the shuffle

these books on the floor give me a headache.

that's better.

ok, i'm better now.


  1. You're too funny. I love you. ;)

    Your house is gorgeous. I am visiting you some day.

    xo Terri

  2. Me too!
    Love the change - you must be in another spirited mood today.... :)

    It's the little things that drive us crazy and make us feel better ~

    Talk to you soon. I'm on day 5 and I'm not happy this morning about it.

  3. terri - i'd love, love, love it if you came for a visit. just think of the gossip.

    sarah - don't you have a thing for 4's? that was yesterday. you blew it baby.

  4. They say "don't sweat the small stuff', but if you can shuffle the small stuff how very nice not to feel sweaty anymore!! Or headachey.

    Holding out for the white slipcover tutorial!

  5. ♥ it all!
    Happy weekend to you my friend. Now that everything's in it's proper place you can sit back and relax.

  6. sue - yeah, i guess i am, def a freak of some kind.

    belinda - i'm working on it.

    t - relax, me?

  7. Funny how just a small change can make such a difference, isn't it? It's beautiful! Love the boots.

    I never know how to reply to comments on my blog, because I don't know if you'll ever go back and read them, so I'll comment is funny how we think things about fellow bloggers and then find out it's totally different! I'm not exactly a youngun' - tho some days I still feel like one! But I'm not old either - I think I am slightly older than you. Someday I will post a photo on my blog, but right now I don't have one. I am always behind the camera, not in front of it! And thank you for the nice comment. I will look at the pearl earrings - do they have healing effects, too? That's what she needs...

  8. Dear Janet, The books would definitely not have given me a headache.........the acres of unsullied cream linen, the gleaming wooden boards, the sparkling mirrors, the pristine paintwork.......yes, dear Janet, they would DEFINITELY give me a headache wondering how to keep them that way!!

    What a beautiful glimpse of your delightful home.Perfectly lovely. Enjoy a happy weekend!

  9. Much better !! ...happy weekend Ria....

  10. karin - i'm 52. the coin pearl earrings i was talking about help promote self worth and some other nice things. would those fit. if not, julie can make anything that would be a better fit. she is awesome.

    edith - i love listening to you. you make my house sound so beautiful.

    ria - have a happy one yourself my friend.

  11. Hi Janet,
    What a wonderful little shuffle! I love the boots standing alone under the table. Don't boots just have so much personality? Also, the light coming in the last photo is stunning. It just makes your beautiful home sparkle all the more.

  12. i have, unfortunately, too many things to shuffle around here. The boots look perfect there.


  13. Hi Janet,

    Every time I move or rearrange something like that I think to myself "why didn't I do this a long time ago?" I used to have my cookbooks on the counter and now they are inside my glass cabinets. No more dusting the books either!

    Nice touch with the boots...


  14. That made me smile after such a hard day at work :)


  15. J, I loved the books on the floor but they look good in the cabinet too. Your house is gorgeous.

  16. Janet the books looked very colourful and attractive on the floor but yes I think their new home is dust!
    Although, your beautiful home looks like not a speck of dust ever hits a surface!

  17. Enuf said by everybody else I think. I loved it both ways but I'm always up for a change.

    xo Jane

  18. You are so, soooooo sweet my dear Janet!!!!!

  19. I had to enlarge the picture to see what was written in your blacboard.... you are the sweetest!!!!!!!!! Love each and every word....

  20. I actually like the books on the floor but also like the more streamlined look also. And that white table is very pretty.

  21. glad you and your boots are all happy.
    Those books in the case are crying to be back on the floor....
    let me out....ha ha.

  22. mucho better!! my design motto is one should always have sorbets... places where your eye can rest. if every place is filled- it's overwhelming to the senses! by removing the books on the floor you guide the eye to your pretties on the table. the boots- an accent mark!
    nice job!


  23. Love what you do with light. Natural lite is so pretty in your rooms.

    Wondering if you'll put fabric on the door of the new bookcase. Only because, I did it with mine.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  24. Hey Jan, I havent picked up a camera since pixles imprisoned my soul but your pictures have inspired me..One day WE should shoot your little red house together. Remember "Light is everything. Everything is light".

    Who else but your,
    Desert Rat Sis.

  25. trina and claudia and linda - thank you for commenting. i love my boots right there next to the door instead of on the porch where spiders like to crawl in them overnight.

    steve - i was born practical.

    sue & louise - thank you, i feel better too.

    ff - thanks.

    lpc - thanks.

    anne marie - my house is filthy.

    jane - hi.

    maria cecilia - thanks for noticing.

    d & d - thank you.

    pve - they do want out! i heard them wimpering.

    joan - only you could use the word sorbet and make sense of it in this situ.

    tara - i'm toying with fabric or old mirror.

    jeanne - oh hell yes!

  26. I gotta know--what was in the cabinet BEFORE you put the books in it???

  27. rebecca - a collection of white and silver crap. i put the white casseroles in the kitchen. and the silver is still in there, just squeezed in the corner

  28. rebecca - ps - that's why i called it the shuffle!

  29. Hi Janet, I love that last photo, and that bulls eye mirror and key on the key hook, how fascinating. Magic is in the details and boy, do you know how to do it! Love love the boots there. I was just thinking, this fall/winter if you wanted the boots closer to the front door to be handy, you could put the blue and white walking stick holder under the pretty white table, or have both there. No matter what you do it is always magic. Hugs, Joyce

  30. Oh, the new look is gorgeous Jan. Almost has a British Bahamas vibe. xoxCW

  31. joyce - i love you. i'm going to make my husband read your last sentence.

    cw - thank you for your comment. i never thought of that but i can see it. i was going for minimalist junk! b/c that's what it is.

  32. Oh no! It's no junk Jan, it's artfully chosen. xox CW

  33. Janet I adore your home, the devil is in the details, and can make us crazy!!

    Art by Karena

  34. Janet, I like your shuffle. Books on the floor would drive me nuts. All that dust collecting around them, and then there's vacuuming the tops of the pages to keep them nice.

    More pictures of your beautiful home always make me happy. You have such a restrained simplicity in your home decor at Chez Janet.

  35. I always thought the books looked cool on the floor. I like them on the shelf though, probably better feng shui.


  36. Everything looks so crisp and clean. Absolutely lovely.
    Waiting for the tutorial on washing slipcovers. I have avoided them because of the upkeep.

  37. wow, the bookcase is too good, looking vintage and made of strong rosewood, i think its one of the best pieces of wood i have ever seen, i saw another great rosewood cabinet design at AboutCabinets Blog

  38. haha I totally understand the feeling, I always find myself bothered if I see something out of place or on the floor, I love putting things away, ever since I was a kid, I just recently found your blog and I love it! Your cottage is adorable, I would love to have a gorgeous little home like that.


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