really encourage you to try this and see what results you come up with.

my 33

dark levis
not so dark levis
skinny black pants
black pencil skirt
black dress

chambray shirt
white shirt
rl red flannel
rl blue plaid shirt
red long sleeved t
black thermal
black v neck sweater
black turtleneck

black trenchcoat
cashmere coat
herrrigbone blazer
black belted blazer
blue plaid pendleton jacket

black loafers
brown oxfords
red cowboy boots
black boots
black kitten heels

pearl bracelet
vintage watch
2 turquoise cuffs
pearl necklace
burberry scarf
1 brown belt
1 black belt
1 brown handbag


  1. I love this idea! I would love to see outfit photos.

  2. It IS so satisfying to actually plan and now enjoy the contents of one's slimmed down wardrobe - this has been really useful for me so thanks for the idea, Janet!

  3. I love this idea.
    Must say, love your list.

  4. I agree, I would love to see outfits, too! That's an adorable blazer.

  5. Hi Janet!
    Great idea! I hadn't heard about this, but I think I will try it and go from December 1 through the end of February. Thank you for passing this along.

  6. This is inspirational. I too had not heard of this. I actually have the hardest time dressing my daughter. She has been given so many things, her closet is packed - but it just doesn;t feel like she has a lot of wearable clothes. I may try this first with her and then move on to the rest of the family.

  7. I think in that list you have captured the perfect capsule wardrobe. I love your 'outfit' posts - more please! Louise

  8. You two stepped out in style! You both look fabulous!
    This sounds like a great project to try but I don't know if I could scrounge together 33 items that would be worthy enough to put together! I have a personal style and let me tell's not stylish.
    I, too, would love to see a fashion show. :)

  9. Love this photo of you and #2 son!


  10. paige - thanks but as you well know photographing clothing is really difficult, but i'll try.

    jean - try it!

    belinda - thanks for inspiring me too.

    patricia - thank you very much. the list is working well for me.

    jolie - thanks and i love the jacket too.

    karin - make sure to consider any holiday that will be in there.

  11. katie - i hadn't thought about kids clothing but i'm sure it would work wonders there too.

    loveandlilacs - thanks and i'll try to post more outfits.

    sarah - umm, i've seen you and your are gorgeous and have tons of style.

    anon - thanks, he is adorable.

  12. Good work Janet...if anyone can succeed at this project I have every confidence in you!
    You always look great and you wear the clothes they don't wear you.

  13. Such a gorgeous photo of you and your son. You have true style Janet. I don't feel worthy of fraternising with you.

    In spite of this, I love the project and your list. It's one thing saying 'have a small wardrobe, it's cool', but actually putting a number on it forces you to make choices.

    I'm going to do this too. Merci!

  14. Also, you have the best posture of anyone I've ever seen in a photo, anywhere.

  15. leslie - that is such a great compliment re me wearing my clothes instead of the reverse. thank you.

    fiona - you my dear, are just too sweet and i'd fratenize w/you in a hot second. maybe it's a lifetime of yoga? thanks.

  16. Hi J
    You look so pretty and youthful. The 33 challenge is not for me, I am presently restricted enough outfit wise without throwing another spanner in the works. But I am all for decluttering. xxxxxxxxxxx

  17. What a dashing pair. Great idea but a little too rigorous for me.

    I don't have a large wardrobe as is and tend to buy the same looks over and over as I have an hourglass figure and only certain things suit. I think by the time you are 40, you know what looks good on you and how to dress yourself. I am sure I don't wear more than 33 things regularly already. :)

    Love the red boots and sad we couldn't see them. I think I need a red boot post.

    xo Terri

  18. Fabulous idea! and you look fabulous too!

  19. Jack White? Lucky duck!! How was the show?

    I'll bet I could easily do this, in fact I may even have to do some thrifty shopping in order to come up with 33 :).

    Your life isn't boring at all, Janet. Your life is decidedly purposeful and one that I think most of us readers completely envy.

  20. I am curious to know what type of Levi's you wear. I can never find a good pair yet I love the brand!

  21. Great post, thank you for sharing.
    That jacket is timeless. I'd pounce if I were ever lucky enough to come across something like that.
    You're not boring, you're inspiring!

  22. Wonderful post! Is that the same beautiful jacket you paired with the plaid blouse for apple picking? A wonderful piece. Your list is like my cheat sheet as I sort through my closet. I'm very inspired to get to this task. Thanks!!

  23. I do feel as though I've already stepped up to this challenge Janet due to alot of travelling in the last two years and living out of a suitcase.
    Thing is, while travelling I long to get back to my wardrobe to enjoy more choice but eventually keep wearing the same stuff over and over. Go figure!
    J you are very glam in a natural way. I want your hair.

  24. 33 clothing items??? omg... I'd have to go on a major clothes-buying excursion, and somehow I think that "isn't" what this 333-thing is about!;)


    p.s. who's Jack White?????????????????:)

  25. Thanks for the poke. Too many clothes. And I wear only about 20 things...........

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  26. ff - thanks and yes, i hear you. why does decluttering feel so good?

    terri - thank you and you are prob right about by the age of 40 knowing your true look. it has taken me longer though.

    londen - thanks!

    daryl - thank you so much, what a lovely comment. and jack was great as always.

    anon - the levi's are mid rise straight 552's.

    jo - thank you so much. would you believe i came across 2 in my local thrift store recently for $6 each!

    annie - thank you and yes it is the same jacket. i find it goes with everything.

    anne marie - thank you so much for the glam/hair compliment. i'll tell erin my hairdresser that you want it. and it is fascinating that we do keep going to the same clothes even when we have a larger choice.

    joan - yes, but remember it includes all accessories, shoes, bags, etc. it does add up quick. it's been kinda fun. you know me and my challenges. jack white is my boyfriend, pay attention!!!

  27. Ah, Jack White, i wondered who you were stalking!

    Good choice, let's get together and watch The Holiday.

    33 huh, don't know. maybe. maybe not.

    xo Jane

  28. tara - well it's only fair since you are always poking me to do something in my garden.

    jane - stalking? he's my BOYFRIEND. and just to make sure you are clear that it is jack white not jack black. just in case.

  29. you are ms. fabulousness! like has been said above - you have a great look.

    i love the idea of having only 33 clothing items. my closet would feel so roomy! and i'd especially like it if my beloved would embrace this concept.

    please post more outfits!

  30. Love your outfit....what a great idea this is!

  31. Janet you look the BIZZ - you and your son could grace the pages of the Sartorialist!! Great idea - could I do it I wonder - I certainly love the sound of it. x

  32. tera - thank you and to be clear, i have more than 33 pieces of clothing. i chose 33 to wear for 3 months. i'm hoping this helps me truly get rid of the unworn clothes and keep me from making mistakes in the future.

    kristen - thank you and it is a good idea if you need wardrobe help, either getting rid of or getting new things.

    sarah - the bizz?! that sounds good! i think you can do it - if you want to.

  33. Janet you look like a million bucks! If I didn't know any better I would think that man was your driver, off to the club and a spot of sherry. Is that the same girl out camping a month ago?

  34. kevin - thanks and yes, i am quite the versatile gal. now shall i have alex bring the car 'round and take us to lunch?

  35. Dear Ms Janet
    I concur with the other ladies - you always always look fabulous. I think that outfit looks amazing. Well, I envy you ladies with your skinny jeans. I have an ample bottom so require considerably more camouflage. Thinking about why decluttering feels so good - I think it is about living in a beautiful and peaceful space without feeling reproached from every corner about things you have failed to do. From a clothes perspective, there is something very healthy about only having those clothes that fit you and that suit you in your closet. You don't feel sad about the you you used to be because you are pretty happy with the you you now are.

  36. Love the idea, but I am not sure if it is the thing for me. I enjoy wearing different clothes too much.

    Happy weekend,


  37. ms. linda in chile - thank you and i think you are so right about that. for me i really don't like looking at mistakes. i'd rather look at a blank wall than a mistake! as far as the 333 challenge goes, i can only speak for myself but i have found it very liberating. loving everything in my closet is just such a good feeling.

    madelief - i so agree with you in that this is not for everyone for sure. too many choices has always been my downfall so maybe this is why it appeals to me so much.

  38. love this. love you. now get over here and clean out my closet wouldya.


  39. Thanks for reminding me a need a black V neck sweater!


  40. Correction...that would be "I need" a hurry as always these days!


  41. linda - a need, i need. who cares? just get your vneck soon!

  42. Janet,
    As always, you look beautiful. I love the 33 items idea. I know it would be easy for me as I tend to stick to 'uniforms' with my wardrobe. Meaning, I wear mostly jeans and pretty much the same tops or sweaters day in and day out!!!
    X Trina

  43. Your list is great. I'm going to try the 33 thing.
    I saw Conan in Atlanta the last performance of his tour. I love him. How fun to go to his first new show! I can see you with Jack White....

  44. slim - a million thanks.

    trina - thank you and i'm a uniform girl too, prob b/c of the catholic school thing.

    betty - thanks and try the 33 thing and report back b/c it is so interesting. and i love a woman of vision! mmmm.

  45. What brand is your brown handbag in this picture? I love it and it would go with my list of clothes I am working getting down ! Thanks..Alison

  46. alison - the brown handbag is an authentic gucci. it is pretty beat up looking and i love it. it's my favorite handbag and i got it at the salvation army for $8. i get a lot of questions about it so i may just do a post on it.


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