pasta with vegetables

last night, dinner was made from these beautiful leftover veggies.
i had extra eggplant and peppers from the napoleons i made the other night so i just added a cut up tomato and sauteed them all in a tiny bit of olive oil.  i also had a little leftover spaghetti sauce, which was all i needed.
topped it off with a chiffonade of fresh basil. non-traditional thanksgiving menu, with an emphasis on non-traditional.:)

see you soon.



  1. That looks like it has lots of flavor. I love eggplant. My stomach cannot handle pasta...I could put this over zucchini though.

  2. I adore aubergine and rarely have it 'cos Jon loathes it! That look delicious! x

  3. This looks delicious, I especially like the paste swirled n the fork.

    Did you miss my comment earlier,
    November 10, 2012 9:21 AM
    I was wondering how it comes that every dish you portray is surrounded by sunlight, even the dinner-dishes. Around here it get's dark at 4pm and the sun fades at 3, that's when the mist takes over.
    Today again, pasta, served in the bright sunlight. Does it never overcast where you live?
    Your cloud-free-weather is becoming eerie :-)

    1. ahh sorry paula i didn't answer earlier. you can see in the first photo the last bit of sunlight hitting the garden in the left corner. in another few minutes the sun will have set.
      so i always try to get a photo before that happens. yes, it does get overcast here, not often, but it does.:)

    2. I so want to be where you are right now. *sigh* I have no idea, where all the mist comes from.

      However, your photos are really inspiring and make me want to cook vegetables every single time I look at them. Thank you for posting food. I know many people think it is silly to post food, I am not on their side.

  4.'s like a color wheel on a plate. I was just looking through your blog for your last years post on Thanksgiving...or maybe it was the year before.

  5. I just would like to know how you do do you stay so slim and trim with potatoes, pasta and bread all the time? I love these items too, but my scale creeps up very quickly when I eat these things. Please share! Love your blog and your fashion sense and your home!


    1. We have all been taught that potatoes and rice will make us fat. they won't. it's the fat that makes us fat!
      if we we put fat ON potatoes and rice
      then yes, that fat will make us fat. dr mc dougall says "the fat you eat is the fat you wear".
      if you leave off the butter, sour cream, cheese & gravy potatoes are healthy!

      Yesterday i had a green smoothie and
      some toast with almond butter and tea [ breakfast ] and later that morning i had some
      pineapple and a half a yukon potatoe with some malt vinegar on it. I had brown
      rice & lentils & mung beans with mixed veggies & half a potatoe [ lunch ] & some air-popped popcorn for a snack.
      even later on i had 2 steamed yukon potatoes with bbq sauce & a salad [ dinner ].
      I'm 5' 8" and I weight 118. My BMI is 17.9.

      Humans crave starches. They always have and always will. Ways of eating that deprive them of starch will leave them unsatisfied.
      Too much bread and pasta can cause people to gain weight but mostly it's the FAT you eat that makes you FAT.
      As Dr Mc Dougall says " the fat you eat is the fat you wear" [ oil, butter, cheese, etc]

    2. WOW - this makes so much sense. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this information. I never thought of it that way....I LOVE potatoes, pasta and bread so now I will begin to expore ways of eating them without the FAT! Also, I will check out the link on how you lost 15lbs too...I guess I did miss that one, don't know how I missed it as I could sure use to lose 15lbs too. I will let you know if that helps as well. Thank you for all your inspiring information! Laura

    3. One of my favorite toppings for baked potatoes is salsa!

  6. did you miss this?

    let me know if this helps.:)

  7. Janet that looks delicious and your photography is fabulous.

  8. Two years ago I served your vegan Thanksgiving dinner to my non-vegan family members, and it was a success. xo

  9. This looks so delicious. You amaze me with what you just whip up!

  10. Your pasta looks absolutely delicious. I made a wonderful vegan veggie stew that we've been enjoying for supper the past three nights. It has carrots, celery, onion, tomatoes, kale and cannellini beans and the base is water and tomato juice. It's healthy, hearty and yummy. The beans add protein. I've noticed that in several of your featured meals there isn't a protein, and I wondered what your main source is and how much you get on a daily basis. I've read that most people eat too much protein (in the form of meat), but I wonder about a lack of it in the vegan diet. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. your supper sounds delish. i have no problem meeting my protein requirements in a days eating.
      remember i'm only showing you one meal a day that i'm eating.

      this may help too...

    2. Thanks, I just read the post. Your breakfast look yummy. When I went vegetarian, I heard too that I'd better make sure to get enough protein. But not going vegan means I eat dairy -- and truth be told, I'm actually pescatarian since I do eat fish once in a while. I like to get my protein from beans, lentils, nuts and dairy. Thanks for sharing your meals with us.


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