Please go to the newlywed diaries and read jennifer's random story.  i'm asked all the time why i am a vegan.  this is why...


  1. Loved her story and the image to go along with it. Glad I'm having salad for lunch today too.
    Happy Friday to you Janet.

  2. Oh, what a touching picture, it gets to your heart. Hugs, Joyce

  3. Cows are wonderful creatures, personality and otherwise. As are so many others people have no exposure to/experience with/understanding of....chickens, other birds, ducks, sheep, goats....I could go on.
    I know of guinea pigs that go camping with their family, sitting on people's shoulders around the campfire!

  4. Janet, you are so blogtastic, I can hardly keep up! x

  5. Quote from John Robbins: "I’m reminded of a time that my son, Ocean, was 12, and a relative mocked him for not eating meat. 'You don’t know what you’re missing by not eating chicken,” he was told. “That’s true,” he smiled. “I don’t. But you don’t know what you’re missing by eating chicken.'"

    I read the story while having tofu & noodles for lunch. If I'd been eating a hamburger, I would have had to work hard at suppressing my feelings about the feelings of cows and the worth of a cow's life.

    Not eating animals means that you don't have to miss out on loving them.

  6. t - it is such a great story. enjoy that salad.

    joyce - yes, it's a beautiful picture.

    carol - so true. as kd lang says, why do we call some animals pets and others dinner?

    blighty - i only one voice but i try. jennifers story helps so much.

    mrs m - what a wonderful quote. so perfect.

  7. That was truly a lovely story. So glad she shared it!

  8. I read the "random story" and it was so tastefully rendered, therefore, felt compelled to comment.

    I am not Vegan, but do not eat meat much. My husband and I are very picky about what we eat especially if it is of animal nature. A few years ago we decided to buy a quarter cow from a local grass fed ranch nearby. They are humane (to the extent one can be given the profession) and we felt it would be the best alternative.

    We gave away most of it and decided beef was not our thing. However, it happened, not because of being
    Vegan, but because we saw our "cow" out in the pasture eating grass. I just couldn't get behind eating a steak after getting to know our providers.

    Nuff said!

  9. Sing it, sister.

    I'm eating Indian tonight, which is SO easy to do vegan. People act like it's the largest sacrifice in the world to give up meat, but ... really? It is so amazingly satisfying and delicious. Animals are beautiful and have souls and feelings no matter what they are.

  10. karin - i know, it made me cry.

    bodeci - thanks for sharing your story too.

    julie - i couldn't have said it better.

  11. Thank you for this. I had dinner last night with someone who raises cattle. She said "Oh, you know it's really hard, because they all have such distinct personalities, even likes and dislikes--they're all such individuals! I feel really bad about...you know...the whole slaughterhouse thing, but blah blah blah blah." I thought I might implode before the evening was through.

  12. Dear Janet, I was wondering if you have found any beef/chicken alternatives that you like, of those available on the market. I skip the meat counter and feel much better for it. Hugs, Joyce

  13. Dear Janet, Feel much better for it in many ways! Hugs, Joyce

  14. charlotte - the excuses are insane and maddening at the same time, aren't they?

    joyce - i find meat counters to be so sad and smelly. does anyone else find them smelly? when i worked in restaurants i prepared chicken and beef with disposable gloves on. that should be a clue. i don't eat a lot of fake meat products but there are tons of them available. just be sure to choose ones made with organic soybeans. mostly i eat beans, nuts and legumes.

  15. To be honest I started to eat less and less meat as it was becoming too expensive.
    Then I started to really understand what happens to our meat, and how it gets to our plates. I was horrified and couldn't stop crying from all the knowledge and how ignorant I was! I get so sad looking at meat now...
    I am not vegan or vegetarian even though this is most of my diet. I love both vegan and vegetarian food :) I do eat fish occasionally though. Maybe thats wrong too...

  16. I'm asked all the time "what do you eat if you don't eat meat"?
    Everything (I want to add dumb ass but usually resist)except meat.
    It really is a simple way to eat.

  17. Janet,

    Compassion and a peaceful lifestyle are so much more important and meaningful than eating a plate of an animal's ribs or a bird's wings. Thank you for always bringing awareness to this issue. If people only knew or wanted to know what that bacon on their plate went through before it was killed for them. I am so glad I don't put this filth and sadness in my body anymore.

    -Amy :}

  18. Hi Janet,

    We have alot of rabbits running around in our back yard and I could never eat rabbit!

    Red meat just doesn't appeal to me anymore and we eat mostly fish and vegetarian, and probably 50% less chicken. Curious to see my husbands cholesterol levels next time...


  19. P.S. I'm with you on the fake meat. My day and step-mom were strict vegetarians (for religious reasons) We had alot of dishes with the soy substitutes. One memory I have was a church beach picnic that I had to attend as a kid and they were serving soy hot dogs. My friend and I buried them in the sand!!!

  20. Oops I meant "dad". I'm not awake yet!

  21. I had artichoke sandwiches today with fresh fruit and my special yogurt honey dressing...cute moo cow...


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