how to tell if it's vegan

if you are ever unsure...

cute, huh?

last night i met my girlfriends at a local mexican restaurant for dinner
and i took this really lousy picture of what i ordered.
can you even tell what it is?

it's a black bean taco on a freshly made tortilla.  it's topped with a cabbage and tomato relish and avocado slices.
the picture is bad but the taco was good.

what are you all up to this weekend?
i'm gonna tackle the basement again.  i'm looking for a sweater that larry's grandmother knit for me when i was 17 yrs old.  i think it's down there somewhere.

whatever you do - make it nice.

and i'll see you tomorrow.



  1. Make it nice. Awwwww...I LOVE that! xxoo

  2. That really made me laugh!
    30th year school reunion , I'm so not in the mood, might not even go. The blahs are here.

    1. Tabiltha after you showcased your outfit I thought how you would be rocking the event...
      have a swig of bourbon and get dressed and go :-)

  3. this sounds lovely, good luck finding the sweater,

  4. Cute cartoon! I made almost the same dinner last night! Soft corn tortillas with soy chorizo, corn and avocado topped with shredded cabbage and a homemade tomato salsa. And a dap of Toffutti sour cream. YUM! This weekend is full of fall yard cleanup and hopefully seeing a movie.

  5. Yummy, it just goes to show how many great meals we can eat. I am not a vegetarian or a vegan but have been cutting back on meat and eating more veggies...
    I think perhaps because of your posts.
    Who knows I may morph into a vegan.

  6. your mex food looks and sounds great. here in san diego today we are getting ready for more rain-hooray!

    well we went to a new [to us] mexican place for lunch the other day.
    Beautiful place! i had even emailed the manager in advance and asked if some of their
    tostadas and sopes could be made vegan. he wrote back and said yes.
    we were hoping the sopes and tostadas
    could be ordered with potatoes and lettuce and and no cheese or chorizo but our waitress said the chorizo and
    cheese & potatoes are mixed in advance
    together. we wanted the chorizo & cheese left off but not the potato. so anyway we ordered them with beans & lettuce.
    and they were so-so.--but I would have liked it if they could be ordered with potatoes & perhaps some avocado, tomatoe and maybe
    onion and cilantro on them. so i emailed the manager after our visit there and told him that and said
    it's just a suggestion in case you want any feedback from vegan customers.
    the more vegan you eat - the better you will feel and the more your determination to keep eating this way will strengthen.
    like one of your readers posted on a prior section, i too think the main reason people feel better on a vegan diet is b/c the body is not wasting
    energy processing CRAP & hard to digest foods.
    you feel lighter and have more energy. in addition to that you just feel better about yourself and all living beings when you are vegan.

  7. Hilarious and words to live by! Good luck with finding that jumper. I'm hoping to transform a pile of vintage clobber into a flight to India! xxx

  8. Cute: I became a Vegan last year due to high cholesterol. My down fall are sweets. Please include some dessert receipes. Do you have a receipe for vegan pesto; love pesto.

    Can you give us an update on Suzanne?


    1. I make pesto w/o oil by blending water and light miso paste with fresh basil, blk pepper, and garlic. If I have them I also add pine nuts, for the flavor. The fermented miso, makes a great substitute for the salty/smelly parmesan that would normally be in the pesto. (lets face it, when you've been off cheese for awhile, "good" parm smells kinda like stinky feet.) Tossed in with pasta some lightly steamed green and yellow squash, maybe some tomatoes, and or portobellas you have a light but filling and fairly elegant dish sans meat. Even the pasta with just pesto is great.

    2. Shell:
      Thanks for the info. I'm not that great of a cook, so would you mind being more exact in how much water, basil, etc. Where can you purchase miso paste? Thanks: Sheree

    3. Thank you so much for asking about me--The Gardener's Cottage has gathered the kindest people. From the moment Janet put my email on her blog, followers of The Gardener's Cottage sent the most beautiful and generous gifts to me via Janet. I was so touched and so grateful, and it still brings tears to my eyes--Tears of gratitude and overwhelming awe. I was also blessed with some of her followers keeping in touch with me and providing the most helpful and smart advice concerning housing and insurance.
      It will be 6 months since the accident. I just moved from 3 days a week physical/occupational therapy to 2 days a week occupational therapy only. This means I am improving, but my surgeon has decided to begin a series of surgeries to help with this hypertrophic scarring that's developed where the skin grafts and skin donor sites are located on my body. I will be very happy to get some help with this as these scars are painful and cause difficulty with movement.
      As for my living arrangements, my husband and I decided to rebuild on our property and purchased a pre-fab house that actually went up today! We have been told that we should be in the new house by Christmas. It will be nice to have our own home again.
      So that's where I am at these days--and I thank you so much for asking. I consider myself very blessed, and I thank God every moment in each day.

    4. Oh Suzanne!: I'm glad to hear how you are doing. I will keep praying for you. Sheree

  9. Your dinner looks delish, Janet, and I hope you find your finally got cold enough here to pull out my sweaters, but so many of them have moth holes! I hope yours is intact after all those years ;)

  10. this is 5 minutes long and very good-!

  11. I wish I could eat at your house!

  12. anything with a perfect them and they are so terrible here. I love your simplistic vegan explanation. Hope you find your sweater.

  13. Crazy 'bout the Vegan Society chart.

    Mexican food is the top!

    The Food Empowerment Project created a Vegan Mexican Food page that features Mexican receipts contributed by food lovers from all over.

    The Food Empowerment Project also has important information about turkeys.

    Here's a video that was secretly shot at the Hoke County, North Carolina, Butterball factory farm by an undercover investigator with the animal protection organization Mercy for Animals.

    As most ethical vegans probably know, but carnists clearly don't, turkeys are among the most abused creatures in animal agriculture. Most are raised in darkness, so tightly packed they can scarcely move. Their beaks are removed with a hot knife to prevent them from hurting each other. As Thanksgiving approaches, they become so heavy, their hips buckle. When you see the inside of a turkey broilerhouse, you begin to entertain grave doubts about an American society that tolerates the flap de doodle over pardoning one turkey while torturing the rest.

    This can and must change.

    1. "How many of us really choose to serve turkey on Thanksgiving? Isn’t it more of an expectation or obligation? Something we’re just “supposed to” do? A poultry-industry marketing strategy turned cultural norm that we all, for the most part, accept without question?"

      This is an excerpt from a brief essay by Jo Tyler on her 'This Vegan Life' blog. It's titled 'The Last Turkey I Ever Bought.' It's a powerful and poignant piece.

  14. Sheree, your local health food store should have miso paste. It's fermented soybean paste in a
    little tub - if you've ever had miso soup at a Japanese restaurant, miso soup is made from miso paste.
    If you don't like miso soup then you might not like this miso pesto. It's salty.
    When I visit the farmer's market if the basil looks really good I'll buy 2 bunches - but here is my
    guess as to amounts using ONE bunch of fresh basil:
    ----no-oil pesto using miso-------
    1 bunch fresh basil-wash and cut away most of the stems
    4-5 large cloves garlic - peeled & cut in half
    3/4 cup water
    1-2 Tablespoons miso paste
    10-15 pine nuts
    blend up in blender - store in jar in frig. keeps about 5-6 days.

    * miso is salty so you can start with 1 T & then taste it & then add more if you like but the 1 T amount might be plenty salty enough for you.
    ** don't be afraid to make a mistake - if it's too salty you can add a little more water & basil next time.

    1. Thanks. I appreciate it.

  15. People with heart disease or people needing to lose weight should be careful with oil. Olive oil is not healthy in large amounts.

    Here are some excerpts from an interview with Dr Fuhrman. I love how he is saying all people need to be adopting a wellness-focused diet, mostly vegan. [ I would say ALL vegan-!]
    In Fuhrman's world, the number of calories one consumes is far less important than the types of food he or she ingests. Low-carb, high-protein diets are not only unhealthy, but they will also almost certainly hasten one's death from an unpleasant disease. Olive oil should be avoided, and the Mediterranean diet is practically a sham. A slow metabolism is preferable to a fast one. "Why would you want to speed up your metabolic rate?" he asked me, throwing his hands up in disbelief. "You're aging yourself!"

    Dr Joel Fuhrman's number-one predictor of whether someone will get cancer isn't family history; it's what that person puts in his mouth. "Your genes play a very small role," he says. "And nutrition has the power to overwhelm genetics. The medical profession and the masses have absolved themselves of all responsibility. They think drugs are the answer to everything."

    The U.S. has the world's highest healthcare costs – $2.7 trillion in 2011 – while consistently scoring lowest among developed nations for quality of care. Practitioners of plant-based libertarianism believe that every person needs to take full responsibility for his or her own health. This means adopting a wellness-focused diet, mostly vegan.

    In Fuhrman's system, calorie-dense olive oil (nine points) scores lower than white bread (18 points) because its phytochemical load is so low relative to its fat content.
    "If you want ideal health, you need to overcompensate and eat an excellent diet," Fuhrman says. He estimates that if all Americans were to adopt a nutritarian diet, "the immediate impact is that cancer rates might decrease by half. But the long-term impact, over generations...." He picks up a pencil and draws a downward-sloping line. "If we get kids eating right, we could decrease cancer rates by 90 percent."

    read the whole article here:

  16. Janet--Larry's mom made the sweater for you when you were 17??? There must be a story there! Were you even married to Larry at 17? Do tell (when you find the sweater and post pics of it)! Inquiring minds want to know! :)


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