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Yesterday after a few hours of spring cleaning I decided to drive over to the local Pottery Barn store to look at pillow covers. A super nice saleswoman named Bea helped me choose these. I have been deliberating over pillows for some time now. Joan, at For the Love of a House, also has helped me immensely with this decision. I had decided on zebra stripe pillows but when I got to the store I fell in love with these bright cheery colors. I have been bitten by the spring bug it seems!

These hand towels are on clearance for $4.99. I like the way they match my Aveda Singular Notes.

I would love to show more pics but Blogger is not cooperating with me today. I cannot even post a link. Sometimes I could just scream. So I'm going to take this time to answer a ton of questions that were thrown my way from Faux Fuchsia. I cut the list so as not to bore you too much.

Time I wake up? - 6am
Steak or chicken? - Tofu
Last film seen? - Brooklyn's Finest
Breakfast? - Tea and toast
If you could live anywhere in the world? - Here
Favorite cuisine? - Vegan
Food dislikes? - Prepackaged
Favorite restaurant? - The Farm
Favorite piece of clothing? - My vintage cashmere coat
Place that you would love to visit? - A summer in Provence
Favorite time of day? - Morning
Favorite sport to watch? - Football
Like your job? - Yes, although you may question it when you read my pet peeves!
Favorite color? - Black and white
Tattoos? - Yes, many. Just checking to see if you are still with me!
Pet Peeves? - Women who don't turn off their cell-phones for a facial, women who are 10 minutes late to a service and then need to use the restroom and then wonder why their service was cut short, women who want brazilians while they are on their periods, women who obsess over their brazilians while they neglect their face, women who talk REALLY loud in the spa, women who refuse to make appointments and then get mad because you can't fit them in, women who come to you straight from the gym dripping in sweat, women who can't get in with their regular therapist and then complain throughout the service that "susie" doesn't do it that way! I pass this long list of questions over to An Urban Cottage. Have fun with this list Steve!


  1. I can't 'see' any of the photos and I do think it's something with blogger. I haven't been able to upload photos either. But I can just imagine how wonderfully spring-like your new pillows are! And we have a restaurant in Portland called, "The Farm." It's in an old house and has the most wonderful earthy meals...just like eating on the farm. ; ) Trina

  2. You are kidding me! You can't see the photos?

  3. I can't see the photos either but I also had problems with posting this morning. I can't wait to see what the pillows look like! Your pet peeves are hilarious! :)

  4. Hi Janet! The pillows look GREAT! Love the vintage floral pillow! Think you made a perfect choice. It "looks" like you, and that's a good thing! And... that's the beauty of throw pillows (not to mention your great white sofa) that you can easily change them out to fit you mood! I still think your beloved zebra stripe would look great on the chair across from your sofa! Zebra goes with anything!!
    Loved you list! Your pet peeves.... well, how could those not be pet peeves?!! OMG- can not even imagine.

  5. Your new floral pillow adds a lovely spring\summer touch. And if those flowers on the table are real I'm going to cry.
    BTW, I did not know you work at a spa\salon. Have I not been paying attention? That expalins those shoulders.

  6. I can see the photos but my blogger is not showing any of my uploads so I am browsing other blogs...love the bird towel with your Aveda.
    Interesting questions fro FF...tatoo's ? you had me going!

  7. I agree with a previous commenter - I didn't know you worked at a spa/salon! How interesting! Love your new pillow covers. It looks like the problems with Google and Picasa have cleared up!


  8. So love the new cushions - very pretty... and your answers really made me laugh - really... tattoos? And the list of things women do when they are coming to the Spa!! (btw... what is the obsession with Brazilians nowadays?? Sure it was not so when I was in my twenties/thirties and I am NOT starting now!!) And glad that it is not only me with Blogger - photos taking ages to load whenever I go onto a blog to see a latest post - thought it was my computer! S x

  9. Janet -this post had me in stitches! Mainly because I can COMPLETELY relate - I worked in a spa for a VERY short amount of time!! I booked appointments and so often I would get off the phone and think "thank goodness I don't have to be in a room with them for an hour!!"
    Also, can't wait to see you tomorrow!! And don't worry - your table is still there! I hid it in our back room for you! : )


  10. Janet...

    1st off hello, 2nd I just wet my pant laughing so hard from your pet peeves {perfectly said} & 3rd I feel awful I didn't get to talk with you at the Rose Bowl Swap Meet. I'm so excited you will be coming to my store tomorrow. I really look forward to meeting you... You have picked out a beautiful table. Melissa & I hid it in the back room so it was safe! Love your BLOG... ! Can't wait to meet you in person!


  11. love your added touches of spring. and your list, omg soooo funny! i'm still spring cleaning. it seems to never end!

  12. Love your spring fling with color...wise a cheerful decision. ~jermaine~

  13. Janet!!!!!!!!!!! Well done with answers! Some of your clients sound DREADERS, how can you stand it?

    Love the cushions, love the towels. What are you doing for Easter?

  14. Also sometimes I filled so filled with HATE for blogger and its slow uploading I could scream and scream.

  15. Hi -- recently found your blog and love it! Actually I unknowingly posted your kitchen on mine today, and Joan and Trina pointed me here. I would love to post a few more photos of your lovely home, if you don't mind.

  16. i love your white sofa and the pillows look great on it! maryann

  17. Luv the hand towels, very springy! Happy Spring and Happy Easter!


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