vanishing threshold

"When you look out the window of your home, at your garden (vanishing threshold), does it steal your heart?"

The poor quality of the interior shot illuminated my Vanishing Threshold! I read Tara Dillards blog every chance I can get. She talks a lot about the Vanishing Threshold. A term she coined to describe the lack of boundaries between the inside of your home and the outside garden. Because my house is on such a high foundation it has been difficult for me to capture that on film. But the other day I did! The tree/shrub is a huge Japanese Photenia that explodes in huge white flowers each spring. The white interior and white flowers creates my Vanishing Threshold.

Edited Note: I forgot to mention the beautiful roses came from #3 son and his beautiful girlfriend!


  1. How lovely! You captured it beautifully! I would so love to have a vanishing threshold but my home sits high and my trees and bushes are much lower than my windows.
    This is definately something though that I am going to be more aware of when I plant this spring.
    I visited Tara's blog and her gardens are just amazing ~ what a lovely post!
    Sarah :)

  2. Beautiful.
    My kitchen and dining room sit at the back of my house with wide open views to the backyard so I am always aware of the garden's relationship with my interiors. That's why orange poppies were banished years ago. Too harsh and no orange inside to complement them. I have some empty beds that need replanting and am only considering plants that will enhance my rooms AND meet my "medium-maintenance" requirements.

  3. Very picturesque...I think I'd be comfortable in your photographs well and you have such a gift and an eye for detail.

  4. Hi Janet,
    What a beautiful view. Your home and the blossoming tree sing spring. xoTrina

  5. HI Janet,

    I have been trying to email you but I think it is bouncing back. You are the winner of the Color & Light giveaway. Can you contact me at and give me your address to send it! Congrats!

  6. So lovely and very well done. You've created a calm and peaceful space.

  7. The outdoor tree seem to perfectly echo the white flowers on the table. I think the vanishing threshold is easier in the south and your neck of the woods but it's sure something to which to aspire.

  8. Stunning. Your entire window view, Vanishing Threshold with the dining room, is a floral arrangement.

    Hope you've had a luncheon or wine/canapes to honor the event !! At the very least eating some meals by yourself with that view.

    More pics !

    Thank you for passing along Vanishing Threshold.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  9. Interesting thought! I love looking out the window at all the flowering trees. One of my favorite things to do with the weather warmer is to leave all the windows open to hear the birds

  10. Love your vanishing threshold (and this term too!) - beautiful roses from number 3 son and girlfriend too...x

  11. Oh your vanishing threshold is amazing! I love the concept and practice it from every room of my home with French doors opening to the gardens. What a clever term Tara has come up with.


  12. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  13. This is a very great shot, Janet... and that Japanese Photenia...magnificent!!!!!


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