be a patriot

show your colors

happy labor day



  1. My dear Janet, do you remember few time ago when you tell us you would stop blogging??... well, since then you have been lot more inspired and blog a lot, and I love it!!!!!!
    Are you celebrating some patriot thing??
    It looks soooooo lovely!!!
    hugs my friend,
    maria cecilia

    p.s. have you noticed that after a year of blogging I´m writing much better the english language???

  2. Dear Janet, The splashes of scarlet are so dramatic against the understated elegance of the rest of your furnishings. Try as I might, I have yet to incorporate red, white and blue into my home. Best left on the Union Jack!

  3. Love your quilt...hwere have yu been hiding that!

    I think thae pattern is called "drunkards path"...funny nane

    xo kelley

  4. I ment to spell "name" reading glasses k

  5. Love that quilt. Ornate and simple at the same time.

  6. maria cecilia - yeah, it's labor day here in the states. i'm not sure if we are supposed to labor harder or take the day off. whichever.

    edith - i'd love a union jack pillow.

    kelley - are you sure you aren't drunk. i thought it was called solomens puzzle. but i like drunkards path better.

    lpc - yes, i agree.

  7. I'll be laboring, of course, but when nap times comes I'd sure like to have that quilt...

    Enjoy your weekend.

    xo Jane

  8. I think you're all nuts!

    Happy Labour Day; it's tomorrow here in the great, white north!


  9. I think its Drunkard's Path but lots of patterns have more than one name.


  10. jane - work sucks but then you get paid.

    sue - welcome to the nut house.

    claudia - i knew someone smart like you would know.

  11. Love the quilt. Isn't there a saying 'no white shoes after labour day'... or is it brown?

    Louise x

  12. Just found your blog all the way from Spain!
    What a gorgeous home you have; fabulous taste.
    I have "house envy" right now ;-)

  13. I love two-color quilts; they're so graphic. I have a 500-page quilt patterns book and there are several patterns almost exactly the same. Solomon's Puzzle is also called Drunkard's Path so stop arguing!! You're both right. Variations are also called Rocky Road to Dublin, Rocky Road to California, Country Husband, Falling Timber and Cleopatra's puzzle. I'm impressed that Kelley know that. It would have taken me hours to find it!

    Happy Labor Day!

  14. Gorgeous Janet. J'adore this quilt, and the splash of perfect orange-red it provides. I love quilts that are simple like this one - just one colour with white. I'm so glad your lovely readers provided the name to this pattern. I have made cot-quilts for my two nieces - they don't take as long as a grown-up quilt. Perhaps I could make a lap-quilt in this style for my sofa. I love crafts but they have to have a chic outcome - no kitschy cute cottage style for me. You've got it perfect Janet.

  15. love&lilac - i think you are right about the white shoes.

    steve - awwww dad, she started it! well maybe i did. glad you settled it.

    fiona - thanks, you're a doll.

  16. Janet,

    I'm so glad you didn't give up your blog...for alot of reasons but also because your sense of humor/comments make my day! :)


  17. Hi Jan, What a stunning quilt. Love that color red, reminds me of that wonderful 'Nantucket Red'. Really love it over the leather ottoman. Great pictures. xox CW

  18. I think you came up with the perfect solution for your leather ottoman. I looks very cheery and fun with the drunkards quilt draping over.

    I didn't make it to the flea market this week. Hopefully I'll be able to do your scouting next week. I hope you're not in a rush :)

    I completely agree with Maria Cecelia.


  19. linda - thank you for your comment and please do not encourage me.

    cw - thank you for your comment. nantucket red sounds so pretty.

    julie - visually it's a perfect solution but practically not. that quilt is very old and we put our feet up on that ottoman everynight so it's just for show. but it is really making me want a slipcover. joe ruggiero sent me some fabric from his sunbrella line and it is amazing. he says it is more durable than anything on the market. i like the zebra print. what do you think of that?

  20. Janet - I still think your house is beautiful. Just sayin'.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  21. Oh Jan, How exciting! A black and white zebra print slipcover! Durable, your colors, and oh, what a spectacular touch it would make. The ottoman it seems like, does not really reflect who you are and how you live your life. A perfect, better than perfect solution. I say go for it! xox CW

  22. L-O-V-E that quilt...just the perfect pop of red!

  23. Like everyone else, I love the quilt. It appears to be old - is it antique? It's a beautiful pattern, whatever it's called! But I love the idea of a zebra print slipcover! I have a large used to be leather ottoman in my living room and recovered it. I'm actually thinking about recovering it again, once I paint the room white! Karin

  24. carol - what a lovely thing to say.

    cw - yes, that ottoman is the bane of my existence. this may be a good solution.

    ginger - you have such good taste.

    karin - it is an antique. the zebra idea is growing on me. just like the red paint.

  25. FWIW? I like the little RED house too.

    Your D R Sister
    j. ;)

  26. Love the splash of color the quilt adds to the room...very pretty!

  27. What a charming quilt! Sure is showing his or her colors proudly.

  28. the throw quilt is too good and in red color it goes like house on fire with the white sofa, the texture also looks to be of a good quality,

  29. Wow, look at all these comments. And you thought that you might give up blogging!! I too love your 'Rocky Road'/ 'Drunkard's Path'. It's exciting to introduce such strong colour into your tranquil home.

    Rosemary xx.

  30. I'm glad someone else said it... I don't think that ottoman looks like you either:)
    love the quilt!


  31. And may I say 'ditto' to the above comment. The ottoman really does not seem to look like the always beautiful you! Best always, Diana


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