what's better?

the anticipation?

or the event?

Honestly, I'm torn.


  1. Definitely the flower!! Aren't they the most exquisite things ever? xo Terri

  2. Beautiful both I think and Summer is on its way too - hooray! x

  3. Well...I would love to say both, but sadly, I'm an impatient gal so it's got to be the flower (: That color is SOOOOO lovely and the petals so flirty!! Beautiful (:

  4. Hi Janet,
    Both are such a beautiful treat. Such warm feelings come with each stage. xoTrina

  5. I totally understand! Sometimes the anticipation is even better. But you can't beat a gorgeous flower in bloom.


  6. Because I don't have a life, outside the garden, I've already pondered this question!

    The bud. Formation, swelling, day of opening. What they are overtaking. Then I'm on to NEXT.

    Oh, the arrogance, the placement, the timing of NEXT.

    Today showy white round blossoms of Viburnum macrocephalum (Chinese Snowball) are gorgeous
    and nearby are the cone shaped panicles of the swelling buds of Hydrangea quercifolia (Oakleaf H.).

    Having this happen every 2 weeks all year.

    Pure ARROGANCE. The queen of blooms timed to have another plant coming into bloom as it fades. AND, dahlings, they contrast each other in shape. AND, they are on axis with views from my interior.

    Oh my, the energy; house/garden/life, Vanishing Threshold.

    Serene energy. Filling the spiritual well, joy well, peace well, etc....

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  7. It's not a fair question. It's like trying to compare your two grandmothers. The excitement of a visit from one versus the joy of being in the other's arms.

  8. I love to anticipate, but I can't resist the bloom.

  9. I think it would be the flower!!!! How are you today???!!!!

  10. each stage is a beauty of nature indeed! have a great week...verbenacottage

  11. The flower. I've waited long enough!
    It's beautiful!

  12. I love the picture of the bud.

  13. Both! what rose is this? Love your garden J.

  14. FF,

    Don't know the names of these roses as most are at least 100 years old. A few have tags but this one doesn't. It is spectacular. I've measured blooms that are 8" across.


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