a good day to change

today i wrap up world vegan month.

for those of you who have been toying with the idea of a vegan diet,
i really, really hope you were able to see that being vegan is really, really easy.
that's 4 really's in once sentence so it must be true.

if i inspired one person to become vegan then it was worth it
(let me know if i did or if this helped.)
because that alone would save over 200 animals a year from death.
two hundred.
just think if 2 of you changed your diets to vegan, or 3 or 4 and so on...
and then maybe you inspired a friend or family member.

just think of that kindness multiplied in the world by you!

thank you all for reading and inspiring me to keep going.



  1. You inspire me everyday...in so many ways. XO

  2. Thank you for sharing your meals with us Janet. I do admire your ability to eat vegan but I am not there myself, and I'll say, at least not yet. Food for thought though. Pun intended.

  3. Hola my dear Janet, it´s been so long since my last visit to your world, I have soooo enjoyed visiting you again, your outdoor set has caught my heart, so beautiful... and you are looking so pretty, as always with all your great outfits.
    sending you lots of hugs from here

  4. Dear Janet, as you have seen over the past weeks - your blog truly inspires me to change my diet.
    Just yesterday I discovered that by eating no animal products, my toothflesh will stay healthy and have less inflammations! There are really many postive side effets to a vegan diet.

    Maybe I missed it or you did not mention it before: do you ever take nutritional supliments? I know people who eat vegan and they swallow one pill a day that provides them with all the nutritions a vegan diet usually does not provide – except you plan your meals thorougly.

    Looking forward to hear your opinon on this!

    Thank you for sharing your meals with us. :)

    1. ok, I googled your blog and found the answer. :)
      I will check out the vitamin b12 alternatives the market has to offer.

      Maybe I start eating Kellogg's :-)

  5. you never fail to inspire me with your common sense, great humour and all-round fabulousness. Have a fantastic weekend. xxx

  6. People have shifted their diets from 5% animal products & 95% whole-plant foods [ 100 years ago] to our current diet of 42% animal products plus 51% refined foods plus only 7% whole plant foods. Lots to chew on ... no wonder so many people develop cancer and heart disease and autoimmune diseases & diabetes today-!

    janet it was you who sent me an article months ago about how:

    39 % of illnesses
    48% of hospitalizations
    60% of deaths

    are attributable to eating poultry, beef, pork, deli meats, sea food & game.

    --yikes--that is almost HALF of all illnesses & hospitalizations and over half of all deaths.
    that strikes me - especially considering that people do NOT need to eat those things-!

    we live in a society where the norm is to be sick (and on pills)... people would rather not know, not see, not change...
    if you still enjoy eating meat you either do not care about animals OR you are disconnected from your natural
    compassion for them. and you have never stopped eating meat long enough to give your taste buds a chance to
    get dialed back and callm down. if you keep on eating meat you will keep on wanting to eat it. simple as that.

    if you are like most people--you have to disconnect from your compassion for animals in order to keep eating the butchered bodies of dead animals. you do not want to think - or feel sad-- about what you are eating--dead animal flesh- so you block it.

    regarding protein-- check out Dr. Greger’s video on vegan protein status showing that vegans had higher circulating protein levels than omnivores due to reduced inflammation in the liver. your liver is one of your powerhouse organs - you don't want to inflame it!

    the world is a better place for me eating like I do. because I don't eat meat I am polluting the world less and causing less suffering to animals and ensuring greater food security for people who have much less than me. i just wish every one would do it. if only people could see past immediate (passing) desires. because once you become accustomed to eating like this it becomes second nature (like the air that you breathe) - you don't need to even think about it!

    Two years and still going plant strong! my health has never been better. i have great energy and sleep beautifully. my numbers are great and my bmi is 18.

    1. Thank you, Shell.

      Pathogens in animal products cause deadlier illnesses

      See the data and charts on hospitalizations and food-borne illnesses

  7. You inspired me back in June and I've not looked back. I am quietly setting an example for those in my sphere of influence who look at my plate and go "wow, that looks GOOD"... For Thanksgiving I made a turkey for the family but everything else was vegan and delicious. I didn't make a huge deal out of it, but my plate spoke for itself by being full of deliciousness without an animal being sacrificed to feed me. Funny thing, the day after Thanksgiving my husband and I enjoyed leftovers, all vegan...he didn't even want any leftover turkey. So progress is being made among my people. THANK YOU for sharing your food ideas this month. I loved every post.

  8. Thank you, Janet, for a wonderful World Vegan Month. You've shown how truly easy it is to do something that is critically important for the future of the world

    Some become vegan when they learn of the immense suffering of farm animals for food we don't need. Others become vegan upon learning animal agriculture is a primary cause of deforestation, land degradation, air pollution, water shortage, water pollution and biodiversity loss.

    Hurricane Sandy is a tragic illustration of catastrophic damage due to climate change. Evidence demonstrates that animal agriculture is responsible for 51% of greenhouse gases that lead to global warming. It's responsible for a larger percentage of greenhouse gas emissions than buildings, or all the cars, trucks, ships, trains and planes.

    Once you realise you make a difference with each meal, suddenly the picture changes. You do have a choice, and the choice you make every day affects animals, the environment and the global climate.

    Veganism is the most effective tool against climate change. The future is truly placed squarely in our hands… or rather, in our mouths.
    If we're serious about lessening the impact of climate change, the best thing we can do is cease the consumption of animals.

    Visit http://www.culinaryschools.org/yum/vegetables/, http://www.brook.com/veg/ and http://www.humanemyth.org/
    for more information.

  9. Oh, you inspired me a lot! Being a vegetarian for years, I am heading more and more into the vegan direction. I don't eat eggs and drink milk anymore, I found great substitutes for it. I may eat a cake from the bakery, that is with eggs, of course. But I am cutting down. My only problem is cheese, especially mozzarella for cooking. I am looking for substitutes. But I would say I am 60 % vegan now as well, way to go...

  10. Janet, you did inspire me ~ I am just about complete the first week of my two week vegan trial. I've been vegetarian for 15 years so it hasn't been a drastic change and it's been a little easier than I thought it would. Frankly, I'm amazed at how good I feel in only one week's time. The biggest change has been sleep.....I am sleeping like an angel without waking up once. My skin also looks and feels better and my jeans are fitting nicely. It's been a long time since I could say that! I didn't have any medical conditions starting out but I wanted to know if I could just feel better (more energetic, etc) and I do already. So thanks for your inspiration!

    (I'd get into how many animals I could save and how it feels to eat without guilt but I'd literally be here writing all day!)

  11. Hubby and I have been discussing this idea for a while now. We have friends/family that are vegetarian and vegan; it would not be a stretch for us since we cut way back on meat eating a zillion years ago ( no beef/red meats; lean proteins about 3x a week). It's really been on our minds lately, and our thinking is once we use up what's in our freezer, we'll not be filling it up again with animal products. That should be around the new year-good time to begin new habits!

    Thanks for sharing your recipes with all of us :)

  12. Beautiful illustration to end your WVM posts. Thank you Janet. I'm 85% of the way there thanks to your example. I have a friend who is vegan and says when trying to get a point across sometimes - "no blood in my kitchen - thank you" It's hard-hitting but makes one think.

  13. Thanks for your continued inspiration Janet. I was raised vegetarian and took my whole family vegan almost two years ago. You are right, it's not hard and so worth it for us, the animals and the planet. I love to see what you are eating as we seem to have very similar taste :). My latest vegan ah-hah moment was using the immersion blender in a measuring cup to whiz up my flax meal "eggs" for baking. So much better than whisking! Thanks for the month of yummy food.
    S in Seattle

  14. I cannot image any other way to live. Veganism is so ingrained in me that I think all the meat eaters are the odd ones....You, as always are an inspiration. I am so glad we chat again!

  15. This is a soulful post, Janet. I've been nearly a life-long Vegetarian and now, thanks to you, I'm eating Vegan. Today I made your egg salad using extra-firm Tofu. It is yummy. I'm on vacation at the beach and it is perfect to have in the frig for a quick meal. I'm finishing off the last the the white chili I froze to bring on the trip and it is still very tasty, especially at night with a glass of wine. I'd always thought there was nothing wrong with eating animal by-products. You've helped me become aware and now it's impossible to continue. I think it is conscious eating - good for the body and the mind. Thank you.

  16. dear janet, i now think of you (almost) every time i eat meat, so vegetarian is not too far off for me...again!

    i am more conscious in many ways than i was a year or two ago, and you are part of that...!

    xo terri

  17. Just this week I talked someone into going vegetarian two to three days a week ... sometimes that's all it takes to get started.

  18. Thank you for showing me some lovely vegan - and life - ideas that I will incorporate in my world.

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  20. Thanks Janet. This is the best blog ever!


  21. YOU have inspired me! I want to try some of your recipes. I hate to make excuse, but there are many reasons why I can't become vegan. However, I can make efforts and do better. If everyone could try a little, then things could change. Your blog is an inspiration, and I hope that you will keep sharing your wisdom and advice. THANKS!

  22. Janet,
    It is a pleasure having you as a virtual vegan friend. I love how passionate you are about your diet, and about life!

  23. You inspired me to eat vegan over two years ago!!
    -Suzanne in Illinoi

  24. You've inspired m to go vegan, along with some other friends. I'm loving these recipes, and the balanced way I feel.


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