lunch wrap

this is what i had for lunch yesterday.
and i'll probably have some version of it all week long..
it is so good, i start thinking about it around 10:30 ea morning and can hardly wait til lunchtime to have it.
it makes a great packable lunch too.

take a tortilla (i'm in love with trader joes chili and onion tortillas)
i think the tortilla makes a difference but any tortilla will do.
2 slices tofurkey turkey
spinach or other greens
chopped tomato
avocado slices
a drizzle of trader joes goddess (yum) or your favorite dressing
and what i forgot to put on before i took this photo is
sunflower seeds
i love the way they add some crunch to the smooshiness of the avocado

wrap it up and enjoy.

see you tomorrow with some tips on how to handle dinner invites that are not vegan.
yikes, that is a hard issue and one i'm still working on.



  1. I love the word smooshiness! :)

    Thanks for all your yummy recipes. I think I've tried every one you've given us and they are all delicious. It's better than going through cookbooks, which I'm too lazy to do.

    Yes, the dinner invite....I always laugh when they think they've made me something special and don't realize being vegan means no dairy, not just no meat. We went to a football party this weekend and the hostess reassured me that she made food that I could eat...needless to say, I was hungry when I got home. I'm always afraid of looking rude ... so I'd love to hear how you handle it.

    talk soon...hope all is well. xo

  2. That looks gorgeous. I've never tried those meat substitutes, I'm a bit scared by how real they look!
    Wish we had Trader Joe's in the UK, Krista told me all about them and I was green with envy! xxx

    1. haha vix. i was scared of them too. all they add is a smokiness to the taste. they don't taste like real meat at all. you would love trader joes.

  3. I must try sunflower seeds now, thanks for a simple idea xo

  4. Now I'm hungry and lunch is 3 hours away!

  5. That's what I had for lunch, though an uglier version and ou know I scoffed it at 10.30, and that was after a good breakfast, I love wraps.

  6. It's been so long since I've eaten meat that I cannot eat any of the fake meats like tofurkey or veggie sausage. The taste and texture are too realistic. I'd probably make this without the fake turkey. Isn't that stuff highly processed anyway?

    1. I agree with you--I don't want to eat fake meats.

      I was reading about Tofurky today on-line. I know Dr McDougall is okay with tofu but I guess fake most meat products made from concentrated soy protein raise IGF-1 more than milk does. And too much IGF-1 is cancer promoting.

      soy protein isolates are found in things like Boca Burgers and other fake meats like Boca products, some Gardenburger products and many, many other products. Yes, you will see soy protein isolate on the ingredients list. It is some nasty stuff. I think Tofurkey products are made of whole soybean tofu tofu not soy protein isolates.Tofurky is probably the "best" fake meat you can find, but it's still fake meat.

      Soy isolates and concentrates are commonly listed as one of the first ingredients in fake meats especially Morning Star vegetarian products, which is why I don't buy their products. I also don't eat mock meat dishes at vegetarian restaurants because I am concerned about the ingredients.

  7. That looks delicious! We moved to Florida from So Cal in May and, although they have a few Trader Joe's around, none of them are conveniently close to us. But lo and behold, just a few miles up the street we have a place called The Fresh Market, it's like Trader Joe's times 10! I'll have to explore their tortilla selections:)


    --I am not on any medications for cholesterol or heart or BP
    --I am lowering my risk of cancer
    --I am lowering my risk of autoimmune diseases
    --I won't get diabetes
    --I am making myself heart-attack proof
    --I will be more likely to avoid hospitals and surgeries
    --I am saving money on medical expenses

    --I am happier
    --I have more energy

    --I am in a better mood
    --I sleep better
    --I am proud of myself for changing my [our] lifestyle

    --It feels good to move my body
    --I feel younger

    --I am hopeful I won't have to rely on others to take care of me if I live to be old
    --My husband will enjoy a healthy old age with me since he eats this way too
    --I feel good knowing that no animals suffered or died to feed me

    Many vegans are not healthy. Oreo cookies and coca-cola are vegan - so are chips and olive oil. People
    eating lots of those items may be vegan and yet NOT healthy. I don't like to identify myself as a vegan
    I think of my diet as a "low-fat, starch/plant based eater".

  9. Gary Francione wrote:

    "The three most difficult things about being vegan are: (1) being asked by people who consume rotting flesh and mucous whether my diet is healthy; (2) meeting an astounding number of people who are obsessed with the issue of plants feeling pain; and (3) being told by people that it must be difficult to be vegan."

    Regarding the terror of plant pain, there's a parody of the wildly popular music video “Gangnam Style”

    called “Vegan Style” in which plant pain is a refrain

    “Vegan Style” is silly and fun. Have a go.

  10. I remember when you discovered "goddess" dressing from Trader Joes. What is it? We don't have Trader Joe's in Canada. What would you compare it to?

  11. to any meat eaters out there-- this short video will raise your awareness....

    Melanie Joy says that in order to eat meat we have to psychologically dis-connect from our "self" . . .

    she also mentions the belief that meat & masculinity are linked - women, animals and nature have been exploited by MEN-!!

    1. Thanks for posting the Melanie Joy interview, Shell.

      In his “The Evolution of Man” series, "Discerning Brute" Joshua Katcher addresses the meat and manhood idea. A variety of people are interviewed. For me, the most engaging "Evolution of Man" interview is with vegan martial arts fighter James “Lightning" Wilks, an advocate of high-performance athletic veganism.

      Here's the link to the "Lightening" video interview:

  12. Avocado's are so delicious. Your lunch looks tempting and tasty!

  13. That looks so good. I just bought some gluten free brown rice tortillas today from Tarder I might give this a try tomorrow:)


  14. This looks so good! and it came at the perfect time when I am needing some quick and easy lunch ideas. Only wish we had a Trader Joe's where I live.

  15. What's the goddess sauce?
    I'm thinking that a good alternative could a vinaigrette sauce made with vinegar, lemon and Dijon mustard, it matches avocado perfectly and it's something you'll find in any grocery store in any part of the world.
    Have ever tried mixing in a food precessor olive oil, fennel seeds, and black and green pitted olives, it makes a wonderful vegan sauce for spaghetti...add chilli if you can also spread it on toasted italian bread for's delicious!

    1. goddess is a vegan salad dressing that is sold at trader joes here in the states. i'd say it is a thick italian-like-ish vinaigrette. so your idea would be perfect. i have not tried your other recipe but it sounds delicious.

  16. Loving this, Janet! Keep the recipes coming!


kindness is never out of style.

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