the perfect table

Can you love a table? Is that just about the most shallow thing you have ever heard? I don't know the answer to the second question but I admit that I LOVE this little table. It is perfect for this little house. I bought it in the beautiful little town of Encinitas from Melissa of Seagrass Interiors who works at a darling shop called The Rustic Rooster. She is just about the sweetest thing ever. She told us where to eat, shop and even gave us directions to her amazing house that was built by Charlie Chaplin in the 1920's. Go visit her blog and and see where she works.

The Rustic Rooster has a strong Ralph Lauren/beachy feel. Gorgeous.

This is Melissa's house from Seagrass Interiors. You can't tell from the pic but looking through the windows all you see is ocean on the other side!
Edited Note: The little black table cost $150.


  1. beautiful table!! glad you had fun in our little beach town. don't you just LOVE melissa's house? my favorite in all of encinitas that's for sure!

  2. I love the table too and it seems like it's the perfect height. I also like the mix of beachy blue and white stripes with the blue asian pots and plates. I don't think I would have thought to mix the too but I'm really loving that.

  3. Pretty table! Perfect for that particular spot.
    And yes, you can be in love with furniture. Did you miss my post about Bailey the green coffee table? I'm also in love with an ottoman I can't bear to slipcover again even though I probably should.
    How fun that you went to Encinitas! Did you meet those girls for the first time at the Rose Bowl or had you corresponded already? So your perfect little table has a great story attached to it too. Even better.

  4. Love the table! And I love Encinitas - I've spent a lot of time there in the past. Hopefully I'll get there again when I'm working in San Diego this spring.


  5. Hi Janet, I love your table too! What a great piece. And I also love your beautiful lamp that sits on top of it. You have such a great sense of style. I've never made it down to the Encinitas area but it sounds like a great place with all that ocean. So beautiful. Trina

  6. Encinitas was my home for 5 years before we moved to Carlsbad. Rustic Rooster is a cute little place to shop isn't it?

  7. I have felt the same way about certain pieces! It fits perfectly in your space! Her blog is fantastic.

  8. My goodness. I'm a follower of the Rustic Rooster blog. You lucky duck :). I'd so love to visit her store. One of these days...

    I love the table too.

  9. Grace - Talk about location, location, location! Absolutely beautiful.

    Steve - The red and blue mix is quintessential, relaxed & at the same time up-scale beach. You can feel Ralph while you are in there.

    Tracy - I do remember the courtship & marriage of you and Bailey. Why is my PB sofa called "the Basic." Why not a prettier name, even "classic" would have been nice.

    Trina - Next time you are in Cali, I'll meet you down there. You will love it.

    Marie & Claudia - You are so both so lucky to have vistited & lived so close!

    Daryl & Cricket - You are both right, the store and blogs are gorgeous.

  10. Such a wonderful table Janet - I understand COMPLETELY being in love with it!! Have a happy Easter...x

  11. Hi Janet - That's a great table you found! I'm repeating myself, but your living room looks so pretty and comfortable. Love the kitchen too. It's not as visible in this photo, but I do remember it from other photos you've posted.

  12. Love that table, and love that shop! The house that overlooks the ocean is 11/10.

    Mark and Greg are coming to my place on Sunday for lunch- have told them need more photos of their place for you.

    Wish I could remember how I found you blog...

  13. Hi Janet, absolutely you can be in love with a table! It's gorgeous and looks like it was meant to go right where it is. I love when I find the perfect piece - like everything is complete.
    Can you imagine looking out on the ocean everyday - I love the traditional coastal feel of the decor. Sometimes beachy decorating can get out of control and look downright gawdy. This however, is fabulous!
    Happy Easter!

  14. Jennifer had so many great things to say about your house, I had to come over & see. What a pretty home you've created, it is so lovely.

    I have met Eddie & Jaithan too & they are such fun guys, had a blast with them in January in ATL. Glad you got to meet Tracy too, she's a dear also.

    Love your style!

  15. I love the whole look and every photo made me swoon a bit (ok a lot). Just love it. Happy Easter, Mel xxx

  16. Janet,

    OMG... Thank you so much for the kind post {I'm blushing}! I feel awful that I wasn't there to see you again {my 4 yr.old had her 4yr. dr. Apt., ouch}! One of these days I hopefully will see you again. I'm so happy you LOVE that little side table. It looks amazing... Very classic chic! By the way I loved how you said, the store has a very strong Ralph Lauren/beachy feel... Perfectly said! Encinitas is definitely a little hidden Gem. Hope you come back {soon}... We all need to get together & have lunch! Thanks again for the post & the table does look beautiful in you home!


    * P.S. - We absolutely love love love Melissa! She is a "true" & "dedicated" rooster chick! Oh ya & her house is breath taking inside & out!

  17. Sarah & Deborah - Thank you. I adore the table.

    FF - take pics! especially of their blue and white collection.

    Sarah/yellow house - You can't believe how gorgeous it is. It's like it's floating in the sea!

    Rhoda - thanks for stopping by. Eddie & J are gorgeous.

    Mel - thank you so much.

    Alexandra - Next time I come (and there will be a next time) we will meet. Also, your mom is so beautiful!

  18. Janet!
    I realized I posted a thank you on my blog - but never an official thank you on yours!! This was amazing to stumble across in my daily readings! I'm still working on your trip to Encinitas, itinerary - I'll be emailing soon! Thank you again and again!


  19. Janet,

    I know this was a year ago...but Mad and i just met Melissa yesterday at her new adorable shop, Bixby & Ball! I was checking out her blog Seagrass Interiors and saw the comment from you! We thought she was adorable and talked about everything including her adorable Charlie Chaplin House. I think she like you better because she didn't give us the address to do a drive by! haha.

    xo annie

  20. hi annie,

    i'm so glad you met melissa. i'm sure she loved you! i had gone shopping w/eddie ross and that's where we met. then i drove to the rustic rooster (she has a blog too) where she used to work and bought the table. her home is just down the road from the rooster so that is why she told us where it was. she is a complete sweetheart. i can't wait to go to her new shop. did you love it?



kindness is never out of style.

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