this weekend i...

broke out the oxfords
lit a candle that jennifer suggested
had a cappucino
had girlfriends over for lunch
made a cake
had a latte
at augie's


  1. This sounds like an ideal weekend! I did a little baking yesterday (a peach and blackberry cobbler) too. When baking a vegan cake, what do you use as a substitute for eggs? Wishing you a lovely week.

  2. Sounds like you had all the good things for a wonderful fall weekend.....I didn't get my invitation for lunch and time! :)

  3. anne - ener g egg replacer (which is basically potato starch.) it is not perfect, things don't rise as nicely but they still taste good.

  4. sarah - we need to figure out airfare from here to nebraskie cause i want you over for lunch and cake too.

  5. this looks just like the kind of weekend I would like to jump into. from a to z.
    are you drinking soya-latte? the foam looks soyish to me :)

  6. I'd love some vegan baked goods recipes if you have some favorites. I've used the egg replacer for years but typically added butter to add moisture and flavor in lieu of eggs. I'd like to experiment but then I have to eat the experiments. I think a vegan carrot cake would work out well. And a piece of carrot cake along with that beautiful latte sounds perfect right now.

  7. Looks like you are starting fall with a is my favorite season, but sometimes summer drags on into late Oct. which really irritates me! It can get pretty hot here since we are 20 miles from the coast.


  8. Sounds like a delightful weekend (except for that scented candle part, I think they should be outlawed;)
    I still have my pair of tassle loafers from my college days (preppy was big!) I think they are the only thing I have saved, and couldn't tell you exactly why! I just like having them!

  9. paula - yes it is soy.

    jane - i knew i would.

    steve - yes, i'll try to do some baking posts. egg replacer works well taste-wise just not looks-wise. banana works wonders but the recipe has gotta be able to handle the banana flavor.

    linda - the weekend started out chilly then got hot.

    joan - i find people are divided in one camp or another re scented candles. tassled loafers sound so good. i wish i had kept my oxfords from school. they don't make them that way anymore.

  10. This post is so cute! Looks like an absolutely lovely weekend:) And for all my efforts to be green and chemical-free, I have to admit that I still have a large stash of scented candles that I love to pull out and burn on the weekends. I can't give them up!

  11. marygrace - i'm w/you. i ususally burn soy candles only but jennifer posted this 5 buck candle and i caved. it is strong. too strong for my little house really.

  12. I have loafers in black too!

    What kind of jeans do you prefer?
    I am looking for a new pair to "gasp...replace" my distressed 7 year old pair of DKNY's which I roll up in a cuff...I could never get rid of them I just need a darker pair!

    I have not stopped shopping school I can wear denim but not my old worn DKNY pair.

  13. Hi Janet,
    Sounds like the perfect weekend! Would love a bite of that cake! Cake of any flavor is always my weakness. Yum.

  14. leslie - i prefer levis.

    trina - as weekends go it was not bad. congrats on the boy and girl sweetie.

  15. Dear Janet, This all strikes me as eminently sensible and, indeed, rather a splendid way of spending the weekend. Why not try it again next?

  16. Love your loafers and oooh that cappucino looks delish about now!

  17. I need a relaxing weekend like that...
    Sounds perfect! I love the loafers by the way.

  18. See Janet? You dont need me to take good photos, you do fine all on your own. :)

    BTW Do you realize you were my first ever "A" in photo back in HS? Remember that picture I took of you in the tree? Man about a million years ago. I still have that photo...somewhere.;)

    Your D R sis,

  19. J what's this candle? This looks like a very soothing day x

  20. t - thank you, i love my loafers.

    fiona - thank you. everything was delish.

    london - yes, it was relaxing and thank you my loafers are so comfortable, they relax me just walking in them.

    jeanne - yes i think it was 120 years ago but i kinda remember it. i was wearing a faux fur coat.

    ff - it's a candle from walmart for $5 called mulled cider. perfect for fall but you are in spring.

  21. Ahhh, sweet, thanks for the reminder to enjoy the moment...

  22. Dear Janet, 'Augie's looks great. Look at those ceilings, reminds me of the coffee house on 'Fraiser' Love that show. I found a big candle like yours at Wallgreens called Oatmeal Raisin Crumb Cake, soy too. Only trouble is when I smell it, it makes me want to have some! What a delightful weekend! Hugs, Joyce

  23. hey Janet,
    Looks like the perfect weekend - did you get in a yoga class, too? :) I saw your comment about yoga on my blog - I think I saw somewhere that you mentioned you are a yogi. I thought you might actually have been in Joshua Tree! It was a wonderful, amazing weekend. Learned a lot - mostly about how much I still don't know about yoga! And the weather wasn't too bad. Now that I'm back in Orange County I'm freezing my butt off, though! Much as I'm enjoying family time I'm looking forward to going home to NC. Karin
    p.s. Loved your post on the not spending, too. I had to give up shopping a few years ago. DO. NOT. MISS. IT. :) All the best!

  24. Could your life be more perfect? You're an inspiration :).

  25. connie - yes, you are right we all need to slow down and savor moments.

    joyce - augie's is the quintessential coffeehouse. your candle does sound delish and therefore dangerous.

    karin - no, i am nowhere near being a yogi. i have practiced yoga for a very long time though. glad you had a good experience and there is no place like home.

    daryl - oh no, my life is far, far from perfect. so far from perfect it's ridiculous. i really hate portraying perfection.

  26. Great post!
    Found you via Sarah @ Semi Expat :)


  27. What a fantastic weekend! Where is Augie's? Am I missing out?

  28. jeanne - welcome, i love sarah.

    julie - augies is on 5th and state, next to the tartan.

  29. Cool post, v minimalist, I like it! your lunch looks delicious, thought at first it was restaurant food, looks so well presented xx


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