simply stopping shopping day 4

I was on Emersonmade last night and found myself wanting everything. Arghhh. Especially one of these. It's only day 4. This may be harder than I thought.
I got a couple of emails about how I prepared for this experience. One, I did not stock up on anything. I didn't go out on a shopping binge to get shopping out of my system. I don't think that would be have been possible. Two, I'm not doing this to get out of credit card or any other kind of debt. We accomplished that a while ago. Although I'm sure this would be a great way to do that. I will be happy to answer any other questions you have.


  1. Hi Janet, I'm with you on this challenge and I'm on day 3. It is much harder than I thought too, but at the end of the day after I've struggled, it feels so good. I've been trying to figure out how to reuse and repurpose the things I have and did get rid of "76" items the other day from my home. Oh, it feels good!
    I even stopped myself from buying flowers from the store yesterday and picked them from my neighbors yard instead.
    This is a great challenge - thank you for the inspiration! Keep up the good work!

  2. Impressive goal. Would love to say I could accomplish the same thing. And, like you I don't need to get out of credit card debt but think of the savings over the course of a year. Wow! There's a second family vacation. Or, less exciting, a lot more going into three college savings funds. Wonder about allowing a small amount for garage sale or thrift store purchases. I might be able to do it if I could give myself that small thrill. Though buying for others is a thrill too and would help satiate the shopper in me. Like those cute handbags you posted a pic of - - I could buy those for my girlfriends for Christmas and take care of a strong desire to go run right over to their website right now with credit card jumping out of my hand. Good luck. I'll going to enjoy your journey and you've inspired me to set at least some sort of "stop shopping" goal for myself. Thanks.

  3. Hi! I didn't comment on your last post because I really can't get on board with the "stopping shopping" thing. I've been purging like crazy over the last 6-8 months and I've reduced my wardrobe to the point where it's actually difficult to get dressed in the morning. That's not fun. I'm not crazy about shopping for myself, would much rather shop for the house, but even doing that, I've never been a recreational shopper... always shopping for things I actually need (not 'need' in the literal sense, but 'need' so I can live in an attractive home and dress myself decently). Contrary to what my husband might think, I am a very thoughtful shopper, careful about what I spend. His advice to me when I want something I can't or shouldn't afford is always "stay out of stores". He's not nearly as funny as he thinks he is... but I think his advice is the only way one could completely curb the desire to buy... stay out of stores and off the internet and out of freinds' houses and away from magazines so you won't be tempted. But what fun would that be?

  4. My husband would do anything for me to stop shopping... Anything! I'm really interested in doing it for 1 month & documenting my day to day feelings & adventure. You're my inspiration! I bet I could save soooo much money & plus I would feel so much better too. Linking buying to happiness has crossed my mind. I wonder how I would feel for one month. Uh oh I sound like a good therapy case... LOL! My problem is I love buying for my kids too. Hmmmm how would they feel not getting anything. Hmmmmmm

    P.S. I LOVE those bags too!

    Stay in control Janet... You can do it! Hey, take one of your own bags add a floral broach on it & wa la you have a janetmade bag.

    It's time to get creative & make things from your own closet... So it looks like you got something new. Plus re-paint your own furniture.


  5. Sarah - So happy you are feelin it. Email me re the 100 things challenge.

    Angela - I'm sorta excited to see my paychecks add up instead of flying out of my hands!

    Tracy - I hear you too. My closet is stuffed with clothes that I hope I'll actually wear now that I won't be shopping. Also, just avoiding temptation is no way to live, I agree. That's not my goal. I'm hoping that I'll be doing lots of things that I love to do besides shop.

    Alexandra - I thought of that too. Just fix one of my flower brooches to one of my clutches or bags. Getting inspired here!



  6. I am in a spring cleaning FRENZY here at the Bungalow! I have 4 bags already for the thrift shop and am moving stuff around my home...
    Does thrift shopping count as spending?
    Maybe trading...may we trade stuff instead?
    Oh my...I am not ready for your challenge...even the garden shops are calling my name!
    I fail miserably here...

  7. Hi Janet, My most regretful shopping is always in the clothes department! I can't tell you how many things I have in my closet that still have tags on them! I'm a 'fantasy' clothes shopper sometimes and imagine wearing wonderful things to wonderful events. But truth be told, I live in jeans. So I could do a freeze on the clothes would perhaps force me to wear some of those fantasy clothes! xoTrina

  8. Hostess - Thrift shopping is my BIGGEST weakness. So for me I've ruled that out. I have a thrift store in my basement that I need to shop.

    Trina - I do the same thing re clothes. I always envision an event and then buy the clothes, but the event never comes. Today w/o any effort at all I could attend 4 weddings and a funeral!

  9. Wow, this journey will be so fascinating. I should try it but I cannot seem to stop working on the house. I think it is because I am at a different stage in life. We have been in our first house for 3 years and before that, I never had a home, only apartments. I want to make my house beautiful, so I am slowly buying things, but trying to do it consciously. If things are "non-essential" they have to meet 3 requirements: Is this beautiful? Is it classic? Will I still love it in 5 years? That has cut my shopping to 1/10th of what it was before!!

    I am also trying to "use up" supplies we have on hand - shampoo, half empty bottles of hand cream, writing paper and note cards that I like to buy, all sorts of little things. I am even re-using plastic sandwich bags now and have stopped buying them and started using bread bags. Just little things, in an effort to become more conscious. I buy a lot fewer clothes and just donated a pile. I am trying to use older sheets from the closet and wear them out instead of having piles of old sheets as I buy new ones.

    You have certainly helped focus my thoughts on this topic. Knowing others are trying to live simpler is inspiring. I know I will still spend, but find now that I feel more sick and less thrilled when I shop! Which is a good thing. I like to "shop" from my Rubbermaid containers of decor in the basement and move things around.

    Right now, we are focussing on "replace" instead of more stuff. I am replacing old rugs, eventually the old sofa, outdated light fixtures, and not dragging home too much clutter. It feels good and costs less!

    Good luck on your journey. I think it will be hard and so rewarding. And I think some day before long, I will be prepared to do the same, if only for a month!

    P.S. I go to the library for all my books too and only get coffee table books (decor) for Christmas and birthday. Little things to save money and waste...

    Keep us posted on your amazing journey! xo Terri

  10. Am so interested in this stopping shopping experiment of yours Janet - will be watching with envy and trying to join in too... x

  11. I have been moving in this direction for a long time now, and 4 days has not been hard. It does help to just stay away from stores, even thrift/resale or discount stores. I find I like the challenge to be creative with what I have on hand. Anyone can buy something to work in a particular space. I have been keeping a house for 20 years now and truly have all I need; until something falls apart, breaks, or runs out. The garden is a different story. There are still a few things needed there to complete the plan (fencing, large planters, annuals, a few perennials). Does this count, or are you limiting it to the house, clothing, shoes and that kind of stuff? Keep strong, Janet!! You are very courgeous to face a foible head-on!

  12. I find the temptation to purchase is often obliterated if I apply some really simple rules - I still shop, if I find something I like then I question myself 1) Is it locally made? 2)Is it useful as well as beautiful? 3)Does it have integrity - i.e is it an organic product / natural materials / will it age really well and look better as it gets older? 4) Does it actually contribute something positive to my life and how long will it last? 5) What else do I already have that's similar and could use instead? By asking myself these things I find 9 times out of 10 it doesn't meet these criteria and I can't justify spending the money, I also question the impact it will have on the lives of others - was there cheap labour involved? what will happen to the object when I no longer want it? Phew...that was kind of heavy but I find it really does stop me in my tracks when considering a purchase! Good luck!

  13. Teri - You and I are in different places. My home really is complete.

    Sarah - Thanks for your support!

    Anne - After much thought I have decided to include the garden in my experience. I ADORE gardening but I will be dividing perennials this year!

    Islandhome - These are really good questions to ask yourself before a purchase. But I wasn't asking them. Maybe after this experiment I will do the same.

  14. How do you manage to browse through other blogs?? It must be hard too!!!!
    Well, be strong, my dear Janet and don´t give up!!!
    Maria cecilia

  15. J, you are an inspiration. I'm having dinner with Mark and Greg on Sat pm. Will take some snaps for you. I want to stop shopping. Self Gifting is the Devil's work. xxx

  16. Oh, wow, kudos to you for the stopping shopping! I'm not sure if I could do it or not, though I do get pretty fulfilled from blogging, actually, I almost dream that the pictures of the homes I post are my own! I came over from Living It At Home, I saw that Jamilyn tagged you and I wanted to say hello! Great blog, I'm following! Nice to meet you!

  17. you can do it, janet! try to rearrange and reorganize your closet and you will find out how much stuff you have there that you don't need to go shopping anymore to keep your goal. At the end of this venture, I am sure there are lots of stories you will share with us...that is a cute purse btw...well, let me know if this works...i am sure you already own tons of beautiful stuff! verbena cottage

  18. Janet - I've been absent from Blogland for a few days! Kudos to you for doing this!!! You are truly inspiring for taking on this challenge. We all should definitely be following suit.
    I have a feeling this will amplify your already creative self! I don't know what it is about Spring that causes us to clean out - but I have been digging in the WAY depths of my closet lately (we're talking high school outfits here) and pulling them out! I seriously feel like I have new a whole new wardrobe!
    Thank you for the much needed inspiration!

  19. P.S. I'm loving those bag/wallets too!!

  20. In regards to thrift shopping - I often find that to be one of the best ways to curb my own desire to shop. As good as the deals can be, it's powerful to look around and realize that all those things were once new items someone wanted, and now they are unloved. Row after row of vases from a delivery of flowers!

    I'm excited to try the idea of getting crafty with things I already have, though!

  21. If I can move things entirely off topic, could you please start posting recipes again? I'm starving over here, and I've no idea what to do about it!

  22. I think I enjoy decluttering much more than shopping. or shopping-bans. like the 100-things project to get rid of. So lifting and relieving. Or was it 1000? :)


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