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Pardon me up front if this post is too long. It contains travel, food and fashion stuff. For me blogging is about sharing information, and so this is my contribution.

If you should find yourself in the Palm Springs area I would highly recommend staying at The Viceroy. It is beautiful and hip without being pretentious. Kelly Wearstler has woven her magic inside and out. The place is dripping in Hollywood Regency style. The staff is amazing. They are so "on it" it's ridiculous. Every single employee we came in contact with was gracious. I wish the manager of the place read this blog to know how lucky he was to have such an awesome staff.

The Executive Chef, James Bailey went above and beyond to accommodate my vegan diet (on short notice) and build a menu around a bottle of 96 Opus One. He created a menu that will make this one of the most memorable anniversary dinners ever. I may as well confess here that I took a bite (or two) of caviar and of a foie gras that was prepared in a blackberry and brown butter sauce. Can you blame me? Our waiter Michael, who closely resembled a man I went to culinary school with years ago, and who put up with me calling him Robert all night, was attuned to our every need.

We started the mornings off with a hike. The Viceroy is snuggled in Tahquitz Canyon with spectacular views of the mountains. The energy these mountains put out is palpable. You can start the Cactus to Clouds hike ( one of the hardest day hikes in California, maybe the nation) right out the back door.

After hiking there was a 9 am yoga class with Eva. She was so sweet, caring and patient. I felt totally rejuvenated after her class. Next I received probably the best massage of my life from Tim. I don't usually get services at resorts because either A. they usually shorten one hour services to 50 minutes or B. they are bland or C. both. But that was not the case here. My one hour massage was amazing.

A couple of notes. I did fit everything into my one bag. I had 2 outfits that I didn't even wear. Faux Fuchsia noted that only her make-up would fit into this bag. That cracked me up because I only wear mascara and lipstick. Steve at An Urban Cottage was correct on the energy of Palm Springs, you really can feel it. And Joan at For the Love of a House, I included pictures of me in that dress that you requested, white legs and all. Thank you all for your well wishes. 30 years is quite an achievement! I promised pictures and here they are...

This is the only sign for the Viceroy. It's about 12" x 12"
we drove past it twice!

It was raining when we got here.
London Fog raincoat, Theory pants, Nordstrom scarf, Bass penny loafers.

The lobby. Are you feeling Ms. Wearstler?
Fruit & Champagne. Compliments of the Viceroy.
'96 Opus that the menu was built around.

Roasted Beets, Walnuts and Micro Greens w/25 yr old Balsamic.

Wild Mushrooms on Grilled Foccacia.

Caviar, Creme Fraiche and Toast Points

Pasta, Mushrooms, Peas

Larry & Me
Theory dress, Target pearls

Morning hike.

One of the adult pools.
Poolside dining.

NOT our suite. Maybe next time.

The kiddie pool. Nice.

Me in my Kelly chair. I only stay in hotels that match my clothes.

Shopping on El Paseo. New dress, vegan bag & Oscar de la Renta sandals.
Check out the view and sunshine. Air temp. 75 degrees.

Looking for the Ralph Lauren store. Joan, this pic is for you!
Note to self, L'Oreal self-tanner did not work very well.

Rested and Relaxed.
J. Crew blouse, Nordstom linen pants, Chanel sunglasses.

Go There.


  1. I don't know where to start - first, thanks for all the wonderful travel tips. I'd love to visit somewhere outside of NE! Second, you look fabulous in every outfit! That dress looks stunning on you and love how you matched the carpet and the chair. Congratulations to both you and your husband on the anniversary - what an adorable couple you are and third, this whole shoot looks like something out of a magazine! Glad you had fun ~

  2. Look at how cute and happy you are! Glad you had such a great weekend-the Viceroy looks pretty shmancy-and happy anniversary to you both!

  3. Oh my, I want to go there! It looks wonderful and so do you. I especially love your black and white dress. The food sounds amazing and boy would I love to take that hike. Glad you had such an enjoyable celebration. This is definitely going on my list. ~jermaine~

  4. Janet - You look fabulous! So fresh and relaxed. It sounds like you and your husband had a wonderful trip. The food looks amazing. I would love to visit the Viceroy and Palm Springs someday!

  5. Sounds like an absolutely AWESOME weekend! You had me at Opus One!

  6. The Viceroy looks very chic, and the sky and palms ...I feel warm and relaxed just looking at them.
    The wardrobe choices were spot on, you look like you planned very well and very appropriately for the weather and resort.
    Like the Chanel glasses...they suit you.
    The food does look amazing and I am imaging how great it would have been to go for a hike, a Yoga class and a massage...and then dine with your memorable. Congratulations!

  7. looks like you had a great time! And, that black and white tunic dress is fabulous! You look great!

  8. Anyone who is interested. The tunic dress is at Marshalls right now for $24.99. The vegan handbag is there for $29. Just thought you'd like to know.

  9. Absolutely LOVED you in that Black and White dress!! (that necklace is just perfect with it)!
    You have a way of bringing out the "best" wherever you go, and in whom ever you meet! You truly have a gift.
    Congratulations on your anniversary. Here's to another 30 years of happiness! Cheers!!
    The "other Janet"

  10. Congratulations. Your outfits looks great. And tan is over-rated.

  11. Welcome Janet, I can see you really enjoy your holidays. Thanks for sharing. You look great. Kisses, Ana

  12. Perfect!!!!!!! You in that dress, that food (oh my that food!!), the Target pearls, the massage, the cute husband, 75 degrees, that KW chair, you "matching" the KW chair;), the wine!!!! Sounds like a fabulous anniversary weekend! Thank you for the pics! You look GREAT!!

  13. You look fabulous! Sounds like a heavenly weekend. I love all the photos - I can practically feel the sun on my face.


  14. You Look FAB - am in Laguna Beach right now visiting kids and friends - thought about Palm Springs for the weekend - if I had been keeping up with my blog friends I would have known you were there !! Dang - that 'll teach me. Congrats on your milestone.

  15. Oh, too bad Mary. I would have loved to meet you for a nice vegan lunch!

  16. What a beautiful anniversary weekend! You are so stylish and looked absolutely amazing in each and every one of your photographs. Loved all of your outfits - LOVE your classic rain coat! I spent a lot of time in Palm Springs as a kid and wow, it's changed a lot since then! The Viceroy is such a stunning and beautiful place. xoTrina

  17. The place you stayed looks amazing and the food top notch... - it made me hungry!
    How gorgeous you both look too... many congratulations on your 30 years - what a stunning couple. Love your outfits too Janet especially the black and white with yellow dress. Divine.. (and fab 'pins' too you have!)X

  18. Thanks for the heads up. We are going to Palm Springs next month and will definitely book our room here.

  19. Tahquitz canyon is gorgeous!
    Is the tram still in operation down there?..Well worth taking the ride up from the desert,to the alpine environments.
    Happy anniversary my friend!

  20. You look FANTASTIC!!!! Love these photos. What a beautiful place. Your husband and you both look gorgeous and happy. Congratulations J. xx

  21. So cute Janet! I think I need to go to Target more! kelley

  22. OMG you're so chic in that trench! Making us totally jealous too with the VICEROY. early next month, we're headed to palm springs for a few days. any favorite antique stores/estate sale places that aren't picked over? Hope to see you at the Rose Bowl!

    Eddie + Jaithan

  23. Love the food pictures! And everything else, too :)

  24. It sounds as if you had a wonderful time. I wish we had stayed in one of the villas, too. :) Your veggie tasting menu looked amazing, I'm drooling at that pasta!


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