white bistro chili enchiladas

happy friday everyone.

so here is the recipe for the enchiladas.
i hope you love them as much as we do.
this chili was probably my biggest seller when i catered.

i highly recommend making the white chili a day or 2 ahead of time, it makes assembling the enchiladas easier b/c the chili thickens after refrigeration.

1/2 c chopped onion
1/2 t cumin
2 15 oz cans of garbanzo beans
4 oz can green chiles
1 T chopped jalapeno
2 1/2 c vegetable broth
1/2 c pearl barley

saute onion and cumin until onion is soft
add the rest of the ingredients and simmer for 45 minutes or until the barley is soft.
i usually mash the chili with a potato masher a few times to break down the beans a little.

it is delicious as this point but if you want to make enchiladas then there is a little more work ahead.
you'll need...

1 large can of green enchilada sauce
corn tortillas
vegan cheese if you choose to use it
chopped green onion for garnish

after dipping a tortilla in hot oil for a few seconds you then dip it in a bowl of enchilada sauce.
put about 3 T of chili in each tortilla and roll up.
place ea rolled tortilla into a 9x13 pan that has some of the green sauce poured into the bottom.
top the rolled up enchiladas with the remaining green sauce
sprinkle the cheese if using and bake at 375 degrees for about a half an hour or until the tortillas are browning and the cheese melts.

i will not be putting the daiya cheese on the enchiladas i  make for thanksgiving b/c my family doesn't like it.
but i do like it so i put it on these yesterday.:)

have a wonderful friday and be kind to someone who looks like they need it.



  1. Gracias, Juanita! These enchiladas look muy bueno...~okay, enough of my no bueno Spanglish~

    Seriously though, I have LOVED every post this month. As a new vegan (since June!) I am learning to adapt my repertoire of recipes to this new way of eating. I do not want to be a convenience food vegan--I didn't eat that way prior and don't intend to start now. And when I say "convenience" I mean frozen or packaged stuff. I want fresh food, delicious, simple... and that's what you have been sharing with us. THANK YOU. Blessings to you and your family. ~Lina (which is my real name but it has Latino flair, no?)

    1. thank you lina! i know these posts have been tedious and not that popular but i did want to show that it isn't that hard to eat vegan. thank you for your feedback - much appreciated. xo

    2. Janet,

      Your food posts have certainly been popular with me. I love reading receipts and seeing delicious looking food beautifully photographed. Your November posts are perfect for World Vegan Month.

      There’s just no getting around it: animal agriculture harms animals, humans and the earth. It’s an archaic practice that should have no place in the modern world.

      Being vegan is the most sustainable, least violent and most humane diet possible. It's so easy yet does so much good.

      5 Reasons Why I Wished I'd Gone Vegan Sooner

      Sam Twain

    3. Hi Sam-!
      Thank you so much for posting that wonderful news about your friend on a previous section. I am thrilled that I inadvertently helped someone.
      Thanks also for your kind comments! I am so happy knowing you often forward my info.
      I really am trying to help people with health. My husband had a bad health scare 2 years ago
      and now is doing beautifully on a vegan diet.
      thanks again!

  2. I was surprised that you used corn tortillas instead of flour. Corn is my favorite, dripping in butter or queso. The recipe looks easy and filling and I will be trying it soon.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    p.s. You are always so energetic and enthusiastic about your life-it's a delight to see women of (our) certain age behaving like that!

  3. Wow, that looks delicious! x

  4. I'll be making these over the weekend. Sounds DELISH!!

  5. can't wait to try this recipe!
    i've been telling friends that i might be making vegan enchiladas for thanksgiving.
    they had a hunch before, but now they are certain i'm nuts ♥

  6. I have never thought of using a white bean for enchiladas - where have I been?! These look and sound so good and "creamy." I'll have to try these soon - thank you!

  7. I've become a much more creative cook since going vegan 2 years ago.
    Mostly we eat simple meals--soups and potatoes and beans and salads and grains.
    But I have found so many wonderful recipes that require a bit of work but are not really complicated and
    I love making those when not rushed. Thanks Janet for all you share with us. You ARE showing us all
    that is not that hard to eat vegan. Your posts have not been tedious at all. They are wonderful.
    Bless you-!

    I so agree with Sam that animal agriculture harms animals, humans and the earth and is an archaic practice that should have no place in the modern world.

    Even flexitarians might be at increased risk for developing arthritis:

    1. Speaking of flexitarians, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau has an excellent talk for excuse-tarians titled

      "From Excuse-itarian to Vegan: Addressing the Blocks and Debunking the Myths that Keep People from Making Changes"

      It's an excellent presentation. Colleen is engaging throughout.

      Sam Twain

    2. Sam-Thanks for posting the youtube lecture
      by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. I just finished watching it and it is GREAT.
      I will send this one to people I know!

      There are many ways people numb themselves and disconnect from their natural empathy for farmed animals.
      In our affluent industrialized world, people don't eat meat because they have to, but because they choose to.

      A friend told me recently about a German saying, "Einsicht ist der erste Schritt zur Besserung."...
      translation: Insight/acknowledgment/recognition is the first step toward recovery.

      Everyone has the right to make their own choices, but I think if more people knew the truth about the animals, they would make the choice for moral veganism. There is no need to inflict cruelty on other living beings or take what does not belong to us, and now that I know the reality of the lives these poor animals live, I could never go down that path again.

  8. Oh...that looks good....I am pinning that for sure!

  9. Hi Janet,

    These enchiladas look fabulous! What could you substitute for the barley? My husband has celiac disease and barley is on the no-list.


    1. oh i would (and i often do) substitute rice. white or brown. just make sure it is precooked and i would use about 2 cups of it. you would not have to cook the chili as long either. just add it to the pot after about 15 minutes of the other ingredients cooking. again, i would make it the day before. it's really good with rice too.:)

  10. Well Juanita, lol
    I think that this looks delicious! I love enchiladas, but haven't eaten them in years and years because I prefer the white chili ones and never had a recipe. Guess what I am making this weekend! Delish!!!

  11. "i know these posts have been tedious and not that popular..."

    I disagree; these are my Favorite Posts, because I love food. I have saved all your recipes/menus and have enjoyed everything I've made. I love the way you eat - simply, healthy, seasonal, delicious and appetizing to both eye and stomach.
    I am thankful that you put in so much time and effort to give us wonderful gifts like this.


  12. Dear Janet, these are my favorite posts. You are not wasting your time or mine. I love knowing how you prepare your meals b/c I'm new to veganism and I need direction. I have been writing down your recipes and now I have binders full.
    Thank you...xo K

  13. Janet,
    This looks so delicious...You nnow I'm not vegan, but still many of your recipes turn into favorites at our house. And on these days we feel like we are eating so healthy. Your family doesn't like Daiya cheese? That's funny, because it's Patrick's favorite now.

  14. I am always searching for new vegan recipes and see stuff somewhat repeat itself, and I must say I have not seen anything like this!
    I know I will love it.
    Thanks so much Janet!

  15. I am enjoying your posts and it is providing me with some new receipe ideas. since i am gluten free this will work except the barley. Do you think quinoa would work or would rice be better? Or do you have another suggestion? Thank you for the ideas!

  16. Uh oh, just saw your response to another persons question regarding the barley. So rice it is! Thanks

  17. I am enjoying your posts and it is providing me with some new receipe ideas. since i am gluten free this will work except the barley. Do you think quinoa would work or would rice be better? Or do you have another suggestion? Thank you for the ideas!

  18. Janet, you are fabulous, but a Jimmy Dean ad on your site? You always talk about being a vegan, but I guess you will push meat for money. I am so disappointed.

    1. dear anon, that jimmy dean ad you see (or any other ad you see on my blog) is following you, not me. that is how google ads work. for instance if i am looking at a dress on the j.crew site that dress advertisement will follow me everywhere i go on the internet. the ads are targeted at you, not the blog address you are on.

  19. I have never looked at a Jimmy Dean ad in my life. I am terribly sorry if I have accused you unfairly.
    But something must be done about this ad because it does appear you are willing and happy to promote this product. And I have never seen or heard of an ad following me, and this has never happened on any other website I go on.

    1. well i can assure you that the ads you see are following you. you may have looked at a cooking site that had the jimmy dean ad on it. this is not unique to my blog. to prove my point i suggest you go to one of your favorite shopping sites, whether it be a dept. store or hotel or anything you would look at and come back to my blog or any blog that uses google adsense and i promise you that ad will be somewhere, maybe not instantly but it will. this is the way google adsense works, believe me when i tell you that this is how big business is tracking all of us these days. it really is out of my hands, i have no say in it whatsoever, i recently signed up for the google adsense program b/c of the time i devote to the blog. i make very little from the ads, but it does help. i'm sorry if you are offended.

    2. another thought i just had is that it is thanksgiving week and maybe google was paid something extra by this company to really push their product. i know a lot of people put sausage into their stuffing mix. just a thought.

  20. Janet, it's on the stove, simmering now : ) Haven't been inspired to cook in a long while, eating cooked oatmeal in the morning and soup and salad at Panera for lunch, something raw, easy for dinner; however, this recipe inspired! Had most of ingredients on hand except for green sauce, but only picked up one can of carbonzo beans, so substituted white navy beans, which was in the panty, for the additional can called for. Hope it will still be tasty! Thanks for sharing for recipe!

    1. they will be delicious. i often make substitutions like that. i even substitute rice when i don't have barely on hand. i just pre-cook it and then add it. let me know what you think of it ok?

  21. Janet, OMG!!! This is the most Delicious thing I've ever made, ever!! And I'm 65 years old, have done a whole lot of cooking! In all my days I've never made anything as good. This will be a staple in my diet going forward, I'm certain. The only changes I made was the one can of white navy beans, used Ezekiel sprouted tortillas, a mixture of two Dayia cheeses, and added 3 drops of Texas Pete hot sauce. Can't think you enough, Janet, for this delicious recipe! I'll be returning to cooking. And, I like the chili all by itself, too. I'm thinking of how good it is of you to share such a special recipe. Can hardly imagine what it will taste like on the second day! Xo

  22. p.s. Janet, do not mean to be a pest, but would greatly appreciate your opinion re freezing. The recipe makes quite a lot for a one-person household. Only baked 3 enchiladas for the first batch and have lots of chili left over. Would love to take it with me to the beach for my vacation; leaving 11/24 and not sure it will keep in frig that long. What do you think? Next, for Thanksgiving, making your spinach stuffed tortillas and pumpkin soup. Thank you again!

    1. haha, you've really made my day. it was super popular when i catered that is for sure.

      i have frozen the enchiladas with good results.:)

  23. well, i made these today for thanksgiving... LOVED them!
    blogged about them HERE.
    looking forward to leftovers : )
    thank you, janet, for the inspiration & recipes!!!

  24. Hi Janet...I peek in often but dont always commnet...my friend Catie shared your enchiladas on her blog, and they look and sound fantastic...cannot wait to try this recipe...thanks!! The potato stacks look amazing too!!

  25. These were AWESOME. I have to confess that I don't use added oil in my diet so I simply heated each tortilla in the micro for 10 seconds and then dipped each in the sauce before filling with the white chili mix. They were so yummy.....thanks for the recipe and PLEASE keep posting recipes you enjoy. They certainly seem to be the ones I enjoy as well!


kindness is never out of style.

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