what i'm wearing this fall

You know my friends, maintaining a mediocre blog such as this is not easy.  This post was hard! I have respect for anyone out there with a fashion blog that posts their own outfits.  Photographing interiors and gardens is a piece of cake compared to clothing.  And the wake-up call you get when you see yourself photographed in what you thought was your favorite outfit - shocking!  What I posted is what I really wear  and it all revolves around 5 pieces of clothing.  I realize that not everyone wants to dress in such a boring manner but I think I may have been born in a pair of levis and a white shirt.  This is the way I am compelled to dress. So here are the pieces...

a little black dress
white shirt
chambray shirt

I change the shoes, roll up the levis or wear them long, add scarves, cardigans and  jewelry but basically the outfit stays the same.

first up is a little black summer dress

cardigan, scarves and tights added bring it into the fall. 
 I will wear any number of different colored cardigans and scarves with this.

levis, chambray shirt and oxfords

with a jacket

with jacket and scarf

white shirt, levis, cowboy boots

with jacket

levis, white shirt, jacket buttoned and belted

same as above but with chambray shirt

What I learned by doing this post is that outfits that I thought I looked fine in really were awful. I may post them one day for fun.   It's a real pain to go through but it may be worth it because what I found out is that the mirror is a big fat liar.


  1. You are crazy...if you looked just half as good as you do in these outfits, you would still look fabulous!
    I don't really know what else to say except you are on stylin' gal!

    Do you have black leggings...because that's what I wear everyday...I just want to know if I'm "in" or "out." :)

    I love that button up blazer!

  2. I do so love your dry sense of humour Janet (and dry doesn't even begin to describe it). I feel boring because I love simple clothes and not too many of them. I will wear my small wardrobe proudly. I adore all your pieces and am inspired by the way you have made them warm weather/cool weather.

    I'd love to see your outtakes as much for the comments you might make about each photo as for the outfits. I truly don't believe there is a bad picture of you around. You're going to have to prove it.

  3. okay, your style is simple but classic. Love the black dress but honestly the white shirt and the jeans with the boots is my favorite!!

  4. Oh, another cowboy boot wearer. Wear then Monday, ok?

    You look fabulous and I'm loving that jacket.

    i did a little fall shopping on Monday BUT no credit cards. cash only, baby.

    Needed a new little top to wear out dancing for my B'day, no?

    XO Jane ( or Trixie)

  5. I think that you look great! Isn't it amazing how we can put together a great wardrobe with just a few pieces and a mix of accessories.

  6. Dear Janet, And you also have that wonderful black linen dress from Talbot's. Fell in love with that one! Be back later, have to make dinner. Hugs, Joyce

  7. carol - thank you love.

    sarah - i don't wear leggings but what the hell do i know? and thank you.

    fiona - thank you and i might just take that dare.

    michelle - mine too.

    trixie - i'll be there baby and i expect to have some fun.

    bdv - yes, it is kinda amazing b/c there really is no stopping when it comes to accessorizing.

  8. joyce - it's cotton but it is from target and i wear it to death. one of my young, trendy coworkers went and bought one b/c she liked it on me. ha.

  9. Dear Janet, Just had to write my favorite quote, the one I live by! Katherine Hepburn on fashion: "I wear my sort of clothes to save me the trouble of deciding which clothes to wear." Hugs, Joyce

  10. I don't know squat about fashion but I love your self effacing humor, particularly the "maintaining a mediocre blog" line. I think I laughed so hard almond milk came out my nose.

  11. Dear Janet, And you also have the black linen with the white trim on hem too. Hugs, J

  12. Janet you look amazing and gorgeous and so stylish! Jeans have pretty much always been my 'uniform' as I love the low maintenance of them going with everything. BUT I can never seem to make them look nearly as stylish as you do yours.
    ; ) Trina

  13. joyce - thanks for that quote. kate hepburn is one of my fashion idols. i could write a paper on what i've done trying to find clothes that she would have worn. that other dress came from talbots.

  14. Wow, you've done a few posts since I last checked in. Sorry about that. I'm going to comment on all of them here--hope you don't mind.

    Love the spider lily! Your garden is beautiful and I'm jealous.

    I liked the way you shared what you did over the weekend. You drink latte? Must be soy--My Favorite caffeinated beverage is a soy latte! YUM.

    You look like a model in your outfits, especially with some of those magazine worthy poses. I really can't believe you have teenage/grown sons. You are very stylish and I"m all for keeping it simple. This post was kind of like one of those magazine spreads where they show you how many different ways to wear something so you can pack light on a getaway :) You look very RL and I think that's a great look!

  15. I adore your fall wardrobe!!! You are so chic!

    Thank you by the way for your sweet comment on my blog. I haven't been back to reply. It's been busy, been sick, been to Mexico, etc.

    But I really think you are a treasure :)

  16. Dear Janet, That herringbone British hunting jacket is right off Kate, oh, I love it! I think I better try to calm down, too exciting a post!! Hugs, Joyce

  17. Jan, Your blog the busiest place in town, most fun too! xox, Diane

  18. Hi, love the white shirt with the cowboy boots!

  19. I'm impressed you can tuck your shirt in your jeans and look so fantastic!
    I wear more black but keep it super simple too. My "uniform" is jeans, black mens Hanes v-neck t-shirt and black driving mocs. If it's cool, I throw on my red cardigan.
    Keep the pictures coming....

  20. J, You were right on in your last post. You do not need one new thing for fall. You are 'all set' and all fab. JT

  21. OK as difficult a post as this might have been your blog is far from mediocre.....I love what you have done here.

    All I say is... more more more....

  22. I love it! What kind of Levi's are they?

  23. Janet,

    All the outfits look great but I especially love the white shirt/jacket/jeans/boots combo.

    I'm jealous that you can look good with your shirt tucked in and wear red lipstick cuz we are almost the same age. I haven't done either one of those in probably 10 years. :/

    Your blog isn't mediocre, it's quite entertaining!


  24. steve - sorry about the milk.

    trina - you're a doll and have got the best accessory going right now.

    julie - soy latte. and the rl comment got me teary.

    closet therapist - thank you my dear, you know closets!

    diane - it is? is this the diane i know?

    leah - thank you, it's my favorite too.

    betty - i'm liking your look too.

    jt - i am set and thank you for the compliment.

    leslie - i don't know about more of these. blogging crossed over into hard work today.

    kayce - these are 552's. mid-rise straight.

  25. Dear Janet- you look amazing! You really suit jeans and have a killer figure. Well Done. Don't you ever get tempted to run out and buy say 5 new colourful frocks or anything? I admire your discipline. I think you have the whole Ralph Lauren look down pat! K xxxx

  26. Janet my favourite look is the white shirt, jeans and boots combo. Really, really suits you.
    And I love your hair. Is it slighty layered on the crown to add volume?

  27. Dear Janet, How brave and how stylish! You are so right, just a few key pieces are all that are necessary.

  28. Hi Janet
    I agree with your other readers- you look great!
    I love the tweedy country jacket with the denim shirt look- and I am so into belting over coats and jackets this fall. It reminds me of classic old Ralph Lauren ads. I better stop now, becuz once I get going on the subject of fashion...well...your comment box would probably cut me off!
    I appreciate how much time goes into a post like this though-so thank you. and I assume those are THE cowboy boots?!
    But one more thing- am I the only one that thinks wearing a shirt untucked makes one look bigger?? :(
    PS. so you think the camera is more truthful than the mirror?? Interesting observation...

  29. Hi Janet !! i also agree...you look great !!!...happy day darling.....love Ria....

  30. Dear Janet, you look marvellous, I particularly love you in jeans with your tweed jacket, and the denim shirt, and oh, the scarf and the brogues, and oh, your very Louise Brooks bob, and your red lipstick, must stop now I am becoming obsessive! Are you sure you have 3 grown up sons? by the time my boys are full grown I will be wearing polyester elasticated waist trousers, under my straitjacket of course...xx

  31. A great lesson in how to be stylish. Your simple yet chic look makes me realise I have way to many clothes!

    Louise x

  32. A capsule wardrobe! Like they do in Paris! I am practically drowning in sartorial admiration and am going to tackle my wardrobe forthwith.

    It boils down to good quality, wellchosen key pieces, right? Yours look brilliant, and I love the belted tweed jacket especially. Wish I could by a tiny waist to go with it!

    Food, furniture, slipcovers, clothes, your blog keeps making me actually re-assess real things in my life. How do you do that?

  33. I love your look and style! You should do a blog on "scarves as an accessory." I love the look of a scarf added to outfits, but, am never certain how to "wear" them. Different scarves work different ways and the outfit determines that. Ahahaha...I sound like such an accessory moron. Wait! I am! Sincerely yours, scarf challenged in Michigan. <3

  34. Hardly a mediocre blog! It is one of my favorites...does that make me mediocre???

    Love your style. You mix and match perfectly in a classic style. Ya got class, Janet, ya got class!


  35. ff - another tear shed for rl. i am never tempted to buy colorful frocks. jeans and vintage leather goods yes, very much so.

    anne marie - thank you. my hair is quite thick but i think there are layers somewhere. it takes forever to cut it that i do know.

    edith - thank you, especially for noticing my bravery.

    slim - yet another tear for rl. and this one coming from you, a pro. in the heat of summer i do wear my white shirts looser to stay cooler ala out of africa, more rl. i think the camera is more truthful, and i'm so bummed about that.

    blighty - thank you dear. they let you out of the straight jacket when the last one leaves. it feels pretty good.

    love and lilac - thank you and i still have too many. doint this post pointed that out.

    belinda - do they do this in paris? i didn't know that. i really don't mean to make you reassess. thank you for all your kind words.

    tammy - you should read mai-tai's blog. the woman is amazing. but i am going to do a post on my favorite accessories, i think.

  36. linda - sorry i missed you way up there. you should just put on the red and tuck in. just do it. and thank you for your compliment.

    claudia - thank you. i pride myself in mediocrity claudia. it's quite comforting when the bar is not so high. only you can tell if mediocrity fits though.

  37. LOVE these outfits, especially the black dress. I wonder if Target still sells them? I want one!

  38. Love this post Janet! I have that same black dress and I wear it to work with heels and pearls. :) Your white shirt, denim, and red cowboy boots is my favorite outfit. Love the belted jacket too. You are one sassy and chic lady.

  39. Awesome post Janet, and you're right. The camera records E V E R Y T H I N G


    It records it for posterity.

    Oh and thanks to you? I did something I havent done in YEARS. I had a slice of peanutbutter toast...It was pretty good. ;)

    Love ya,
    D R sis,

  40. I love your blog. I am glad to have been turned on to it by Rich Life and How to be Chic. I wasn't sure it was up my alley even though I love to garden, but I see you have much to show and tell!
    I am inspired to put my fall wardrobe together and photograph myself in it. Now that I know the mirror is a big fat liar!
    Would love to see those that the mirror lied about!

  41. marygrace - thank you. this dress is 2 yrs old, so no luck there. it would look so good on you though.

    t - thank you and i love the dress b/c you can dress it up or down and it makes me look skinny.

    jeanne - yum, i'm gonna have some now.

    bodeci - thanks for dropping by and you should photograph yourself. find out if it's just my mirror that's the liar.

  42. You do look great and that's a lot to do with the fact that you're not carrying excess weight! So many women think that getting older means putting on weight - it doesn't have to be like that!

  43. I think your style is very elegant. Great inspiration. Unfortunately for me I am carrying some extra weight so I wouldn't look nearly so nice. However, last week while we were in Italy I did find 5 nice pieces in a department store called "Coin" which fit well and I loved (that rarely happens). Happy fall!

  44. Janet, you're gorgeous and funny and I love the outfits. I dress in a standard set of basics too - I know what looks good on me and buy the same looks over and over through the years. Black jacket, lots of white tees and white shirts, blue shirts, black and grey dress pants and tons of khaki and white and blue for summer. Same all through the past 10 years.

    Love the looks! Also, I don't think the mirror "lies" per se. I do think we don't always look great inanimate, on a photo. I think people come to life in real life and look better in their clothes and in their bodies. I have lots of not gorgeous friends who are gorgeous in real life when they fit their clothes and skin and personal styles famously. We all look better alive than dead on film (unless we are 80 lb models).

    Yes, I want to see the outtakes. ;)
    xo T.

  45. anna - you may be right. i think a lot of it is genes though.

    pink rose - italy? i'm so jealous.

    teri - thank you and i do think we all look better alive than dead, you have a point there.

  46. Do not apologize for missing me, it's amazing anyway how you acknowledge every comment on your blog. You have quite a following you know!


  47. linda - i think it's like an accident that you can't help but look at.

  48. cashmere librarian - wow what a name for a blog! talk about adorable.

  49. I think you look great, my dear Janet, every outfit fits you perfectly... my favorite one is jeans, white shirt and cowboy boots, just because I dress always same way, jeans, jeans and more jeans and in summer time most of the tops I wear are white!!!!
    I have a proposal to you: I have seen in other blogs (I don´t remember where) they have a day for posting what you are wearing that day, and many blogs linked to that and I spent lots of time going from one blog to another... it was really fun to see all the outfits posted....so... why don´t you organize something like this and I would link to it for sure!!! I think it`s a great idea.

    ah!! and never ever want I hear again the word "mediocre" in your blog, o.k?!!!!!
    maria cecilia

  50. You are extremely chic. There, it's said. Less is ALWAYS more and you've just proved it once again.

  51. You are just cute as a button, no matter what! I'm inspired to go through my closet for good basics and see what I do have for fall. I have such a limited wardrobe that it becomes tiresome; but, like you, I favor jeans and a no-frills top most days anyway. (And having photos taken of me rather than the mirror may be the way to go...You know I notice that with the house too. I see more from a photo.)

  52. maria cecilia - your english has improved so much! how about you put together that outfit thing and i'll participate. mediocrity is good.

    tish - thank you. less works best for me for some unknown reason.

    daryl - thank you. you do see more from photo's, it's a little scary.

  53. Brilliant and no doubt about it.... You've got style !!!

    Jeanne :)

  54. I think i should have said 'inspired' to reassess not 'made' to reassess - its an entirely positive response from my side! You just explain what you do and it makes me think about what i do. Its one of the reasons i enjoy your blog so much and keep returning.

  55. Just discovered your blog and have been reading every post.............love love love it. Love your passion,style,words and pictures.
    Will put you at the top of my blog reading.
    Must go to bed and have only got to March 2010.....Oh well tomorrow!
    Thank you

  56. jeanne - thank you so much.

    belinda - thank you too. i hate the idea of pressuring people!

    bev - thank you so much. i appreciate your comment.

  57. Oh, I'd love to know where you got each piece. I think you mentioned the dress if from Target. Levis are Levis (but what style of cut do you get)?

    That blazer is fabulous. I have a tricky time finding blazers because I'm busty; if they fit through the chest, they're too big elsewhere.

    Darling! Love your style.

  58. ali - the levis are 552's mid-rise straights.
    i have the same problem with jackets. this herringbone jacket is brooks brothers and it fits perfect. the chambray shirt is old navy. the white shirt is gap mens small. the boots are vintage and the brogues are carlos garcia from the salvation army. the thin suede belt is rl. i hope that covers it. i think it is a ralph lauren look that i am drawn too and easily replicated without spending a fortune. thanks for you comment and compliment. let me know if you have any other questions.

  59. What a wonderful approach to dressing!

    Your wardrobe reminds me of a friend who always has a few key classic pieces year after year: Ray-Ban sunglasses, a white boy's shirt from Ralph Lauren, Levi's 501s, and white Tretorn tennis shoes. (She's had these items in her wardrobe for decades.)

    Am already anticipating a spring wardrobe posting!


  60. I discover your blog and I can tell you : YOU LOOK TERRIFIC

  61. I love what your wearing! I dress pretty much the same. I don't have a chambray though. Where did you find yours? Does it wear like the Brooks Brothers non-iron shirt?

  62. kris and melanie - thank you so much!

    paige - no this shirt is from old navy and wears nothing like bb. it is super, super soft. i got it at a thrift store so i'm not sure how old it is but i wish i could buy 6 more.

  63. You are my fashion icon...why have I only just discovered this fabulous blog???

    Best wishes,

  64. natasha - ok, that's a first. i don't know what took you so long?


kindness is never out of style.

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