alex and meg


So no. 2 son is out of this garage and in a real apartment.  alex and meg allowed me to take some pictures of  their new place just days after they moved in.  I love it all, the chesterfield sofa for $8, the free cabinet to hold their tiny tv, the ladder found in the alley the day they moved in.  And if you notice it has a door that opens with a doorknob instead of a clicker and it has indoor plumbing.  It reminds me very much of our first place.  I love the look.
 I think the place has serious style.


  1. You got that right. Serious style!! Hmmmm. When I get down because I want a newly remodeled bathroom, I will look at this post. So beautiful. So real. So fresh. Makes one want to pare down life and dig in to the fantasy. How do you know them? You are too young to have older children.

  2. Looks as though they both have some serious style of their own, as well as the place. Happy weekend to you.

  3. Love this apartment. What a great place for them. And I love (and so would my husband) seeing that record player. Ah, vinyl is still my favorite.


  4. Style is right, I'm really liking it, esp. the vintage record player and all the albums. I love the crackle. Together we have a big collection, just need to get that record player going again.
    Have a wonderful weekend Janet.

  5. Love the shot of Meg's shoes. (So I suppose that comment by BODECI body is now your favorite comment of all time?)

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE their place! they have serious style indeed!!! I have to print these photos and post them in my apartment for inspiration.


  7. bodeci - ahaha. this is my middle son who just turned 25, our oldest is 30. so i love you for this comment and yes, steve it is now my fav comment of all time!

    karin - they do.

    claudia - thanks and i'd kill for my old vinyl too.

    londen - what a great christmas present that would be, a new turntable.

    steve - yes indeed. that comment is quite wonderful.

  8. sunny - sorry i missed you in there. haha, they will love that!

  9. Dear Janet, your home, their home, you, them, all seriously stylish! (And tomorrow I shall clean my chandelier!)

  10. Seriously gorgeous couple and seriously wonderful apartment.
    Meg's choice of hat is superb.
    Thanks guys for sharing.

  11. Uh yea, they have some SERIOUS style! I dig everything about their fabulous apartment - the shadeless lamps, the camera collection, the ladder, the windows, the AWESOME couch...pretty much everything.
    And not to mention, they are a great looking couple - the first picture looks like a magazine cover. I wish I were young and cool again....

  12. Oh wow, I love it! Gorgeous home and gorgeous couple.

  13. they are very cool looking kids and i hoep they love every minute of their beautiful life in this apartment. i remember those cool days having hardly any stuff but a mind full of things i wanted to do/feel/achieve...

    ahh. gorgeous. love your shots!!

    xo terri

  14. Very stylish. This could be in design*sponge.

  15. Dear Janet, Such a cute and dapper couple. The apartment has alot of atmosphere, love those windows. It looks like it gets a lot of light, a real plus particularly during the winter. Wishing them every happiness in their new home. Hugs, Joyce

  16. rosemary - thank you and tomorrow i will bake something!

    anne marie - they don't have internet yet so i will say thank you for them.

    paige - thank you for your comment and i will pass it along.

    sarah - you and me both on the young and cool thing.

    marygrace - thank you. coming from someone young and hip as yourself!

    terri - don't you just remember what it was like? so great.

    lpc - thanks and should i try to submit them?

    joyce - you are so sweet with your wishes for them. i will pass that on. thank you.


  17. Simple, subtle and stunning...
    the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

  18. Shot like a new type of catalogue. You go Janet!!

    Garden & Be well, XO Tara

  19. Hi Janet,

    The first photo looks like a magazine shot. Too cute.


  20. how can alex be the same age as us? it was just yesterday that he was born!!! I love, love, love their new place. he has his mom's style for sure.

  21. it's me


    j (margot)

  22. Seriously stylish place and seriously stylish couple - it must be in the genes, Janet! x

  23. Love this picture of Alex and Meg. It says it all!

    the other Janet

  24. Let's see if blogger will let me comment this time....

    Because that's your son I'm going to forgive them for being so good looking, having such effortless style, such a great camera collection, and hardest of all I'm going to forgive the fact that Meg has those shoes and I don't.

    xo Jane

  25. I too love everything about your Alex new apartment... great style!!!!
    Did I tell you that I´m so fed up of my home so full of stuff... decided to get rid of many things... but would really love to buy their chesterfield to start everything over again, a new home let´s say.... do you think alex would sell it for, 20 or 30 dollars... jajaja!!!

  26. leslie - thank you. and you might be right.

    tara - thank you very much.

    linda - i think so too.

    margot - it does seem like yesterday.

    sarah - thanks i think they are stylish too.

    janet - thanks, i think so.

    jane - blogger has been driving me crazy the last few days. i think her shoes are steve madden.

    maria cecilia - there is no way you are getting rid of your stuff! yes, let's switch.

  27. Dear Janet, Well this apartment is certainly a step up from a garage! It is most stylish and, clearly, the pieces have been chosen with care and an artistic eye for detail. What an absolutely delightful place to call home.

  28. Hi Janet,
    Very stylish and chic! Both Alex and Meg AND the apartment!
    X Trina

  29. I bet that wonderful apartment is a lovely reflection of them - I wish I had that confidence and style so young...still wishing I did actually. I think Meg's legs are helping the cool shoes (if that's not too personal). I would look like Miss Marple in them!! All the best to them.x

  30. edith - i'm glad you like it, surprised, but glad.

    trina - thank you and i'll pass it on to the couple.

    belinda - it really does reflect their style. and yes, meg is a beautiful girl, inside and out.

  31. ADORABLE! Congrats Alex and Meg on your new place!

  32. These two are so stylish it hurts! Their new place is the ultimate in thrift-store chic.

  33. Wow!!! Beautiful!!! Tres chic!!! This is what I am striving to get back too...ahhh..youth!!!

  34. cashmere librarian - thank you, i think they are adorable too.

    fiona - you are such a sweetheart - it hurts.

    joan - i'd say something clever in french if i knew any. merci?

    heather - you and me both!

  35. Congrats to them; I love it! I am seriously lusting after that sofa...


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