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Jennifer at The Newlywed Diaries sent me a message saying she had found pictures of my house on the internet and that her readers led her to me. She did a little profile on my cottage and I am so flattered by her comments about my house. She really nailed my decorating aesthetic without even knowing me. Her blog is fantastic! You must go see what she and her husband Wes are doing over there. Thank you again Jennifer.


  1. Oh, isn't it fun to be discovered and appreciated?! Will check her out.
    xo T.

  2. Janet how lovely your house looks on her blog and thank you for introducing us to her... Happy Easter to you. x

  3. loved seeing your beautiful cottage over at the newlywed diaries! i've been a follower of that blog for awhile, so it was fun to see you over there:)

    our landscaping is almost done. i think we are laying out the pavers with grass on monday, but to answer you question...yes we do have sprinklers, and we also have a gardener who will be coming every week to maintain everything. i have ZERO knowledge of landscaping and gardening, so that is why we had to hire people haha! also, the pavers are going in our backyard, not driveway. only time will tell if everything will stay green, but i'm leaving all that in the hands of the gardeners! haha. I can't wait to show you pics. today we bought 4 tall cypress tress, 3 palm trees, 6 birds of paradise, 9 succulent plants, two fruit trees, 6 lavendar plants, gardenias, and a whole bunch of green plants to fill in between, and we still have a lot more to buy. I'll be posting pics soon!! xo

  4. i went and checked out the website you recommended...lovely photos, of course! thanks for dropping by with your comments. i would love to make one of those boards specially for you. i will be hunting for old frames and when ready i will email have a blessed easter! maryann

  5. What a nice surprise for you, Janet! I agree with Terri...great to be discovered and appreciated!

  6. Well, of course she loves your house.... who wouldn't?!!! Love your mailbox!!

  7. hi janet! you were actually just minutes from the flower fields. i live just a few minutes from melissa, and the fields are right by my house. here is the link:
    they are open 7 days a week, and it's $5 to get in. definitely worth it to go!!!!


kindness is never out of style.

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