simply stopping shopping day 7

Whew! One week down. The reason I think this was such a hard week for me was because it hit me that maybe I should have gotten a few things before I started this experiment. Besides wanting a cute, new summer purse this week I also wanted a new white canvas market umbrella for the garden and while I was at it, a couple of summer lounge chairs/chaises. And new plants, I didn't think of those. Anyways, the week is over and I think I've put it all in perspective. For instance, I DO NOT need a new summer purse, my current red market umbrella will be fine and I am going to divide my perennials instead of buying new plants. I did find myself trying to figure out clever ways to acquire things w/o actually purchasing them myself. None of the ideas I came up with set well with me so I just rode out the feelings and they passed. I really feel a lot better today. Thanks for all your encouragement.

So on to the picture above. Maryann at Verbena Cottage and Jamilyn at Living it at Home have both tagged me with the same challenge. I'm to show my 6th picture that I ever posted. I think this picture is apropos for what's going on in my life right now. I entitled the post "a small indulgence." It's a photo of a wonderfully scented lemon verbena soap from Trader Joes that cost $4. This would be allowed in my shopping experience because soap is a necessity and it is not very expensive. Try it, it's perfect for your summer bathroom.
I'm supposed to tag 10 more bloggers with this challenge. The ten I've chosen inspire me to be a better blogger and I'd be interested to see your 6th photo and why you chose it.
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Lastly, if I am on your blog list and you are not on mine, please let me know. I'd like to update mine! Thanks.


  1. Janet, good for you for doing such a great job this week! I'm not an avid gardener {would like to be one...I have the black thumb of death} but this time of year, plants are soooo tempting to me, and I always buy more than I plan to! "I am going to divide my perennials instead of buying new plants." Great idea!

  2. Thanks for thinking of me Janet it means a lot to me!
    Great job this week!

  3. Hi Janet, You are my hero! I'm so inspired as it's a great way to appreciate all of the wonderful things one already has in their possession. A wonderful reminder. Now off to find my 6th photo! xoTrina

  4. Well Janet, you are on my blog list, but I am a food blog so I do not know if you want to put me on your bloglist, although...I do show my gardens and I also talk about about earth friendly idea's. Whatever you decide to do :)
    btw, I loved your happy list!!!

  5. I think it's so amazing what you are doing. And tough. You are an example. Thanks!

  6. Oh, goodie, another challenge. It sounds interesting though.

    I'm not sure it would be allowed to buy a few things before you decide you're not going to spend more money. It's kind of like eating a few pints of ice cream--well, a few boxes of Tofutti Cuties in your case--before going on a diet. But that gave me a chuckle. I have a friend who's a shopper and he now buys things and returns them. It satisfies both the urge to buy and the guilt afterward.

  7. Good Morning! Good for you!!! I should have also considered some things before I dove in with this challenge but I've held strong. Why is our desire for "things" so strong? I'm a little disgusted actually.
    I found out that some of the nurseries here will give away the older plants and ones that are too big and they don't want to repot -
    I'm also going to have a yard sale. Why keep donating when I can make some money and use it for my gardening and canning adventure.
    Now I even want to get rid of my china and my silver collection. I only use 2 silver platters but I have 4 shelves full of silver in my dining room!
    My husband thinks something is wrong because I have no sentimental attachment to anything. I do, but just a few things - not the stuff hidden in basement corners or shoved into trunks!
    I feel good - you should too! :)
    Have a great day ~

  8. I accept your comment disappeared in cyberspace...a hiccup I suppose...good work on the shopping stopping BTW!

  9. Janet, congrats on getting through the week. I bet you had a sea of thoughts and feelings as you processed your new life plan this week! Ups and downs?! I think it must be revealing to see how often we think of things we need/want and such. Even today I am thinking I should pop by my book store at noon to have a look for the new Elle Decor. Which I don't need at all.

    Usually I am very good in bookstores, but do I need more magazines?

    I was thinking about your shopping dilemma and thinking - hey I could buy and mail her a cute summer purse! But I don't think it counts if you people buy stuff for you!!!

    By this point, I would be thinking "how can I manipulate people into giving me more presents?" haha.

    As the weeks roll out, I bet there will be a LOT of pain and joy along the way. It is like exercising - if I do it, I feel SO good about myself, but so easy to lapse..discipline feels so good, so why don't I keep it up? Instant gratification.

    I was watching "Hoarders" on A&E last night and thinking really that shopping/acquisition of stuff is a real drug. We just manage it better than they do!

    xo Terri

  10. P.S. So proud of you! Also, thanks for tagging me - I will look at my archive tonight. I am afraid it might be quite boring as mine started as a headache blog, so I will look and see what I posted after I started blogging about decor!

    xo Terri

  11. Hi everyone,

    Again, thanks so much for your encouragement and well wishes. One of the devious ways I thought of acquiring something was having someone make a purchase for me then hold it for me until the year is up. What a dumb idea! Totally pointless.

    Sarah, I wish I had a nursery that gave away old plants, that would be heaven. But I'm in the process of digging a new bed in my front garden and plan to use what I've got. It will be slow growing in but hey, all I've got is time right!

  12. I love you simply stopping shopping Janet, and I have not bought anything unecessary either - am also trying to encourage my daughter too!! So as I read this post I loved the 6th photo idea and lo and behold you have 'tagged' me too.., - exciting and thank you so much.. I will go and look at my blog and post about my sixth photograph and why I picked it !! Thank you again, - you inspire ME! x

  13. What an impressive undertaking. I don't think I could do it, but I have gone more than a year without purchasing any beauty products by using up all of those samples and half empty bottles and I purchased nothing NEW in the category of clothing, house wares or gifts by shopping exclusively second hand--thrifts, antique, consignment, garage sale. Keep us posted...I think this is fascinating.

  14. Hi Sarah and Jermaine,

    I could probably go 2 years w/o purchasing any beauty products. I have SO much b/c I work in a spa.

    Staying out of second-hand, garage sales, thrift stores will by far be the hardest part for me. But truly my basement is just like a thrift store. I will have to be strong.


  15. Hi J
    You are an INSPIRATION I admire you for divising plants- well done!! I am always tempted to buy stuff. Thankyou for tagging I know my 6th photo was of my Christmas/Holiday Tree. You are so disciplined. Do you miss being a caterer????

  16. I believe the best way you can continue on your task is working in the garden, being very dirty in soil and mud, hands and nails completely rough... then you won`t be able to even go for looking at the shops so no desires of unnecessary things you will have... plus dividing your perennial is something your garden will appreciate very much. In this way you won`t give up!!

    Regarding your question about my enamelware: I have a very huge collection, I just love them and I think there`s never enough for me to have another one, and another one... and...
    Last time I count them was two years ago and
    among big ones and medium and small and tiny ones I think I must have up to 240 pieces so far. I started collected them 25 years ago, afeter I inheretated the first one from my grandma.

  17. oooppss!!! sorry, I clicked the post comment option....
    Well, my best wishes for you, many are following you now and you are like Forrest Gump today when everybody began following him for 3 years in is running, then one day he just stopped!!...
    Many hugs to you,
    Maria Cecilia

  18. Maria Cecilia,

    You are SO funny. 240 pieces! Forrest Gump!


  19. I love this idea of not shopping for "stuff". It is really hard to do! I struggle with it! I just have to stay away from stores...period! I can always find something. If I don't find something for me then it is for my daughter. She is big on reading (trying to support) and I am always purchasing books. She has over 450 books that I have bought! Anyway, reading your posts about shopping has reminded me to keep things in check. There are many things that I want that I can pass on for sure! However, we are in the midst of buying much needed furniture and the money just has to be spent. Also, house projects! Good luck! Thanks for the mention in your 6th photo game!


  20. This is such a good challenge! I generally get an idea in my head of something I simply MUST have, but when I let it simmer for a day or two, it just goes away. Duh, I don't really need it! Congrats on the tag, very cool!

  21. hi there ^^! how's life?
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  22. Hi Janet!

    You are amazing for sticking with it! I have to confess - I went shopping last Monday and the WHOLE time I kept thinking "oh my gosh, what would janet think????!!!!" : )
    Keep up the good work! I think I may have to start with one week! SO sad i know!


  23. Good for you!!! Keep up the good work.

    - The Tablescaper


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