yesterday i...



laid around and tried to capture light.


  1. And you did a great job grabbing that sunlight.

    I love, love, love your house. Chic, classic, cozy, inviting, clean, crisp, and elegant.

    Is that a three-strand pearl bracelet? or a choker?


  2. You captured it very well! I love these little vignettes around your house. And I see your new bracelet - it is gorgeous.


  3. adrienne - thank you. that was a lot of c's. it is a 3 strand freshwater pearl bracelet with a turquoise stone and sterling clasp from julie lorusso. it is so beautiful, it goes with everything and she is so talented she created this just for me!

    claudia -thanks and yes it is from julie.

  4. Oh God Janet I HAVE to get over there. We're gonna have a blast.

  5. lpc - thanks it was a lot easier than the fashion post.

  6. What's the little bumpout in the living room? Is that exhaust chute for your range? I love it; it's a neat little detail. I love how cottages have little retrofits like that.

  7. steve - it's the old chimney for a stove. there is one on the other side of the wall in the kitchen. i guess one was used for cooking and one for heating the living/dining room.

  8. Lovely pictures. You managed to do a great job from a prone position...

  9. Love your house (ditto on Adrienne's description) and especially the lamps in your bedroom and living room. The bracelet is beautiful as well.


  10. Dear Janet, Light is intriguing isn't it, and so very different depending on the season, the time of day, the country one is in....... I really love the golden glow on buildings in Budapest at the end of the day and as summer settles into autumn. Somehow, the gold is more golden and everything takes on a Midas touch!
    The bright lights you have captured in your very pretty cottage give me a sense of the seaside.....white sand, shimmering sea, beautiful beaches and a sparkling gin and tonic....were these things just out of shot?

  11. Are you a secret captured the light beautifully! I especially love the how the light illuminated just a few of the words on the chalkboard.
    Funny how ordinary things look so pretty when sunlight hits them - like how I took a picture of my breakfast this morning because I thought it looked so pretty!

    btw...Gorgeous turquoise ring!

    What are you capturing today? :)

  12. Hi Janet,
    You captured it beautifully. I can totally sense the calm quiet of your day. So wonderfully peaceful.

  13. adrienne - i did spend quite a bit of the day in the prone position.

    linda - yes, thank you and thank julie lorusso for the gorgeous bracelet.

    edith - i would love to see the autumn glow of budapest one day. no sea in sight of my house, only the g&t.

    sarah - you should know by now that i'm a secret everything. after seeing your pics this morning i almost didn't post mine, you put me to shame.

    trina - thank you and i was pretty relaxed, glad you could sense it.

  14. Your house is gorgeous. Perfect. Oh, I would love a day off. This working for a living thing is killing me, and the weekends are always mad. I need to take a page from your book and enjoy a wee break...simply stopping shopping must leave a lot of time, so I am trying to do it more and more (not shopping!).

    xo Terri

  15. And why not! I think laying around has it's healing health properties as well as exercise and eating healthy. WE have got to slow it all down some times! Your home is inviting. Makes me want to lay around and capture light!

  16. Hi Janet.....relax......we have got to slow douwn some times!!!.enjoy love love Ria....

  17. Dear Janet, Beautiful pictures, beautiful three strand pearl bracelet. Reminds me very, very much of Grace Kelly's style. She wore that bracelet with everything, white shirts, skirts, jeans, scarves, and in the evening on the ship on her way to Monaco to be married. When I saw pictures of this, I had to get one too. That bracelet is classic! I believe she also wears it a lot in 'Rear Window' but I would have to verify that to be sure. Hugs, Joyce

  18. terri - thank you. try and lay around and be mediocre this weekend.

    bodeci - yes, slowing down is a health benefit, that's why i do it. ha.

    ria - hi, and you slow down too.

    joyce - you are a veritable fountain of fashion info. you should have a blog. i'm going to watch rear window next week. i love that movie and have not seen it in ages.

  19. ps, I saw the pictures in a book called 'The Bridesmaids', written by one of her bridesmaids in about 1988. Hugs, Joyce

  20. Hi J
    This seems like a relaxing peaceful day. Good for you. It looks a million miles away from the anxiety inducing manic day I had at the Coalface. Talk about stressful. Bring on the holidays I say (you'd probably call a holiday a vacation). I am so excited that today is Friday and cannot wait for the weekend. I am going to the coast to trip the light fantastic with Tom Tom (as he known) before he jets back to China this week. That kid travels more than I do. My Grandfather was operated on last night. He is ok. His name is Thomas but he gets called by his middle name. It has been a very trying time. xxx

  21. Dear Janet, I know, I'm a little too peppy today. But you know I was just thinking, wish RL could see your place, he would not change a thing. Hugs, Joyce

  22. You did a divine job capturing the sunlight! As always you have the cutest little cottage EVA.....and I never tire of seeing pics of it :o)

  23. ff - i prefer holiday to vacation. kiss that little jetsetter for me.

    joyce - you are too funny, but it would be great.

    des - thank you. you are the best eva!

  24. I have no words Janet....other than

    LOVE IT All.

  25. Sorry I've been lurking around in a Trixie like fashion.
    Apparently I've been happy to just look at the pictures and read everyone's comments.

    All lovely, I'm off to bed. Talk tomorrow.
    xo Jane

  26. Love it dear Janet!!!! and oneo has to be very alert to catch just the light you want!!!
    maria cecilia

  27. I just imagined the poses you struck while taking the pictures. at the sink ...
    Your blog plus FF's blog make me wonder if there are more people living in houses than living in appartments when it comes to blog-presence. I get the impression you see more plants than rooftops in the blogsphere.

  28. Lovely photos of a lovely home Janet xx

  29. HOnestly, I know you have said that you couldn;t possibly take any more pictures of your home but you have proofed yourself wrong! Lovely angles, I particularly love the bathroom one, it something you would see in a magazine.

    Also, you look stunning in your photo shoot.

    Because of your blog I can now not remember the last time I had red meat. I am trying a mostly vegetarian diet with seafood. I feel good!

  30. And what a great job you did!
    Happy Friday my friend.

  31. Janet, at first I was shocked. The bed is rumpled! Then I relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the photos, especially your jewellery. All your pieces have so much character and also make me want a pearl bracelet. I'm always in for a stylish bathroom photo too.

  32. How have I just now found you? Oh....I adore your little corner of the world. The images make me giddy with delight. :)


  33. Janet, I finally found your dining room blackboard post...I love it even more now that I can see what you've cleverly written on it!



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