sunday morning garden pics and simply stopping shopping

Because of our unusually mild summer, my garden is looking pretty good for this time of year.  I still have roses blooming and the hydrangeas look amazing.  Salvia's are still going full blast too.  And I have no idea what kind of flower is in the first picture.  It has been in hibernation for almost 3 years now and decided today was the day to bloom.  How nice of it.

I've gotten a couple of inquiries regarding my simply stopping shopping experience so I thought I would bring you up to date on that.  I am still going strong and have pretty much lost the desire to shop.  I am so bored with it.  In fact I'm in the mood to un-decorate my house.  The desire to get rid of stuff is intense.  Larry is hiking Mt. Whitney this weekend and when he gets home he may not have an ottoman to put his feet up on.   I'd like to put it in the front yard and put a match to it. 

So since April 20th this is what I have pair of shorts, a pool cover-up, coral sandals and a little red lantern.  I've spent about $50. that's it.  I've gone through my closet getting ideas for fall clothes and I'm excited that I already have what I want.  I'll be posting my fall favorites soon. 


  1. I think the first picture maybe a spider lily. Worth googling. You're very thrifty by the way, wish I was!


  2. rob - i think you are correct. i googled it and it is aptly named surprise lily. thanks.

  3. So you've simply stopped shopping and I've shifted into high gear. Thanks for helping balance things out for those of us in need of new job clothes! Just ordered two new tops this morning. Trying to stick to a tight pallette though so I won't need many pieces to get a variety of looks. Does that count as simplifying?
    Your garden looks gorgeous. Mine is still looking sad and neglected. Hope to get out in it this evening as the day cools. Happy Sunday to you!

  4. Dear Janet, That's the spirit, the ottoman goes! I think it will be a huge relief and a great lift. xox, CW

  5. Rob beat me to it - I'm quite certain it is a spider daylily - except I've never seen one quite like that. It's gorgeous.

    It has probably taken so long to develop because it looks like it's in the shade and daylilies prefer a bit more sun. You may want to move it to a sunnier location. They also won't bloom well if they are planted too deeply - a common mistake which will delay blooming by two or three years.

    Here's a link to a short video (not mine) showing the planting of daylilies.

    And a link to my divisions which are fewer fans because I'm dividing for eventual retail sales.

  6. Dear Janet, I have absolutely no idea what the flower is that you picture at the start of this posting. But, it is exceedingly pretty and I should certainly find a spot for it in my Maida Vale garden.

    I do agree that there are times in life when one is tired of too many possessions. The simple answer is to do as you are doing and discard. One feels so much better afterwards and then one does quite enjoy creating a new look in the cleared space. As far as clothes are concerned, the relief and satisfaction when, once more, the wardrobe doors close!

  7. Janet

    Your hydrangeas look amazing...I love them to bits.

    I putter and roll up my sleeves to tackle jobs when my husband is away...sometimes I rearrange furniture which drives him batty...and then he puts it all back the way it was before!

    You are an inspiration to so many here in the blog world.

  8. Isn't it funny how once you adjust to not shopping, you just have no desire to start again? Stores just seem so full and stuff and overwhelming. I am trying to start on Christmas shopping - for others....

    I too have been on a mission to get rid of things. Every load I take to donate, I think will be the last one, but I know it's not. What I have kept are old family items...everthing else: gone! My house still has much more than yours, but it's better! I also am finding I can't stand visual clutter ...what is happening to me ??!

  9. Janet, Free yourself of the one thing you don't love. Mark

  10. Hi Janet--great garden pics! My garden is too shabby to bother with pics. The top pic is definitely a spider lily. It is definitely not a surprise lily, which looks very different, and are common where I live.

    Totally with you on the non-shopping. Weird how it just evolves into "so what?"

  11. mark - welcome. is this kirsten's friend? i hope so. if not i'm still thrilled to have another male reader.

  12. That first flower is amazing! I've never seen anything like it. And you hydrangeas are gorgeous too.

    Totally off subject, I know you hate the red house but have you considered painting your foundation a different color?

  13. steve - i'm starting to love the red. what is happening to me?

  14. Can't wait to see your fall faves, Janet. I have a great spring/summer wardrobe, but my fall/winter wardrobe is severely lacking. I hate to say it, but I really do NEED to shop for fall pants and sweaters. Different climate than yours, but still, I'd love to see!

  15. Hi J

    It's a spider lily, where I live they like full sun and have strappy agapanthus like leaves. They are expensive to buy too. I love your garden. What rose is that?

    I admire your non shopping commitment. I haven't bought clothes or ages and I am really making do with what I have.

    What are you doing for books? Library? Borrowing from friends?

    I went through a major declutter last year and it was very satisfying. It lasted for months and I felt so much freer and lighter and like a weight was off my shoulders. x

  16. My friends think I'm weird because I don't like to shop. I make my list and get what I have to but hours of shopping and looking aren't any fun for me. Must be something in the air, I feel like tossing everything.

    Your yard is so beautiful!

    Can't wait for your fall favorites.


  17. I'm rather bored with shopping also. If I need to venture to a big shopping centre I fly around and get out asap.
    Lately I have significantly cut back on my grocery shop and am very disciplined. I'm on a mission to use up whats in the pantry instead of adding more stuff.

    Why do you dislike the ottoman J?

  18. Things are winding down in our garden...and leaves are already falling!

    I have cut back on shopping for necessity's sake - as freelancers, things are very slow and we have no choice. That's okay, we can handle it.


  19. Janet - I still love the non shopping idea. I don't care for shopping, myself, so it wouldn't be too hard for me. Simplifying makes me feel so great!
    Also, I don't know that I would think of painting a house red, but I do love your house, and the red looks wonderful on it!

  20. Janet, your garden is simply lovely. Things here are a bit tattered but coming back as the weather cools a bit. I am so much more conscious when I have to do any shopping, which is limited mostly to trips to the local grocery stores. When my daughter was getting ready to go off to college we had to shop to get things to set up her apartment. Some stuff came from yard sales and thrift stores, which I like. However, there were things we bought new. I found the whole process overwhelming. My desire to just shop is now gone also, and it feels great! Thanks for prompting me to make this big change in my life. I am glad you are starting to like the red on your house. You seem to really be going through something here. Change is in the air.


  21. tracey - so glad you are alive and well and crate and barrel has not killed you off...yet.

    cw - i'm working on it, but must come up with a replacement.

    adrienne - i will check out your videos. thank you.

    edith - thank you for commenting. and it does feel very good to me.

    leslie - thank you. i'm not content to move things around any longer. it seems like they must get the heave ho.

  22. connie - i don't know what is happening but it seems to be catching.

    meg - yes it is weird how it just does not matter to me anymore.

    daryl - i hope you will not be disappointed. but i'm bound and determined to make what i have work.

    ff - thank you. the rose is "new zealand."
    redlands has the most beautiful library which is a joy just being in, so it works.

    betty - i love your name btw. isn't it great.

  23. anne marie - i hate the ottoman b/c it is covered in leather. i had it made back when i thought they used the skins of cows that had already been killed for food. i didn't know that they raise cows specifically for their hides for furniture/leather goods. both are horrible.

    claudia - my husband is self employed so i understand that very well.

    carol - i can't believe the red is growing on me. i can't explain it.

    anne - your comment means a lot to me,as i find you such an inspiration to be a better person.

  24. Jan, I was just thinking, of the two, it seems like the ottoman is bugging you way more the the red house. And I certainly understand why. And that would be the easier one to do, and set a new tone for the whole house. You will find a divine replacement, because that is what you do! xox CW

  25. Love the lily. Love the post.

    Guess you have inspired me, you and my refinance. If I ever think I need to use even one credit card for something I "can't live without", I'll tell you first, ok?

    I bought 2 dresses and one pair of pants this summer. That used to be all in a Monday's shopping. And I still have all my friends.

    back to the attic for fall.

    xo Jane

  26. cw - that's exactly what i need - a divine replacement!

    jane - yes, tell me first. and i happen to think that your attic has the best treasures.

  27. I have that same lily as your first picture. I bought it at The Antique Rose Emporium about 7 or 8 years ago. I think it's a spider lily-who knows-I bought it as a mystery plant because the tag had been lost! I really like it though.

  28. Thank you, Janet, for liking my name. I like it too because my parents gave it to me.

  29. Dear Janet, That is exciting to go through your closet and already have what you want for fall. That is just wonderful. I think I only need two black cotton turtleneck sweaters to wear with tan pants, sort of my fall/winter uniform. Then I just add scarves, boots, and black pea coat as needed. Can't wait to see your fall favorites, I love love your taste in clothes. Hugs, Joyce

  30. Hi Janet,

    I have also cut way back on shopping...I think you got me started on the mindset. I hardly bought any clothes this summer, and I still didn't wear everything that was already in my closet.

    I know what you mean about the red, our living room is a brick red and has been for 10 years. I keep thinking I want to change it, but for some bizarre reason I just can't bring myself to do it. :/

    Love the hydrangeas! I vow to plant some this fall. I think I found a spot that has afternoon shade...


  31. Now I understand why you don't like the ottoman and how it must be a daily reminder to you.
    Your comment was like a lightbulb going on in my head. I have always assumed leather goods are made from the hides of animals slaughtered for food consumption.
    Me thinks the ottomans days are numbered!

  32. Dear Janet, I also meant to say you did so, so very well in spending what you did since last April. You are inspiring me every day, believe me. Thank you. Hugs, Joyce

  33. You have ther nicest commentors J. I've making a potato dauphinoise for dinner which is vegetarian. I know you'd think of a way to make it vegan.

    Just get rid of the ottoman. I'm glad your red cottage is growing on you.

    Do you cook with salt? I love Maldon sea salt. Can you get that where you live? xxx

  34. lmF - thank you for your comment and i'm loving this new mystery plant.

    betty - you are so welcomed.

    joyce - it sounds like you and i are on the same rl boat.

    linda - i never in a million years thought this red would grow on me.

    anne marie - me thinks you are correct.

    ff - i do have the best commentors. i like the comments more than the post. i love different salts, as i think they add dimension. i don't know if i can get maldon's though.

  35. Lovely photos! The first photo is a Spider Lily. I grew them in Dallas, and mine bloomed every year. Hopefully yours will too from now on! They are stunning specimen plants even when not in bloom. And once they get large, they are easy to divide!

  36. joan - thanks and i hope they get large and i can divide them. that would be so awesome.

  37. Your stopping shopping is very inspiring. It's true that the urge to shop departs once you have made a conscious effort. I think of Christmas and birthdays with a sinking heart as I imagine all sorts of things being foisted on me (I know, so ungrateful). I try to steer people towards consumables at least. I'd love to opt out altogether and just exchange good wishes with people but my family would never accept that. Or would they?

  38. Janet you are doing amazingly well with the stopping shopping.... Your weekend looked fantastic too - I like visiting your 'neck of the woods' too via the blogosphere. Looking forward to seeing your Autumn clothing combos. x

  39. Dear Janet, I am so impressed and in awe of your nonshopping, what an achievement. I am developing my own version of this, it involves going to the shops, trying on lots of things and then not buying anything. I get to waste lots of time for no gain, infuriating, but at least the bank balance is healthier! I did do a big economy drive last year and it is true, you lose the appetite for shopping; and suddenly you have so much more time (and money!)But my spending seems to be like water leaking in a house - it always finds the weak point to come out, in my case nail polish seems to be the outlet! xx

  40. Dear janet, me again - will your husband notice the ottoman has gone? Once I took the door off the kitchen and Mr B never noticed, we told him weeks later..xx

  41. fiona - i think they would accept it, maybe not right away but eventually. i say do it.

    sarah - thank you, i hope to bring more of my little world to you, just as you do for me.

    blighty - the ottoman he would notice missing b/c he puts his feet up on it every night. but a door, he would never notice.


kindness is never out of style.

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