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no. 2 son lived in a garage last year.  i liked it.


  1. How quaint and cute! I love how he had different areas set up and of course, the clothes in the tool box! :) But, where was the kitchen?

  2. Dear Janet, I cannot believe that such a stylishly designed, well appointed room is in a garage. I love it. However, looking at the drum kit, I am pleased that it is in a garage -well away from anyone's drawing room!!

  3. Even cuter...I just noticed the vintage suitcases and the artwork on the wall between the shutters!!! Love it.

  4. Son # 2 is a very natty dresser Janet!
    The apple doesn't fall far from the tree ...
    and look at those shoes, he's a man after my own heart.

    My daughters' beau has just moved into a space not unlike this...with a drum set too...he's named it the Sneaker Box because it's so small.

  5. :)
    first I thought Kirstin already added a new posting on my blogroll - she is the one moving into garage!

    your son has style, pheeeeew!

  6. sarah - the kitchen is in the house with the bathroom too.

    edith - yes, that drum kit is much better off in the garage.

    leslie - he puts me to shame.

    paula - thanks. i will go check out her blog now.

  7. What an awesome idea! My son is a mechanic and would love a room like this :-)

  8. He had quite the digs there. Comfy, cozy and stylish!

  9. Really nice! My drums were always in the house...

  10. That's a pretty nice garage, antlers and all:).

  11. Hello!
    My goodness your #2 son is tidy...not bad for a young fellow on his own. I like this too!
    Have a wonderful weekend. Maura :)

  12. I think I need a drink. Janet promise me there will be booze.

    D R sis.

  13. deb - yeah i think a lot of guys would like this.

    t - thank you.

    adrienne - oh your lucky parents.

    maria cecilia - thanks.

    lpc - yes, come to think of it those antlers are mine.

    maura - tidy, no. stylish, yes.

    anon - there is always booze.

  14. He really does have style. Cool style, in a band? Watch out!

    And you have antlers? what's the story there?

  15. daryl - must be.

    julie - they are shed antlers, found hiking, lashed together with heavy twine.

  16. Having looked at the drum kit, I hope that the garage wasn't attached to the house!

  17. design and style runs in the family i see!

  18. I love this, such a great idea!

  19. Oh what flair! So dapper, a natural! All a gift that serves one well for a lifetime. Best, Diane

  20. How timely this post is for me.
    My son is moving out this weekend into a house with two of his friends.
    I am under no illusion that his room will be tidy, rather more like a moshpit.
    Half of me is quite sad, while the other is happy. Is this the normal reaction J ?
    Your lad has loads of style. Love the toolbox and shoes.

  21. Dear Janet, He has such great taste. Beautiful clothes, scarves, and shoes. You can tell he takes care of them too. Very smart, very wise. xox, CW

  22. rosemary - the garage is attached to the house, thankfully not mine.

    grace - do you think harper will ever wind up in a garage?

    leah - thank you.

    diane - he is a natural, thank you.

    anne marie - mostly i experienced happiness! but there are days.

    cw - he does have very cool things.

  23. Ladys,

    Thank you for the nice complements. I learned everything i know in this world from my mother.

    I literally had no money when i lived in that filthy garage, but living in style is the only way to live, so i had to fix it up a little...

    Maybe there will be pictures of my new home next month...haha...

    Thanks mom.


  24. How sweet!
    Someone has pretty stylish taste in footwear, and nicely polished to boot ( no pun was intended there)

    My #2 son is also a drummer :)

  25. Beautiful tribute to your mom, Alexander. Hugs, Joyce

  26. Very stylish - you can tell you have the same decorating style too Janet... wonderful. x

  27. Hi J
    That is one chic garage! Is this the son who works at Ralph Lauren? The antlers are adorable. It is all looks so cosy. I get to see my nephew again tomorrow for his christening. I'll say hi to him for you. He has never eaten meat, only vegetables so far!xxxxxxxxx

  28. slim - thanks for your comment. he knows his shoes.

    joyce - i thought so too.

    sarah - aww, thanks. really?

    ff - yes, double rl in malibu. do say hi to tom for me. alex only eats vegetable too.

  29. Seeing this, I think I could live in a garage! It looks simple and easy to maintain... something I am desperate for the older I grow :)

  30. After seeing Alex's post...

    Job well done mom. ;)

    Your D R sis

  31. Alexander's comment is the SWEETEST. Cute, cute, cutie pie son! Lucky you Janet. xoxoTrina

  32. Oh - The Drum Kit. I've always wanted a drum kit. I almost want to come over and play cool rhythms on it.

  33. rebecca - yes it does look simple but remember, no heat or air or bathroom.

    anon - thank you sista.

    trina - thanks, now that you mention it, he is kinda cute.

    mmw - do it!

  34. How GREAT!! I would love to have my son so close!

  35. I've never seen such a stylish garage living situation. Mostly refugees and overstayers with not nearly as much panache...

    He clearly takes after his mother. Love the antlers.

  36. midwest - he lives far away now.

    fiona - thanks. he seems to follow in my footsteps, poor boy.


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